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Ever since, i wish to teach you how to fly without wings, and how to keep yourself intact, as long as you do not harm anything else. And how you can do this, and because you have all the knowledge to succeed, just by believing it can be done, and this is what makes you memorable. And how you can discover the world through your natural courage and curiosity.

After all, what value has the title or a name i carry if it separates us; how can I tell you exactly who I am, and if each one of us is like a drop in the ocean that contains all of the ocean inside it, if material has an “expiry date” and the soul lasts forever, if all the universe is me? .

Think Faster, Learn Quicker, Get Smarter: A Practical Guide to Train Your Mind Train Your Brain Book 2

More devices in a desperate attempt to gain more control of your life. But it's NOT working. Not only are we more stressed, we find it harder and harder to focus, think quickly, and retain information. And it's taking a toll on us. The good news is that the solution is much less complicated than you think.

How much easier would your life be if you could think quicker and learn faster? How much fastercould you achieve your goals if you could easily retain the information that you read? How much more productive would you be if you could harness your mind to process ideas more quickly and make better decisions.

In this concise, practical guide, I show you exactly how you can with 15 simple exercises that take no more than 15 minutes per day to complete. Here's a taste of what you'll discover in this book:a simple technique to think faster and learn quicker -- todaywhy you should be making more mistakes yes, morethe hidden connection between empathy and learning from OTHER's mistakesHow the ancient the ancient practice of controlled breathing makes you think fasterWhy lifting weights and sprinting sharpen your brainHow to use visualization to make better decisionsThe little-known skill to quick thinking that nearly all top salesmen haveThe secret computer programmers use to think so fastHow to activate more parts of your brainThe secret Einstein and Salvadore Dali knew about naps need I say more?Why being overstuffed makes you stupidThe importance of talking to yourself Taking aggressive, persistent action it’s the only thing that mattersIt's time to take your power back and harness the power within you.

If you're ready to make a change in your life, you've come to the right place!This is book 2 in the "Train Your Brain" series. Scroll up and get a copy of this book now. Discover simple techniques to think faster, learn quicker, and make better decisions. Despite today's technology obsessed world,  less focused, you most likely feel more stressed, and waymore forgetful.

Purity Pursuit: A Gripping Crime Thriller Private Detective Heinrich Muller Crime Thriller Book 1

He soon uncovers a plot to find the missing gold train. If you love fast paced thrillers, then Purity Pursuit will not disappoint. Teaming up with him is a beautiful Polish civil rights campaigner and a troubled teen boy Muller tries to pull away from the influence of a neo-Nazi militia. Can heinrich get to the bottom of this case or will he succumb to the overwhelming pressure?Robert Browns second book is a master class in thrilling suspense that will sure to excite the fans of his first novel Deadly Illusions.

When he is asked to investigate the murder of an antiques dealer with a history of dealing Nazi memorabilia it opens a case that is as personal as it is professional. Muller’s investigations soon take him to Europe, where he chases down dealers in Nazi memorabilia and comes up against Europe’s far-right parties.

Following on from the success of “Deadly Illusions” Robert Brown returns with his second book “Purity Pursuit”. Heinrich müller did not like the sound of this assignment. The widow sitting in front of him, with her frail voice scratchy and warbling as if it came from an old 78 record, was telling him the most remarkable things, none of them good.

Heinrich muller is a private detective with a past he’d rather forget.

Write and Grow Rich: Secrets of Successful Authors and Publishers Exclusive Tips from Publishing Experts

24 stories to help you turn books into a six-figure calling. In write and grow rich, you'll discover how this incredible group of authors, marketers, teachers, and trainers turned the corner with the power of writing behind them. Join her and 23 other powerful author entrepreneurs as they share "how they did it" in this once-in-a-lifetime collection of true stories.

By sharing their best practices, authors adam houge, marc Guberti, Bryan Cohen, Kristen Joy, Caitlyn Pyle, Daniel Hall, and many more provide a roadmap to the steps you need to take to join their ranks. Have you tried all the entrepreneurial tricks only to end up back where you started? Are you passionate about an idea that you want to share with the world? Do you wish you could turn a single book into something more? Bestselling author Alinka Rutkowska started with one book and transformed it into a successful six-figure business.

Inside, you'll learn which so-called expert advice to avoid and little-known tools for faster, more resilient success. In write and grow rich, and much, you'll discover:what these authors would've done differently if they were starting their businesses todayHow they cope with overwhelm and how you can use this overload as an advantageKey factors for book-based success in a variety of industriesHow quickly you can expect to start profiting off your writingThe skills you should start cultivating to take your business to the next level, much more! Write and Grow Rich is a jam-packed handbook for making your words worth more than you ever dreamed possible.

But she isn't the only one. Buy write and grow rich to start applying time-tested wisdom to your business today!full contributing authors list: alinka rutkowska, donna kozik, Matt Stone, Sally Miller, Debbie Drum, Jason Ladd, Kristen Joy, Daniel Hall, Bryan Cohen, Amy Collins, Lise Cartwright, Adam Houge, Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Derek Murphy, Marc Guberti, Summer Tannhauser, Steve Alcorn, Christine Kloser, Kirsten Oliphant, Caitlin Pyle, Alexa Bigwarfe, Derek Doepker, Jyotsna Ramachandran, Susan Friedmann.


Think Like Sherlock: Creatively Solve Problems, Think with Clarity, Make Insightful Observations & Deductions, and Develop Quick & Accurate Instincts

How altered states of consciousness contribute to clear thinking and how Einstein and Salvador Dali took advantage of this. How to systematically and consistently think outside the box. Critical thinking and why you shouldn’t take things or people at face value. How to invert, lateral, magnify, substitute, reverse, minimize, adapt, and distance and more… your thinking for flashes of genius.

Learn how to use reverse brainstorming and the Fishbone technique to solve the ‘crimes’ in your life. Sherlock sees the world for what it is, underneath the mask and facade - and so can you. This book gives you a pair of glasses to finally view the world accurately and clearly. No other book provides you with such a clear blueprint of the skills you need to think with clarity and understand what really matters.

Learn everyday deductive reasoning to decipher the events in your life. Peter hollins has studied psychology and peak human performance for over a dozen years and is a bestselling author. He has worked with a multitude of individuals to unlock their potential and path towards success. Why? because he is able to unravel a complex story from simple observation, perception, creative thinking, and problem-solving.

Sharpen your judgment and instincts for better decisions. Imagine what you could do with this simple superpower.

Get It Done: The 21-Day Mind Hack System to Double Your Productivity and Finish What You Start

If you only had 21 days left to live, what would You Want to Accomplish Before You Go?Bringing your most important ideas to life isn’t easy. Once you get rid of those ineffective working habits, excuses for holding back, and annoying voices in your head, you’ll be free to achieve your biggest goals and projects in life fearlessly—faster than you ever thought possible.

Today can be the day that everything changes for youthis book is designed to get you results in your business and life by giving you the systems, tools, and mindset you need to bring your biggest ideas and most important projects to life in 21 days or less. By reading and applying the principles you’re about to learn, and into the world where it’s meant to bemake more money by completing projects that add massive value to the worldAnd 10x your productivity……in 21 Days or less!Free Bonus Included Inside This BookWhen you buy this book in eBook, or audiobook format, you’ll be able to:Start Projects you’ve been putting offFinish projects you’ve started but stalled onShip your work get it out of your head, off your laptop, paperback, you will also receive a special bonus: THE GET IT DONE MASTERS PROGRAM.

Covey, the 4-hour workweek by tim ferris, the one thing by Gary Keller, or The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, you’ll love this practical and engaging book. You’ll become a part of the Get It Done community, and we’ll help you succeed. If you’re a fan of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R.

All you need to make this huge leap in productivity is to pay attention to what really matters, stay focused on your most important project, and stop wasting time working in the weeds you know, those things you do that aren’t getting you where you want to go in life. I believe you have greatness within you.

The Kindle Publishing Bible: How To Sell More Kindle Ebooks on Amazon Step-by-Step Instructions On Self-Publishing And Marketing Your Books Kindle Bible Book 1

If i can do it, you can too!Learn how to sell more books on Amazon today. But i do - and i'm going to show you how in this book it won't cost you a dime to implement these strategies either. Most authors even the ones with publishers and big marketing budgets have no idea how to do keyword research, add the right search keywords when they publish their book, or use keywords in their book description without it sounding like it was written by a robot.

For new authors: step-by-step instructions with picturesif you're a first-time Kindle publisher or technologically challenged then this book is for you! I even had my grandma follow the step-by-step tutorials and she gave it a big thumbs up for easy-to-use instructions. Scroll up and grab your copy now.

How to sell 53% more kindle ebooks in just 7 daysi believe publishing on Kindle Should Be Fun, Profitable and RewardingIf you want your book to become a Kindle best seller I can show you how. In the kindle publishing bible, you will learn how to:increase your book's amazon And Google Search Traffic By 423% In 30 MinutesIf you're a self-published author without a large platform or following, you will never be able to promote more than the legacy authors with huge marketing budgets.

The playing field has been leveled with ebook publishing, and if my grandma can do it, you can too!For Existing Authors: How To Sell More Books In 5 Days Than You Did Last MonthI'm going to share with you my KDP Select Free Promotion Marketing Formula for getting tens of thousands of readers to download your ebook in just 5 days.

Finally, i discovered amazon's kindle Publishing platform and published my first book on Kindle on February 10, 2012. Since then, i've sold over 100, 000 ebooks on Kindle and now earn a full-time income as a part-time author.

The Art of Intentional Thinking: Master Your Mindset. Control Your Thoughts. Transform Your Mental Patterns to Live On Your Own Terms.

The life you want comes from the way you think - you need to learn how to think intentionally. Discard harmful beliefs and discover empowering mental frameworks. The art of intentional Thinking is a guide on transformation. Your actions, behaviors, and perspective of the world stem from your thoughts. Change your thinking to change your life.

Peter hollins has studied psychology and peak human performance for over a dozen years and is a bestselling author. Avoid being a slave to your emotions and impulses. Unfortunately, this may be harming you rather than helping you. How to think big yet realistic. Embrace gratitude, humility, and thoughtfulness.

Intentional thinking and unlocking your potential. Create the change you want by changing the way you think. All it takes is a simple change of perspective to intentional thinking. Mind over matter - how can you accomplish this?•How to seize agency and control of your life. Gain perseverance and willpower quickly.

How to think in terms of taking action and motion. Small mindset shifts will unlock your huge potential.

Psychological Triggers: Human Nature, Irrationality, and Why We Do What We Do. The Hidden Influences Behind Our Actions, Thoughts, and Behaviors.

This is fertile ground for some of the worst decisions of our lives. He has worked with a multitude of individuals to unlock their potential and path towards success. Understand, avoid, and defeat the subconscious causes of your irrational and self-defeating behaviors. It’s a switch that is flipped outside of our consciousness.

Control your destiny by clicking the BUY NOW BUTTON at the top right of this page. Seize control and of your impulses and make better decisions. Psychological triggers is an introduction to yourself - your impulses, your desires, and everything in your subconscious that drives you to action. It answers the question, “why did i just make a terrible choice when I know I shouldn’t have?” We are all slaves to our triggers, and this book seeks to identify them to better battle them.

But you can certainly live free from your worst impulses and irrational hunches, which are what psychological triggers create more often than not. We might think we are making our decisions independently and out of free will, but you’ll discover that to be far from reality. Master your psychology, master your life.

Peter hollins has studied psychology and peak human performance for over a dozen years and is a bestselling author. It’s only human nature. A psychological trigger is something that causes us to act out of urgency - not correctness or even happiness.

Children's book: The Torch of Peace about relationships and better communication

He demands that the children immediately dismantle their structure and go somewhere else to play. Oliver’s dad reads him a story which enlightens Oliver’s thoughts. Oliver implements the moral of his father’s story and brings the landlord around to encouraging the children’s play!The Torch of Peace is a charming and valuable tool for all children… and perhaps for adults too!

Within the story of an everyday child’s game is entwined one of the most important messages of life: the benefits in conducting pleasant dialogue. Oliver, a sweet child, is playing together with his friends in their apartment building’s yard, imagining themselves as builders. He comes up with a plan which may soften the landlord’s heart and defer his ultimatum.

The children construct a wall, much to the anger of the landlord from whom Oliver’s parents are renting.

A Practical Guide: Recalibrate Interactions to Achieve Peak Engagement, Productivity & Profit - Organizational Synergy

Rami ben-yshai shares the secrets of organizational synergy. This book provides work tools and methods, clients, structure, which enable you to:turn your company into a leader in its fieldlink “the stars” to productive teams Manage M&A or any change successfully Reinforce connections between managers and employees Create a link between technological changes, managers and shareholders Organizational Synergy - A Practical Guide is a must-read for every manager, processes and employees Improve the customer service experience Enhance satisfaction, and retention of employees, entrepreneur, engagement, business owner and organizational consultant who wants to profit and succeed in today's business environment.

This book is a practical, methodical and user-friendly tool. The message-circle experiment is one that I'd recommend to my department managers to apply to their subordinates. A message that deeply impressed me is the fact that parties don’t have to reach an agreement to respect each other. In a clear and professional language, Dr.

It helps you to assimilate the language of synergy smoothly in the organization, especially during specific conflicts. For me, the blank pages in the exercises section served as a bridge between theory and practice. Yaara malca, vp organizational/Operational/Technological Development, Orgal Insurance Agency.