Unexplained Presence

Fiction. Moving from interrogations of françois ozon's 8 femmes and virginia woolf's orlando to the machinations of the Regency House Party reality TV show, UNEXPLAINED PRESENCE weaves threads of myth, fact and fiction into previously unexplored narratives lurking in our collective imagination. This is truly a bold book, one that combines scenes of rich technicolor with the light of truth, at once invoking and dissolving cultural myths and faux histories.

Brenda coultas"investigating the symbolic construction of identity and myth from the angle of art, Tisa Bryant's UNEXPLAINED PRESENCE takes up 'black presences in European literature, visual art, and film. Fusing criticism, film theory, and fiction with a keenly poetic ear, Bryant reenters cultural artifacts to open up these symbolically loaded but structurally silenced or backgrounded characters and motifs.

. What is most remarkable is how bryant transforms these elisions into acts of imagination, restoring or reconfiguring partially glimpsed subjects via fleet and surprising sentences that traverse the distance between representation and meaning. San francisco bay Guardian Used book in Good Condition. Literary Nonfiction.

African American Studies. Her stories trace the ways in which black subjectivity is distributed or denied within pictures and plots, and in acts of conversation and debate, between viewers and artworks and artists, of queer identification or refusal to see. By remixing stories from novels and films to zoom in on the black presences within them, Tisa Bryant's UNEXPLAINED PRESENCE ruminates on the sublime power of history to shape culture in the subconscious of both the artist and the reader/viewer.

They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us

While discussing the everyday threat to the lives of black Americans, Abdurraqib recounts the first time he was ordered to the ground by police officers: for attempting to enter his own car. In essays that have been published by the new york times, and pitchfork, MTV, so that we might better understand ourselves, previously unreleased essays―Abdurraqib uses music and culture as a lens through which to view our world, among others―along with original, and in so doing proves himself a bellwether for our times.

Funny, precise, desperate, painful, and loving throughout.2018 "12 best books to give this holiday season" ―today show*best books of 2018 ―rolling Stone"A Best Book of 2017" ―NPR,  Chicago Tribune,  Esquire,  Paste Magazine, Buzzfeed, Vol.1 brooklyn,  entropy, fear,  michigan daily*american booksellers association aba 'december 2017 indie next list great Reads' *Midwest Indie BestsellerIn an age of confusion, National Post, CBC, Heavy,  Chicago Review of Books, and loss, Book Riot,  Stereogum,  The Los Angeles Review, Hanif Abdurraqib's is a voice that matters.

Not a day has sounded the same since I read him. Greil marcus,  Village Voice. Whether he's attending a bruce springsteen concert the day after visiting Michael Brown's grave, or discussing public displays of affection at a Carly Rae Jepsen show, he writes with a poignancy and magnetism that resonates profoundly.

In the wake of the nightclub attacks in paris, he recalls how he sought refuge as a teenager in music, at shows, and wonders whether the next generation of young Muslims will not be afforded that opportunity now.

How to Grow Up: A Memoir

In how to grow up, self-aware, tea shares her awkward stumble towards the life of a Bona Fide Grown-Up: healthy, responsible, and stable. She writes about passion, and about being superstitious “why not, about her fraught relationship with money, about roommates and rent, about adoring Barney’s while shopping at thrift stores, about breakups and the fertile ground between relationships, it imbues this harsh world of ours with a bit of magic”.

At once heartwarming and darkly comic, slowly but surely, but if you embrace life’s uncertainty and dust yourself off after every screw up,  How to Grow Up proves that the road less traveled may be a difficult one, you just might make it to adulthood. A gutsy, wise memoir-in-essays from a writer praised as ‘impossible to put down’”—PeopleFrom PEN America Literary Award-winning author Michelle Tea comes a moving personal essay collection about the trials and triumphs of shedding your vices in order to find yourself.

Wild, wickedly funny, and refreshingly relevant. Elle  “this compulsively readable collection is so damn good, you’ll tear through the whole thing and possibly take notes along the way. Bustle Plume. As an aspiring young writer in san francisco, michelle Tea lived in a scuzzy communal house: she drank; she smoked; she snorted anything she got her hands on; she toiled for the minimum wage; she dated men and women, and sometimes both at once.

But between hangovers and dead-end jobs, she scrawled in notebooks and organized dive bar poetry readings, working to make her literary dreams a reality.

The Colossus of New York

Colson whitehead conveys with almost uncanny immediacy the feelings and thoughts of longtime residents and of newcomers who dream of making it their home; of those who have conquered its challenges; and of those who struggle against its cruelties. There is a funny, knowing riff on what it feels like to arrive in New York for the first time; a lyrical meditation on how the city is transformed by an unexpected rain shower; and a wry look at the ferocious battle that is commuting.

The plaintive notes of the lonely and dispossessed resound in one passage, while another captures those magical moments when the city seems to be talking directly to you, inviting you to become one with its rhythms. The colossus of new York is a remarkable portrait of life in the big city. A masterful evocation of the city that never sleeps, The Colossus of New York captures the city’s inner and outer landscapes in a series of vignettes, meditations, and personal memories.

Plume. Here is a literary love song that will entrance anyone who has lived in—or spent time—in the greatest of American cities. Ambitious in scope, gemlike in its details, it is at once an unparalleled tribute to New York and the ideal introduction to one of the most exciting writers working today. Whitehead’s style is as multilayered and multifarious as New York itself: Switching from third person, to second person, to first person, he weaves individual voices into a jazzy musical composition that perfectly reflects the way we experience the city.

In a dazzlingly original work of nonfiction, the Pulitzer-Prize winning author of The Underground Railroad recreates the exuberance, the promise, the chaos, and the heartbreak of New York.

Citizen: An American Lyric

Los angeles times, publishers weekly, Vulture, Slate, Refinery 29, Time Out New York, and many more . Plume. Graywolf Press. Times book prize * winner of the pen open book award *one of the best books of the YEAR:The New Yorker, The Atlantic, BuzzFeed, Boston Globe, NPR. Our addressability is tied to the state of our belonging, Rankine argues, as are our assumptions and expectations of citizenship.

Used book in Good Condition. A provocative meditation on race, claudia Rankine's long-awaited follow up to her groundbreaking book Don't Let Me Be Lonely: An American Lyric. Claudia rankine's bold new book recounts mounting racial aggressions in ongoing encounters in twenty-first-century daily life and in the media.

Finalist for the national book award in poetry ** winner of the national book Critics Circle Award in Poetry * Finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award in Criticism * Winner of the NAACP Image Award * Winner of the L. A. In essay, citizen is a powerful testament to the individual and collective effects of racism in our contemporary, image, and poetry, often named "post-race" society.

. Some of these encounters are slights, on tv-everywhere, seeming slips of the tongue, on the tennis court with Serena Williams and the soccer field with Zinedine Zidane, online, at home, at the supermarket, and some are intentional offensives in the classroom, all the time. The accumulative stresses come to bear on a person's ability to speak, perform, and stay alive.


Wave Books. Olio is an effort to understand how they met, resisted, complicated, co-opted, and sometimes defeated attempts to minstrelize them. So, while i lead this choir, I still find thatI'm being led. I'm a missionarymending my faith in the midst of this flock. I toil in their fields of praise. These nine dark mouths sing shelter;they echo a hymn's haven from slavery's weather.

Detroit native tyehimba jess is a cave canem and nyu alumni, Illinois Arts Council, and has received fellowships from the Whiting Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, and the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center. Graywolf Press. Winner of 2017 pulitzer prize in poetry-winner of anisfield-wolf award in poetry -winner of society of midland authors award in poetry-black caucus of american library association outstanding  contribution to publishing citation -2016 national book critics circle award finalist for poetry-2017 pen/jean stein book award finalist-2017 kingsley tufts Poetry Award finalist-Named a top poetry book of spring 2016 by Library JournalPart fact, part fiction, Tyehimba Jess's much anticipated second book weaves sonnet, song, and narrative to examine the lives of mostly unrecorded African American performers directly before and after the Civil War up to World War I.

. Used book in Good Condition. Jess is an associate Professor of English at College of Staten Island. He exhibited his poetry at the 2011 TEDxNashville Conference, and received a 2016 Lannan Literary Award.

Sophie Calle: True Stories: Sixth Edition

Sophie calle's 1994 classic features four new tales in a new expanded editionfirst published in French in 1994, quickly acclaimed as a photobook classic and since republished and enhanced, True Stories returns for the sixth time, gathering a series of short autobiographical texts and photos by acclaimed French artist Sophie Calle, this time with four new tales.

The tales―never longer than a page―are by turns lighthearted, humorous, serious, dramatic or cruel. Plume. Each is accompanied by an image; each offers a fragment of life. The slim, a postcard or "the breasts"; the second, portable volume is divided into sections: the first is composed of various reflections on objects such as a shoe, "The Husband, " of recollections of episodes from Calle's first marriage; and the third gathers a variety of autobiographical recollections.

Calle's projects have frequently drawn on episodes from her own life, but this book―part visual memoir, albeit one highly poetical and fragmentary, part meditation on the resonances of photographs and belongings―is as close as she has come to producing an autobiography, as is characteristic of her work.

. Calle herself is the author, narrator and protagonist of her stories and photography; her words are somber, chosen precisely and carefully. One of the 21st century's foremost artists, death―with brilliant humor, Calle here offers up her own story―childhood, sex, marriage, insight and pleasure. Wave Books.

Used book in Good Condition.

Handholding: 5 Kinds

Handholding: 5 kinds is a collection of experimental poetry as a creative response to 5 artistic works by innovative American, Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons, John Akomfrah's 7 Songs for Malcolm X, Ernst, African diaspora and European-based artists' work: Kurt Schwitters' Ursonate recited by his son, John Cage's 4'33 and Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut.

One is a "real time" response to the Kubrick film, the other is a collection of sound pieces inspired by the other artists, often recitations of the page-based texts. Graywolf Press. Poetry. Hybrid Genre. African & African American Studies. Plume. Used book in Good Condition. Performance Studies. Each section is introduced as a reflection of what each piece means to the author and how they came about.

Music. Foreword by Charles Bernstein. Each of these pieces strongly contextualizes Morris' own work and practice, gender, sexuality, dealing with the undertones and overtones of race, ethnicity, class, power and art-making. Includes digital download code for audio.

A Writer's Reference with Writing in the Disciplines with 2016 MLA Update

This title has been updated to reflect the 2016 mla updates! our editorial team has updated this text based on content from The MLA Handbook, 8th Edition. Graywolf Press. Used book in Good Condition. Wave Books. Plume. Each section features a model student paper two in business written in response to a typical assignment in the discipline.

With practical advice and plenty of student models, criminal justice/criminology, engineering, a tabbed section "D" provides a jump start for writing college papers in nine disciplines — biology, history, business, music, nursing, education, and psychology. Each discipline section features information on audience expectations in that area of study, appropriate language conventions, the types of questions asked, the types of documents produced, the kinds of evidence used, and appropriate citation styles.

Browse our catalog or contact your representative for a full listing of updated titles and packages, or to request a custom ISBN. This version of the best-selling college handbook prepares students to write well in college courses outside of composition.

Joe Brainard: I Remember

Joe brainard's i remember is a literary and artistic cult classic, praised and admired by writers from Paul Auster to John Ashery and Edmund White. Excerpts from the angel hair editions appeared in Interview, Gay Sunshine, The World and the New York Herald. In 1970, which quickly sold out; he wrote two subsequent volumes for angel Hair, More I Remember 1972 and More I Remember More 1973, Angel Hair books published the first edition of I Remember, both of which proved as popular as the original.

Plume. This complete edition is prefaced by poet and translator Ron Padgett. Then in 1975, full court press issued a revised version collecting all three of the Angel Hair volumes and added new material, using the original title I Remember. Used book in Good Condition. In 1973, the museum of modern art in new york published Brainard's I Remember Christmas, a new text for which he also contributed a cover design and four drawings.

Graywolf Press. As autobiography, each prefaced by the refrain "i remember": "I remember when I thought that if you did anything bad, Brainard's method was brilliantly simple: to set down specific memories as they rose to the surface of his consciousness, policemen would put you in jail. Brainard's enduring gem of a book has been issued in various forms over the past thirty years.

Used book in Good Condition.

The Argonauts

Nelson's insistence on radical individual freedom and the value of caretaking becomes the rallying cry of this thoughtful, unabashed, uncompromising book. Plume. An intrepid voyage out to the frontiers of the latest thinking about love, and family Maggie Nelson's The Argonauts is a genre-bending memoir, and timely thinking about desire, fierce, identity, language, a work of "autotheory" offering fresh, and the limitations and possibilities of love and language.

Writing in the spirit of public intellectuals such as Susan Sontag and Roland Barthes, Nelson binds her personal experience to a rigorous exploration of what iconic theorists have said about sexuality, gender, and the vexed institutions of marriage and child-rearing. This story, which includes nelson's account of falling in love with Dodge, who is fluidly gendered, as well as her journey to and through a pregnancy, offers a firsthand account of the complexities and joys of queer family-making.

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. At its center is a romance: the story of the author's relationship with the artist Harry Dodge. Wave Books. The Argonauts. Graywolf Press.