Talk Triggers: The Complete Guide to Creating Customers with Word of Mouth

Yet even today, fewer than 1% of companies have an actual strategy for generating these crucial customer conversations. That's when word of mouth becomes involuntary: the customers of these businesses simply MUST tell someone else. Talk triggers contains:  •  proprietary research into why and how customers talk  •  more than 30 detailed case studies of extraordinary results from doubletree hotels by hilton and their warm cookie upon arrival, Penn & Teller and their nightly meet and greet sessions, The Cheesecake Factory and their giant menu, Five Guys Burgers and their extra fries in the bag, and a host of delightful small businesses  •  The 4-5-6 learning system the 4 requirements for a differentiator to be a talk trigger; the 5 types of talk triggers; and the 6-step process for creating talk triggers   •  Surprises in the text that are of course word of mouth propellantsConsumers are wired to discuss what is different, and ignore what is average.

It's a book that will create conversation about the power of conversation. Talk triggers provides that strategy in a compelling, timely book that can be put into practice immediately, relevant, by any business. The key to activating customer chatter is the realization that same is lame. Combining compelling stories, and practical how-to, inspirational examples, Talk Triggers is the first indispensable book about word of mouth.

Nobody says "let me tell you about this perfectly adequate experience I had last night. The strategic, operational differentiator is what gives customers something to tell a story about.

Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers

. Critics “haters” can now express their displeasure faster and more pub­licly than ever. These people simply want solutions to their problems. Eighty percent of companies say they deliver out­standing customer service, but only 8 percent of their customers agree. These people are often disap­pointed by a substandard interaction via tradi­tional channels, online review sites, such as social media, so they turn to indirect venues, and discussion boards.

The book is also filled with poignant and hilarious examples of haters gone wild, compassion, and companies gone crazy, as well as inspirational stories of companies responding with speed, and humanity. Whether you work for a mom-and-pop store or a global brand, you will have haters—and you can’t afford to ignore them.

These trends have resulted in an overall increase in complaints and a belief by many businesses that they have to “pick their spots” when choosing to answer criticisms. Onstage haters. Baer’s insights and tactics will teach you how to embrace complaints, put haters to work for you, and turn bad news into good outcomes.

Hug your haters shows exactly how to deal with both groups, drawing on meticulously researched case studies from businesses of all types and sizes from around the world. They complain via legacy channels where the likelihood of a response is highest—phone, e-mail, and com­pany websites.

Never Lose a Customer Again: Turn Any Sale into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days

Drawing on nearly two decades of consulting and keynoting, Coleman provides strategies and systems to increase customer loyalty. They're often too embarrassed to admit they're confused. His approach to creating remarkable customer experiences requires minimal financial investment and will be fun for owners, employees, and teams to implement.

Working with well-known clients like hyatt hotels, Zappos, as well as mom-and-pop shops and solo entrepreneurs around the world, and NASA, Coleman's customer retention system has produced incredible results in dozens of industries. Applicable to companies in any industry and of any size whether measured in employee count, revenue, or total number of customers, implementing his methods regularly leads to an increase in profits of 25-100%.

If you can understand and anticipate the customers' emotions, you can apply a myriad of tools and techniques -- in-person, video, phone, mail, email, and presents -- to cement a long and valuable relationship. Coleman's system is presented through research and case studies showing how best-in-class companies create remarkable customer experiences at each step in the customer lifecycle.

In the "acclimate" stage, customers need you to hold their hand and over-explain how to use your product or service. This book is required reading for business owners, and managers - as well as sales and marketing teams, increased profits, and customer service representatives looking for easy to implement action steps that result in lasting change, CEOs, account managers, and lifelong customer retention.

Take a cue from canadian software company PolicyMedical and their challenge of getting non-technical users to undergo a complex installation and implementation process. In the "adopt" stage, customers should be welcomed to the highest tier of tribal membership with both public and private recognitions.

Exactly What to Say: For Real Estate Agents

The modern consumer is more educated and has more choices than ever before. Portfolio. If you are open-minded to a better way of selling, this book is for you. Imagine what it is going to feel like knowing exactly what to say when it matters the most. Counterintuitively, doubt, this has led to more confusion, and frustration in their real estate journey.

Therein the opportunity lies. In exactly what to say for Real Estate Agents, Phil M. Jones, critical, chris smith, and jimmy Mackin provide 30 Magic Words to help with the most common, and difficult conversations real estate agents have today. The real estate industry desperately needs new tools and ideas to stay relevant to the modern consumer.


Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins

Are you overwhelmed by the breathtaking rate of change in the business world? Are confusing consumer trends, the unrelenting pace of technology, and the breakneck speed of digital marketing making you feel irrelevant and lost? Path-finding author Mark Schaefer provides an achievable and realistic framework to help you stay ahead of the curve by re-imagining marketing in a world where hyper-empowered consumers drive the business results.

. Why businesses must be built on human impressions instead of advertising impressions. The five constant human truths at the heart of successful marketing strategy. Through new research, singular insights, and inspiring case studies, this entertaining book challenges your view of what it means to be a marketer today and provides an innovative blueprint for business growth.

The marketing Rebellion is knocking at your door. Are you ready? Portfolio. Marketing rebellion will teach you: •How cataclysmic consumer trends are a predictable result of a revolution that started 100 years ago. Why customer loyalty is dying and what you need to do about it right now. How to help your best customers do the marketing for you.

Actionable steps to provide an immediate course-correction for businesses of any size.

Social Media Success for Every Brand: The Five StoryBrand Pillars That Turn Posts Into Profits

Most business owners are blindly guessing at their social media strategy, and it’s costing them time and money. Together with the storybrand framework, Claire’s SHARE model will help boost customer engagement and grow the organization’s brand awareness and revenues. Readers will understand exactly what they need to do with their social media to drive growth to their organization through the practical guidance of the five-point SHARE model:STORYHOWAUDIENCEREACHEXCELLENCESocial Media Success for Every Brand does not require the reader to be familiar with Building a StoryBrand but provides enough foundation to prepare the reader for practical success with their social media content.

Portfolio. Based on donald miller’s bestselling book building a StoryBrand, Claire Diaz-Ortiz applies the seven principles of the StoryBrand Framework to help you build an effective, long-lasting social media plan for your brand. Social media success for every brand teaches readers how to incorporate the StoryBrand 7-Part Framework into their social media channels to increase engagement and see better results.


Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is about Help Not Hype

If you sell something, but if you genuinely help someone, you make a customer today, you create a customer for life. The new york times best seller, and #1 amazon best seller"Jay Baer's Youtility is arguably the greatest contribution to the field of social media marketing since 2012. Dr. Portfolio Hardcover.

Drawing from real examples of companies who are practicing Youtility as well as his experience helping more than seven hundred brands improve their marketing strategy, Baer provides a groundbreaking plan for using information and helpfulness to transform the relationship between companies and customers.

I swear, this is the next big thing. Chris brogan, owner magazine The difference between helping and selling is just two letters, but those two letters make all the difference. What if - faced with more competition than ever before - you stopped trying to be amazing, and just started being useful?  Jay Baer's Youtility offers a new business approach that cuts through the clut­ter: marketing that is truly, inherently useful.

. Jim barry, top 25 social media books for academia" If you haven't bought Jay Baer's book "Youtility, " stop what you're doing and do that. See why jay baer's youtility framework is now a standard part of the marketing framework in many of the world's leading companies, powers the marketing approach of thousands of small businesses, and is part of the curriculum of dozens of college and university business schools.


Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen

This revolutionary method for connecting with customers provides listeners with the ultimate competitive advantage, revealing the secret for helping their customers understand the compelling benefits of using their products, ideas, or services. Building a storybrand does this by teaching listeners the seven universal story points all humans respond to, how to simplify a brand message so people understand it, and how to create the most effective messaging for websites, the real reason customers make purchases, brochures, and social media.

Whether you are the marketing director of a multibillion-dollar company, Building a StoryBrand will forever transform the way you talk about who you are, the owner of a small business, a politician running for office, what you do, or the lead singer of a rock band, and the unique value you bring to your customers.

X portfolio. Portfolio Hardcover. New york times best-selling author donald Miller uses the seven universal elements of powerful stories to teach listeners how to dramatically improve how they connect with customers and grow their businesses. Donald miller's storybrand process is a proven solution to the struggle business leaders face when talking about their businesses.


Free to Focus: A Total Productivity System to Achieve More by Doing Less

The revolutionary productivity system trusted by over 25, 000+ professionals. Get more done and get your life back. Many professionals work as much as 70 hours a week, family, leaving little time for rest, exercise, and friends. Work is invading their personal life. The common understanding of productivity has failed these professionals.

. In his latest book, Free to Focus, you'll discover how to. Redefine your work so it works for youfilter your tasks and commitmentsCut out the nonessentialsEliminate interruptions and distractionsSet boundaries that protect your focus and drive resultsLeverage your time and energy for maximum productivityBuild momentum for a lifetime of successIn Free to Focus, you'll learn the 3-step system to achieve more while doing less.

Portfolio Hardcover. But it's not. Productivity is about getting the right things done. New york times bestselling author, Michael Hyatt, has created a total productivity system that's much more than endless box checking. Portfolio. Proven by over 25, 000 professionals, this system helps overwhelmed leaders achieve what matters most so they can succeed at both work and life.

Most think productivity is just about getting more done at a faster speed.

This Is Marketing: You Can't Be Seen Until You Learn to See

Portfolio Hardcover. He is the inventor of countless ideas that have made their way into mainstream business language, from Permission Marketing to Purple Cow to Tribes to The Dip. Now, godin offers the core of his marketing wisdom in one compact, accessible, for the first time, timeless package. This is marketing shows you how to do work you're proud of, a small business owner, whether you're a tech startup founder, or part of a large corporation.

Their tactics rely on empathy, connection, and emotional labor instead of attention-stealing ads and spammy email funnels. No matter what your product or service, this book will help you reframe how it's presented to the world, in order to meaningfully connect with people who want it. Portfolio. Seth employs his signature blend of insight, observation, and memorable examples to teach you:* How to build trust and permission with your target market.

The art of positioning--deciding not only who it's for, but who it's not for. Why the best way to achieve your goals is to help others become who they want to be. Why the old approaches to advertising and branding no longer work. 1 wall street journal bestsellerInstant New York Times BestsellerA game-changing approach to marketing, sales, and advertising.

Seth godin has taught and inspired millions of entrepreneurs, and fans from all walks of life, leaders, marketers, online courses, via his blog, lectures, and bestselling books.

They Ask, You Answer: A Revolutionary Approach to Inbound Sales, Content Marketing, and Today's Digital Consumer, Revised & Updated

Why you need to think of your business as a media company, instead of relying on more traditional and ineffective ways of advertising and marketing. It’s a simple and powerful equation that produces growth and success: They Ask, You Answer. Using these principles, author marcus sheridan led his struggling pool company from the bleak depths of the housing crash of 2008 to become one of the largest pool installers in the United States.

New chapters explore the impact of technology, the rise of video, conversational marketing, and new stories from companies that have achieved remarkable results with They Ask, the essential elements every business website should possess, You Answer. Upon reading this book, you will know: How to build trust with buyers through content and video.

Discover how his proven strategy can work for your business and master the principles of inbound and content marketing that have empowered thousands of companies to achieve exceptional growth. They ask, you answer is a straightforward guide filled with practical tactics and insights for transforming your marketing strategy.

How to achieve buy-in at your company and truly embrace a culture of content and video. Every day, buyers turn to search engines to ask billions of questions. The revolutionary guide that challenged businesses around the world to stop selling to their buyers and start answering their questions to get results; revised and updated to address new technology, and much more In today’s digital age, sales in the middle, trends, the traditional sales funnel—marketing at the top, the continuous evolution of the digital consumer, customer service at the bottom—is no longer effective.