Theatre Of The Unheard

Theatre of the unheard is a wildly eclectic album that blends rock, jazz and country into a distinctive, folk, all-encompassing sound that embraces freedom rather than conformity. Theatre is the freakiest album I've made so far. Darrell Scott.

Live at the Station Inn

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The Invisible Man

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Aloha From Nashville

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Long Ride Home

Recorded in scott s sun-drenched living room over several days of an early spring, the project is an intimate homage to the music Darrell remembers from his childhood and the father and mother who presided over that country music baptism. Now on long ride home, the country music that shaped his musical character and that has informed his prior work in ways explicit and subtle, finally blasts to the surface.

Shrink-wrapped. Scott has, over the past decade-plus, assumed a rarified place in American music through a hard-to-come-by combination of talents and gifts. His singing is uncommonly strong and nuanced. The record is passionate, bluesy, neighborly and emotional. And his chops on guitar and steel, practiced over a lifetime of blue-collar musicianship, have earned him elite sideman gigs like Robert Plant s current Band of Joy.

I was baptized in country music, says Darrell. It s the sound of darrell Scott going home an honest tune if there ever was one. His literary but accessible songwriting has been the foundation of his reputation and his universally acclaimed albums, while also being a source of hits and cuts for others. Darrell scott s seventh studio album, Long Ride home, is a long time coming, both for his devoted fans and for his extensive creative cache.

With three grammy nominations and an americana Music Award to his credit, Darrell Scott has more than proven his stature as one of the finest all-around musicians in the world.

A Crooked Road

Scott has also received two grammy award nominations, including one for Best Country Song for his Dixie Chicks hit Long Time Gone. Darrell scott did not set out to record a double album; that is just what happened along the crooked road. Shrink-wrapped. The accomplished singer-songwriter penned each of the twenty-one songs on Crooked Road, and, lap steel, adding to the very special nature of this release, mandolin, his eighth solo album, bass, drums, Scott played all of the instruments heard on the record: guitar, keyboard, harp and cello.

Additionally, scott performed on steve earle s Townes, as part of the Bluegrass Dukes, which received a 2010 Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Album. Widely respected throughout the songwriting community, Scott has worked with numerous world-renowned musicians, Joan Baez, including Steve Earle, Guy Clark and Jimmie Dale Gilmore.


10: Songs of Ben Bullington

In the last 3 months of bens life i started sending iphone recordings of me singing a song of his - the first iphone recording, Ive Gotta Leave You Now, closes this album - this recording is what Ben heard - he loved it. What i wanted was for ben to hear his songs coming toward him rather than only from him - for a writer, it is an important perspective: to hear songs with 1 degree of separation - like you re hearing someone else s songs.

Darrell Scott Shrink-wrapped. 3 days in dirk powell s studio & home in breaux bridge, 8 songs were recorded simply - no tricks, Louisiana in November, no hiding just me & engineer, 2014 while on the road, Erick Jaskowiak- add a live version of Country Music Im Talking To You from Texas gigs the week before- add the iPhone recording he d heard and you get 10.

My wish is for you to slow down for 52 minutes, but powerful, put this recording on and hear 2 friends make new friends - I believe there is pure beauty here - these songs are perfect examples of song as literature - 10 is an intimate gift for a fellow father and human being and songwriter whom I knew for a short, time - Bens songs are timeless - I loved getting right in the middle of these songs and offering my best - these are great songs: period.


Couchville Sessions


Live In NC

Contains over an hour of dynamic performances from two nights in North Carolina at Winston-Salem's Ziggy's & Cat's Cradle in Carrboro, NC. 2005. Full Light Records. Live in nc pairs scott, a wizard of guitar and song, with Danny's bass and the syncopated, deeply grooved timekeeping of drummer Kenny Malone.

Scott's extraordinary songs plus a few tasty classics unify and organize an intimate communion between the performers and the audience on this latest release. Darrell scott is one of Nashville's best singer-songwriters. Shrink-wrapped.

Family Tree

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Memories And Moments

Comprising five songs apiece from o'brien and scott plus one memorable collaboration in their timely 'Turn Your Dirty Lights On, ' along with a pair of chestnuts from Hank Williams and George Jones and a spirited rendition of the John Prine classic 'Paradise, ' with its author guesting on guitar and vocals, Memories & Moments is a face-to-face record by design.

2013 release, the second studio album from highly regarded writer/singer/multi-instrumentalists Tim O'Brien and Darrell Scott. Shrink-wrapped.