The Sound of Thunder: A Novel

His need to succeed at all costs drives him to take on this latest challenge, more debt, along with more mortgages, and speculative investments on Manhattan’s burgeoning Wall Street. The son of a socialist german shopkeeper, Edward Enger has one dream: to turn his father’s modest delicatessen into an empire.

With an astute head for business and talent for making money, he achieves success beyond his wildest imagination. From the new york times–bestselling author of Captains and the Kings: A self-made man sacrifices everything for his family in turn-of-the-century New York. But his success comes at a great cost in this towering novel of love and sacrifice by one of our most gifted storytellers.

Fourteen-year-old edward believed he would love ten-year-old Margaret Proster all the days of his life.  .  . Now, she has returned and is planning to marry another man, someone very close to Edward. A man does not become powerful without making enemies, and as his family life begins to unravel, a day of reckoning is nearing.

Until she moved away. Yet something is keeping him from enjoying his extraordinary good fortune. A man in the right place at the right time, edward’s meteoric ascent coincides with the rise of America’s middle class as the nation transforms from an agricultural and industrial force to a financial world leader.

Time No Longer: A Novel

Karl’s twin brother, has already pledged his allegiance to the Third Reich, a distinguished scientist, Kurt, a regime that Karl finds cruel and oppressive. A onetime candidate for the Nobel Prize for Literature, he is no longer able to write, eat, or sleep. Before gerda and eric can escape to America, Eric is arrested by the Gestapo.

But he soon has even more reason to fear: There is talk of the Nazis singling out the Jews for extermination. Karl erlich loves his country. Set in the years of the nazis’ ascent to power, time No Longer is at once a universal and intensely personal novel about the struggle against hate and fear that can elevate an ordinary man to extraordinary heights and the unassailable bond between two brothers.

But these are dangerous times for Germany, whose poor and downtrodden have been seduced by an Austrian sign painter named Adolf Hitler. On the eve of world war ii, twin brothers are divided by the murder of a German Jew, in this epic tale from New York Times–bestselling author Taylor Caldwell. His wife, Therese, fears for his sanity.

   . But can she rescue her husband, unknowingly thrusting herself into harm’s way, who is rapidly becoming like their beleaguered Rhineland—inconsolable, and thirsting for revenge? As she seeks answers, frightened, Therese will discover the powerful ties that bind German to Jew, and come to realize that the only one way to save Karl is to save Germany.

Then the unthinkable happens, and in the wake of searing tragedy, Karl cuts all ties with his brother. She knows she must get her husband away from the madness that is now Germany.

Answer as a Man: A Novel

Filled with unforgettable characters, this masterful retelling of the Book of Job depicts one man’s will to succeed amidst the slings and arrows of fortune. But their shanty-like home on a street filled with outhouses, horse manure, and the ever-present odor of noxious gas is a hell all its own. Fourteen-year-old jason aloysius Garrity is now of age to work full-time in a Pennsylvania coal factory, earning four dollars a week.

 . With world war i looming on the horizon, Jason begins to make his way in Belleville’s burgeoning business world. He marries beautiful, wealthy patricia Mulligan, unaware that their union is built on a deception that will have far-reaching consequences not only in his life but in the lives of his three children.

New york times bestseller: in early 1900s Pennsylvania, the ambitious son of Irish immigrants pursues the American Dream in the face of injustice and intolerance. Yet jason possesses the passion and principles that will lift him out of the abject poverty surrounding his widowed mother, fanatically religious younger brother, and manipulative crippled sister.

His family left their hardscrabble life in Ireland to create a better one in America.

Let Love Come Last: A Novel

   . William’s wife, ursula, tries to fill their ostentatious home with warmth and common sense, but her efforts are destined to backfire. As william’s business empire grows, so too does his insatiable need to be loved and admired. Born into the humblest of circumstances, William Prescott is determined to amass a fortune large enough to ensure that his four children will never want for anything.

He’ll do whatever it takes to achieve his goal, even if it means plundering Pennsylvania’s forests of every last tree and destroying anyone who stands in his way. The “deeply engrossing” saga of a 19th-century lumber baron’s twisted love for his family—from the #1 New York Times–bestselling author of Captains and the Kings The New York Times.

The children resent her for trying to discipline them, and William’s ambition blinds him to any point of view but his own. A riveting drama with a powerful message, Let Love Come Last is a masterwork from an author who “never falters when it comes to storytelling” Publishers Weekly. Only when two of his spoiled children plot against him does William realize that the ties that bind the Prescott family have become warped beyond recognition.


Testimony of Two Men: A Novel

The scion of a powerful old eastern family, Jonathan hired the best attorneys money could buy. Jonathan ferrier was accused of killing his beautiful young wife after she died following a botched abortion. A small-town doctor acquitted of murdering his pregnant wife faces new charges in this New York Times bestseller set in the early days of modern medicine.

Robert morgan, idealistic doctor, a young, is determined to make up his own mind about the accused’s innocence or guilt. But haunted by his wife’s death, Jonathan still strives to heal the judgmental people of his divided town. Is he a cold-blooded killer who murdered his wife and their unborn child? Or a man unjustly accused and wrongly maligned?  Testimony of Two Men explores the evolution of modern medicine and the tireless physicians who are its unsung heroes.

. When he was acquitted, many believed he had bought his freedom. Now, he has returned home to sell his practice and move on. Of one thing he is certain: Jonathan is a good doctor, perhaps even a great one. He is also a man who feels abandoned by God, his family, his church, and his friends. Author taylor caldwell’s bestselling novel touches on faith, and the then-new field of mental health as it tells a mesmerizing tale of desire, religion, betrayal, and love that can destroy or redeem.


Melissa: A Novel

On his deathbed, Charles puts his eldest daughter in charge of her mother and siblings.    . Dunham, however, refuses accept a wife in name only. As charles upjohn’s publisher, Geoffrey Dunham holds the keys to the writer’s legacy. Melissa will do anything she can to please him—even if it means marrying a man she hates.

Where others see a minor novelist whose ego far outweighs his talent, Melissa sees a brilliant artist deserving of a wider audience. A darkly riveting portrait of the thin line between love and hate, Melissa confirms author Taylor Caldwell’s reputation as one of the twentieth century’s greatest storytellers.

The #1 new york times–bestselling author’s “magnificent” tale of romantic intrigue in the gothic tradition of Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre The New York Times. In the eyes of his daughter Melissa, Charles Upjohn can do no wrong. To win melissa’s heart, he must destroy everything she believes about her father—and herself.

Dunham also has the means to provide for Melissa and her family, and the desire to do so. Melissa knows her life with dunham will be grim and passionless, but she’s willing to sacrifice her own happiness in order to fulfill her father’s wishes. Where her sister and brother see a cold and inattentive parent who can’t provide for his family, Melissa sees a doting father whose intentions are beyond reproach.


Dynasty of Death: A Novel The Barbours and Bouchards Series Book 1

Martin’s fears come to fruition when Joseph forms a gunpowder firm with Armand Bouchard, who lives with his wife and three sons down the road from the Barbours. Joseph and his family settle in a rural Pennsylvania village, Hilda, but his wife, is unhappy and longs to return to England. Ruthless and ambitious, he takes what he wants.

Dynasty of death is a moving saga of two families, the epic struggle between two brothers, and the legacy their guns will leave the world as mighty enemy nations gear up for battle. A man of vision, joseph foresees a time when wars will not be won with courage and brave hearts but rather by the nations with superior firearms.

But beautiful amy drumhill continues to elude him and becomes the catalyst in a war that will estrange the two brothers and leave Ernest haunted by the blood that will be forever on his hands. As the years pass, Ernest proves himself invaluable to Barbour & Bouchard. Two families grow a small munitions factory into a global empire in this saga by a New York Times–bestselling author spanning from 1837 to the eve of World War I.

. In 1837, joseph barbour, an upper servant in an English village, immigrates with his family to America so he can make his fortune in the nascent artillery business. Their shy and sensitive younger son, is also homesick, Martin, but what troubles him most is the cruelty and violence he sees in his older brother, Ernest.


The Eagles Gather: A Novel The Barbours and Bouchards Series Book 2

While christopher’s machinations and Armand’s countermoves threaten to tear the family apart, hope emerges from a distant relative who seems to possess the noble character of his ancestors. In the decade after world war I, Jules Bouchard prepares to leave controlling interest in his global munitions enterprise to his son Armand.

But are his intentions as honorable as they seem? New york times bestseller: in the “undeniably powerful” sequel to Dynasty of Death, a new generation of Bouchards battles over the family empire The New York Times Book Review. Worse, he hatches a plot involving his sister, Celeste, whose innocence he had vowed to always protect.

But the inheritance comes with a warning: Armand’s ruthless brothers, Emile and Christopher, will be gunning for him. It’s not long before Christopher commits financial treachery in an effort to unseat his brother.

A Prologue To Love

In a prologue to love taylor caldwell has written a profoundly moving novel of a woman, rich beyond imagining, whose inability to give or accept love, whose fear of poverty and hostility towards the world brings in its wake tragedy and unhappiness for almost all whose lives she touches. Caroline ames was detested by the father she worshipped.

An unscrupulous businessman, john ames denied caroline not only of his love, but instilled in her a horror of poverty and a faith in the power of money which was to make her the richest woman in the world - and one of the loneliest. Miss caldwell writes of three generations of the Ames family with great insight and compassion.

And she has peopled her novel with characters of unusual depth - all of whom come under the shadow of the strange recluse, Caroline Ames, and the power of her millions. Perhaps miss caldwell's most impressive achievement in a prologue to love is her ability to evoke the reader's sympathy for Caroline - why it was that she so desperately needed to amass so much money at the expense of family love and community respect, and how, in the end, she comes to realize that her father's teachings were so wrong.

It is an inspiring story of the power of love and faith in overcoming evil. Set in and around boston during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, she has evoked the period of the great American fortunes through the intricate pattern of a family's destiny.

Ceremony of the Innocent: A Novel

Played out against the backdrop of early twentieth-century America, Ceremony of the Innocent intertwines Ellen’s personal journey with America’s emergence from the devastation of World War I. Hired as a housemaid in the palatial home of the village mayor, Jeremy Porter, Ellen soon catches the attention of his son, who captures her heart in turn.

But her extraordinary looks arouse envy and malice in the female townspeople—and lust in the males. As america’s enemies gather, Ellen must face her own demons. It raises vital questions, such as: are we as good as we believe we are? And is faith enough to keep us moving forward even in the face of unimaginable loss?

But when tragedy rips her life apart, her family, Ellen will be forced to confront some terrible truths about her marriage, and herself. New york times bestseller: the quest for the American Dream soars to new heights in this coming-of-age story of a young woman and her country. As the years pass, dreams, Ellen’s life parallels the hopes, and fears of a no-longer innocent nation.

He offers to send her to school, and four years later he proposes marriage. The wife of the scion of a powerful political family, and a successful, children, she has everything she could ever desire: security, adoring husband. Living with her aunt in poor, rural Preston, Pennsylvania, thirteen-year-old Ellen Watson loves books and music and is completely oblivious to her own beauty.


Bright Flows the River: A Novel

He is on suicide watch, barely able to recognize his wife and two adult children. Now, james is a celebrated British psychiatrist determined to repay the favor and bring his old friend back from the brink. Now, the fifty-five-year-old pennsylvania powerbroker and business titan—a living example of the American Dream—lies in a bed in a psychiatric hospital.

New york times bestseller: a man who gained the world but lost his soul faces a critical midlife crisis in this suspenseful and inspiring novel about love and forgiveness. Shifting between the past and the present, friendship, Bright Flows the River is a story of faith, and the road not taken, in which a powerful, successful man may finally get the chance to become the person he long ago dreamed he could be.

During one of the most harrowing battles of World War II, Guy saved the life of fellow soldier James Meyer. On a stormy, windswept night, Guy Jerald tried to kill himself. But he did not die. As the source of guy’s pain emerges, James must come to terms with his own unfulfilled goals and a mounting crisis that will test him in ways he never could have imagined.

 . But a visitor from his distant past will open the floodgates.