The Grand Sophy Regency Romances Book 10

A new york times bestseller!"Georgette Heyer is the Queen of the Regency Romance. They all need her help and it's providential that Sophy arrives when she does. What reviewers are saying about The Grand Sophy"The Grand Sophy was an exciting, charming read. Sophy is a devilishly fine girl. Austenprose "the grand sophy is a very entertaining Regency romance with wonderfully eccentric characters and a very humorous plot.

Once upon a Romance. Long may she reign!" —new york times bestselling author lauren williga reader favorite from the queen of regency romance, The Grand Sophy is a utterly hilarious and completely endearing story of Sophy and the outrageous lengths she goes to solve everyone else's problems, and the surprises in store for everyone! When Sir Horace Stanton-Lacy is ordered to South America on Diplomatic Business he parks his only daughter, Sophy, with his sister in Berkeley Square.

Upon her arrival, charles is engaged to a dour bluestocking, Sophy can see that her cousins are in a sad tangle: Ceclia is in love with a poet, her uncle is of no use at all, and the younger children are in desperate need of some fun and freedom. Forward, bold, and out-spoken, Sophy sweeps in and immediately takes ton by storm.

The characters grab you and don't let go. Anna's book blog"fun, engaging and hilarious, I cannot recommend it more highly.

Frederica Regency Romances Book 24

Lovely, and refreshingly straightforward, Frederica makes such a strong impression that to his own amazement, competent, the Marquis agrees to help launch them all into society. But with his enterprising — and altogether entertaining —country cousins getting into one scrape after another right on his doorstep, before he knows it the Marquis finds himself dangerously embroiled.

What reviewers are saying about Frederica"Humorous, light-hearted. A nice, comfortable way to get your Austen-fix. Love romance passion "this is a great book that explores both the relationships of the characters, and the Regency era itself. Fun, entertaining, enthralling!"—Wendi's Book Corner "A fun, charming book.

. Frederica is a keeper, going on my bookshelf. Lesa's book critiques "there was a playful, light-hearted feel to this book that, along with the engaging characters, totally charmed me. Genre reviews"the novel ends on a most satisfying note, and I can think of no better way of spending a chilly winter evening — wrapped in a down comforter with my pooch sleeping by my side— than reading this gem of a book.

Jane austen's world "overflowing with fun and family, this warm, joyful 1965 Regency is one of Heyer's later novels and another popular title. Library Journal.

Arabella Regency Romances Book 9

Robert Beaumaris. Her pride stung when she overhears a remark of her host's, Arabella pretends to be an heiress, a pretense that deeply amuses the jaded Beau. To counter her white lie, Beaumaris launches her into high society and thereby subjects her to all kinds of fortune hunters and other embarrassments.

When compassionate arabella rescues such unfortunate creatures as a mistreated chimney sweep and a mixed-breed mongrel, she foists them upon Beaumaris, who finds he rather enjoys the role of rescuer and is soon given the opportunity to prove his worth in the person of Arabella's impetuous young brother.

. Praise for georgette heyer: "our georgette heyer display of the Sourcebooks reprints has been a huge success, not only to those early fans like myself, but to many new readers who appreciate her style and wit. Nancy olson, raleigh, quail ridge books, NC"Reading Georgette Heyer is the next best thing to reading Jane Austen.

Publishers weekly"wonderful characters, perfect period detail, elegant, witty writing, and rapturously romantic. Georgette heyer achieves what the rest of us only aspire to. Katie Fforde. Georgette heyer is the Queen of the Regency Romance. Long may she reign!" —new york times bestselling author lauren willigdeliciously feisty and exuberant, Arabella Tallant is one of Georgette Heyer's most memorable and engaging heroines Daughter of a modest country clergyman, Arabella Tallant is on her way to London when her carriage breaks down outside the hunting lodge of the wealthy Mr.

The Quiet Gentleman Regency Romances Book 11

His quiet cousin, stepmother, and young half-brother seem openly disappointed that he survived the wars. She was known as the queen of Regency romance, historical accuracy, and was legendary for her research, and her extraordinary plots and characterizations. You will love the quirky characters, the great suspense plot, and the incredible wit.

A breath of fresh air. Heyer's witty dialog, engaging and sparkling characters, and humorous repartee make this an engaging and wonderful read. One of my favourites; it is a mystery as well as a lighthearted comedy of manners. Georgette heyer wrote over fifty novels, mysteries, including Regency romances, and historical fiction.

. Fascinating reading. Authentic atmosphere in a delightful Enlgish tale"—Chicago Sunday TribuneLess than a hero's welcome. Returning to his family seat from Waterloo, Gervase Frant, seventh Earl of St Erth, could have expected more enthusiasm for his homecoming.

Devil's Cub

Or come rediscover her magic. Linda howard"our georgette heyer display of the Sourcebooks reprints has been a huge success, not only to those early fans like myself, but to many new readers who appreciate her style and wit. Nancy olson, quail ridge books, raleigh, NC"Reading Georgette Heyer is the next best thing to reading Jane Austen.

Publishers weekly"wonderful characters, elegant, perfect period detail, witty writing, and rapturously romantic. I couldn't put it down. A sequel to these old shades, being about the son of the Duke of Avon and Leonie? this is a must read for Heyer fans. This is my fourth copy of this book. I have worn out each of my previous copies to the point of falling apart.

Stylish, sharp and witty?her heroines are enterprising, romantic, and her heroes dashing. Margaret drabble"if you've never read Heyer's books before, prepare to be charmed. In his rush, he seems to have taken the wrong woman?a young lady of remarkable fortitude?Determined to save her sister from ruin, virtuous Mary Challoner intercepts the Marquis's advances and throws herself into his path, however, hoping Vidal will release her upon realizing his error.

But as the two become irrevocably entangled, romance, mary's reputation and future lie in the hands of a devilish rake, who finds her more fascinating every day?WHAT READERS SAY:"This is my favorite Heyer? It has action, and humor. Devil's cub is one of georgette heyer's most famous and memorable novels, marquis of vidal and fiery son of the notorious Duke of Avon, featuring a dashing and wild young nobleman and the gently bred young lady in whom he finally meets his match?Like father, like son?Dominic Alistair, has established a rakish reputation that rivals his father's, living a life of excess and indulgence.

Banished to the continent after wounding his opponent in a duel, Vidal schemes to abduct the silly aristocrat bent on seducing him into marriage and make her his mistress instead.

Venetia Regency Romances Book 18

Reading georgette Heyer is the next best thing to reading Jane Austen. Publishers weeklybeautiful, capable, and independent minded, Venetia Lanyon's life on her family's estate in the country side is somewhat restricted. But her neighbor, the infamous Lord Damerel, a charming rake shunned by polite society, is about to shake things up.

Lord damerel has built his life on his dangerous reputation, and when he meets Venetia, he has nothing to offer and everything to regret. Her regency romances are delightful light reading. Philippa gregory"heyer's characters are witty and beyond charming, her prose is flawless and lighthearted, and her historical detail is immaculate.

Read all over Reviews"Georgette Heyer is unbeatable. Sunday Telegraph. Though his scandalous past and deepest secrets give Venetia reason to mistrust him, a rogue always gets what he wants. As venetia's well-meaning family steps in to protect her from potential ruin, Venetia must find the wherewithal to take charge of her own destiny, or lose her chance at happiness.

Charming characters and flawless prose make Venetia a fan favorite from the Queen of Regency Romance. I loved it from the first page. Library queuewhat everyone has to say about the Queen of Regency Romance Georgette Heyer"Georgette Heyer was one of the great protagonists of the historical novel in the post-war golden age of the form.

Cotillion Regency Romances Book 12

Kitty has spent her secluded life pining for the handsome, rakish Jack, who is well aware of her attachment. A plan of her own but when jack fails to respond to his great?uncle's ultimatum, Kitty hatches a strategy of her own — a counterfeit betrothal to mild?mannered Freddy Standen who neither needs nor wants the money.

A most unlikely heroand when kitty's generous heart leads to all sorts of unintended troubles, there is only one man who can rescue her from more than one dreadful fix, pick up the pieces of her plotting and in the process her heart. Thus begins cotillion, arguably the funniest, most charming of Georgette Heyer's many delightful Regency romances.

Amazon. Co. Uk"sparkling"—Independent on Sunday"A literary bubble bath. Take a delightful and frothy dip among the gayer aspects of the author's favorite and well worked Regency period. Sunday Tribune. Almost an heiress country–bred, spirited Kitty Charings is on the brink of inheriting a fortune from her eccentric guardian — provided that she marries one of his grand?nephews.


The Unknown Ajax Regency Romances Book 19

A present deception. His clever and beautiful cousin anthea is sure there's more to the gentle giant than Hugo's innocent blue eyes and broad Yorkshire brogue would lead one to believe. What readers say:"what Heyer does best: comedy, engaging characters, and excellent writing. A very enjoyable romp with a positively masterly denouement.

Georgette heyer reaches the pinnacle of her skill with this book. Among the best of Heyer's Regency novels ? very, very funny. The pitch-perfect comedy, as the Ajax takes the reins of the family, is fantastic. ". But even she doesn't guess what he's capable of, until a family crisis arises and only Hugo can preserve the family's honor, leading everybody on a merry chase in the process.

. They are convinced he will prove to be a sadly vulgar person, but nothing could have prepared the beleaguered family for the arrival of Major Hugo Darracott. Wonderful entertainment from first page to last. Chicago sunday TribuneA past dispute.

Sylvester: or The Wicked Uncle Regency Romances Book 17

Then he meets phoebe Marlow, a young lady with literary aspirations, and suddenly life becomes very complicated. She was known as the queen of Regency romance, and was legendary for her research, historical accuracy, and her extraordinary plots and characterizations. And he's the main character!what readers say:"a truly brilliant Heyer with an adorable and very real heroine and a hero who is very human!""One of Heyer's most unsung achievements, a classic Pride and Prejudice story.

Reading georgette Heyer is the next best thing to reading Jane Austen. Publishers weeklyrank, wealth, and elegance are no match for a young lady who writes novels. Sylvester, duke of Salford, has exacting requirements for a bride. What a wonderful love story. Hilariously funny, romantic, even touching in a subtle way.

Georgette heyer wrote over fifty novels, mysteries, including Regency romances, and historical fiction. Hilarity and adventure throughout. The hero may be my all-time favorite. He is so drily funny it takes your breath away. She meets none of his criteria, and even worse, she has written a novel that is sweeping through the ton and causing all kinds of gossip.

Black Sheep Regency Romances Book 25

Abigail wendover, on the shelf at 28, is kept busy when her niece falls head over heels in love with a handsome fortune hunter and Abbie is forced into a confrontation with his scandalous uncle. Miles calvery is the black sheep of his family- enormously rich from a long sojourn in India, disconcertingly blunt and brash.

. But he turns out to be Abbie's most important ally in keeping her niece out of trouble. But how can he possibly be considered eligible when she has worked so hard to rebuff his own nephew's suit for her niece? And how can she possibly detach from an ailing sister who needs her? This is a heroine who has to be, literally, swept off her feet.


The Reluctant Widow Regency Romances Book 7

Lively, amusing. Done to a turn!"-Kirkus ReviewsA fateful mistake. When elinor rochdale boards the wrong coach, she ends up not at her prospective employer's home but at the estate of Eustace Cheviot, a dissipated and ruined young man on the verge of death. A momentous decision. His cousin, mr ned carlyon, persuades Elinor to marry Eustace as a simple business arrangement.

The plot involves comedy, cloaks and daggers, intrigue, espionage, and things going bump in the night - served with a sauce of witty repartee that is the Heyer hallmark. By morning, but finds herself embroiled with an international spy ring, housebreakers, uninvited guests, Elinor is a rich widow, and murder.

And mr carlyon won't let her leave. What readers are saying about The Reluctant Widow"Delightful and purely entertaining. Unforgettable. One of my favorites!""A delightfully funny and mysterious romp. Reading georgette Heyer is the next best thing to reading Jane Austen. Publisher's Weekly.