Taking My Life Back: My Story of Faith, Determination, and Surviving the Boston Marathon Bombing

. This stirring memoir tells the story of her recovery, including her triumphant return to Boston two years later to run part of the race, and explores the peace we experience when we learn to trust God with every part of our lives--the good, the bad, and even the terrifying. Readers will be moved by the joyous way Rebekah is determined to live her life, seeing every obstacle as part of how God forms us into the people we are meant to be.

When the blasts of terrorists' homemade bombs packed with nails and screws went off three feet away, Rebekah's legs took the brunt of the blast, protecting her son from certain death. Eighteen surgeries and sixty-five procedures later, her left leg was amputated. Despite the extraordinary trauma she underwent and the nightmares she continues to have, mistakes, a journey that has led her through abuse, Rebekah sees it as just another part of her personal journey, and pain and into the arms of Jesus.

Revell. Readers will also find comfort in the message that it's not what they can or can't do that makes the difference, but rather what God, in his mercy, does through them despite it all. This is a truly feel-good book that doesn't stint on the challenges that life throws at us. Publishers weekly, 2013, starred review*****on april 15, Rebekah Gregory and her five-year-old son waited at the finish line of the Boston Marathon to support a friend who was running.

It is impossible to remain unmoved by Gregory's emotional, open memoir of surviving the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. Life is hard, but with God all things are possible.

Perfect Strangers: Friendship, Strength, and Recovery After Boston?s Worst Day

Since that day, he hasn't left her side, and today they are planning their life together. Perfect strangers is about recovery, about choosing joy and human connection over anger and resentment, and most of all, it's about an unlikely but enduring friendship that grew out of the tragedy of Boston's worst day.

Four lives brought together in a deadly moment prove that being in the wrong place at the worst time can lead to life's biggest adventures and most important relationshipsAs Roseann Sdoia waited to watch her friend cross the finish line of the Boston Marathon in 2013, she had no idea her life was about to change-that in a matter of minutes she would look up from the sidewalk, staring at her detached foot, burned and deaf, screaming for help amid the smoke and blood.

In the chaos of the minutes that followed, three people would enter Roseann's life and change it forever. He found roseann lying on the sidewalk and, using a belt as a tourniquet, literally saved her life that day. Then, boston police officer shana Cottone arrived on the scene and began screaming desperately at passing ambulances, all full, before finally commandeering an empty paddy wagon.

. Just then a giant appeared, in the form of Boston firefighter Mike Materia, who carefully lifted her into the fetid paddy wagon. He climbed in and held her burned hand all the way to the hospital. The first was shores salter, a college student who, when the bomb went off, instinctively ran into the smoke while his friends ran away.


Alongside: A Practical Guide for Loving Your Neighbor in their Time of Trial Morgan James Faith

Morgan james. Whether it’s cancer, death of a loved one, long-term illness or another significant challenge, we all know someone facing trial. We wonder, personal experience and insights from those who’ve faced hardship, “What can I do to help?” Filled with practical tools, Sarah Beckman delicately weaves together action and inspiration to create this comprehensive resource.

Publicaffairs. Alongside will become your trusted guidebook so you’ll know exactly how to bring life-giving help, hope and encouragement to people you care about in their greatest time of need.

This Life I Live: One Man's Extraordinary, Ordinary Life and the Woman Who Changed It Forever

He shows what can happen when we are fully open in life’s key moments, whether when meeting our life companion or tackling an unexpected tragedy. On the surface, it is not very special. Morgan james. Rory shows how we are all actually there already and how we can learn to live that way every day. A gifted man from nowhere and everywhere in search of something to believe in.

Thomas Nelson. Publicaffairs. Two hearts that found each other and touched millions of other hearts along the way. But there is far more to the story. My life is very ordinary, ” says Rory. And it’s the story of a man who finally gives it all to a power higher than himself and soon meets a young woman who will change his heart forever.

In this life i live, rory feek helps us not only to connect more fully to his and Joey’s story but also to our own journeys. New york times bestseller**her story. Or, at least, I do. In this vulnerable book, he takes us for the first time into his own challenging life story and what it was like growing up in rural America with little money and even less family stability.

This is the story of a man searching for meaning and security in a world that offered neither. His story.


Looked right at me, " setting off one of the biggest manhunts in the country's history. Just thirty hours before, jeff had been at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon cheering on his girlfriend, Erin, when the first bomb went off at his feet. In stronger, jeff describes the chaos and terror of the bombing itself and the ongoing FBI investigation in which he was a key witness.

. Morgan james. Thomas Nelson. Brave, jeff bauman's story is not just his, compassionate, and emotionally compelling, but ours as well. He takes us inside his grueling rehabilitation, and discusses his attempt to reconcile the world's admiration with his own guilt and frustration. Publicaffairs. As he was rushed to the hospital, but he didn't know that a photograph of him in a wheelchair was circulating throughout the world, making him the human face of the Boston Marathon bombing victims, he realized he was severely injured and that he might die, or that what he'd seen would give the Boston police their most important breakthrough.

When he realized he couldn't, he asked for a pad and paper and wrote down seven words: "Saw the guy. The new york times bestselling memoir of the 27-year-old boston marathon bombing survivor and the basis of the major motion picture starring Jake GyllenhaalWhen Jeff Bauman woke up on Tuesday, groggy from a series of lifesaving surgeries and missing his legs, April 16th, 2013 in the Boston Medical Center, the first thing he did was try to speak.


Breaking the Trust Barrier: How Leaders Close the Gaps for High Performance

On maneuvers like the one pictured on the cover, the distance between jets was just eighteen inches. Thomas Nelson. That process is packaged here with tips and compelling stories that will help you build the team of a lifetime. Build extraordinary trust and lead your team to a higher Plane For former US Air Force Thunderbirds’ commander and demonstration leader JV Venable, inspiring teamwork was literally a matter of life and death.

. Publicaffairs. Our job is to entice those we lead to close the gaps that slow the whole team down—gaps in commitment, loyalty, and trust. On the ground or in the air, from line supervisor to CEO, we all face the same challenge. Closing the gaps to sustain that kind of separation requires the highest levels of trust.

The process the thunderbirds use to break that barrier and craft the highest levels of trust on a team with an annual turnover of 50 percent is nothing short of phenomenal. Morgan james. Every bit of closure requires your people to let go of biases and mental safeguards that hold them back.

Hurt Road: The Music, the Memories, and the Miles Between

Includes black and white photos. Publicaffairs. Who stopped substituting what's next for what's now and learned the truth--that coming or going, God's got us. Poignant, and thoughtful, funny, hurt road dares anyone feeling knocked down or run over by their circumstances to give up control to the One who already has the road all mapped out.

Morgan james. Thomas Nelson. Third day guitarist mark lee is no stranger to heartache and hopes deferred; the road to success is never traveled without missteps along the way. And one of the best things he's ever done is let go of his expectations about how life should be in order to embrace life as it is: a moment-by-moment walk with God.

Hurt road is the engaging true story of a man who, as a teen, found in music a refuge from the uncertainties of life. Who set out to discover a better way to live than constantly struggling to make sure life turned out the way he planned it. Life is messy and uncertain and full of surprises.

Mistaken Identity: Two Families, One Survivor, Unwavering Hope

Mistaken identity tells the unprecedented story of Laura Van Ryn and Whitney Cerak: one buried under the wrong name, and the other in a coma being cared for by the wrong family. Five lives were lost in a tragic car accident, and the sole survivor was rushed to the hospital, where she remained in a coma for five weeks.

Publicaffairs. Morgan james. A hope deferred. A grief reversed. Would it destroy a family? shatter their faith? push two families into bitterness, resentment, and guilt? In Mistaken Identity, the Van Ryn family and the Cerek family describe their ordeal and explore the bond sustaining and uniting them as they deal with their bizarre reversal of life lost and life found.

. This shocking case of mistaken identity stunned the country and made national news. Everyone believed that laura van Ryn was in a coma, and that Whitney Cerak had died in the crash—until Whitney woke up. Mistaken identity weaves a complex tale of honesty, faith, loss, vulnerability, hope, and love in the face of one of the strangest twists of circumstances imaginable.

Thomas Nelson.

Everything Is Possible: Finding the Faith and Courage to Follow Your Dreams

Filled with heart and spirit, wisdom, and no-holds-barred honesty, as well as Jen's wit, this inspiring true story points the way to purpose and joy. Publicaffairs. Baker Books. Foreword by Nick Vujicic. Everything is possible shows readers what they can accomplish when they remove the words coincidence and limitation from their vocabulary.

In her loving adoptive home, there was just one simple rule: "Never say 'can't. And pretty soon, volleyball, power tumbling, there was nothing this small but mighty powerhouse set her sights on that she couldn't conquer: roller-skating, and spinning from silk ribbons thirty feet in the air. Everything is possible is her incredible story--a story of God working out his plan for her life from before day one.

Shocked and uncertain they could care for her, her biological parents gave her up for adoption. Born without legs, she Inspires Others to OvercomeJen Bricker was born without legs. Thomas Nelson. Readers follow jen from the challenges of growing up different to holding captive audiences numbering in the tens of thousands.

Morgan james.

Survival Guide for the Soul: How to Flourish Spiritually in a World that Pressures Us to Achieve

Publicaffairs. What keeps us from flourishing in our spiritual lives is a neglect of the inner life of the soul. And he concludes with a liberating and counter-cultural definition of true greatness. This book will appeal to anyone who longs to experience a deeper relationship with Christ in the midst of the daily pressures to succeed, as well as to those on the borderlands of faith seeking to transcend the human tendency to define ourselves by our production and success.

He offers fresh perspective on how certain spiritual practices help orient our lives so that our souls can flourish in the midst of a demanding, competitive society. Drawing on a wide range of sources including scripture, and neuroscience, psychology, as well as a rich variety of stories from his own life, church history, Ken Shigematsu demonstrates how the gospel redeems our desires and reorders our lives.

Thomas Nelson. We live in a society that pressures us to achieve professionally, socially, and through the constant acquisition of material possessions. Baker Books. Morgan james. And more and more today, this neglect is driven by our ambition to accomplish something big outside ourselves.

The Future of Happiness: 5 Modern Strategies for Balancing Productivity and Well-Being in the Digital Era

Morgan james. Thomas Nelson. To being happy now. The one thing it’s not doing is making us happier. Discover how technologies can transform the idea of “I’ll be happy when. We are experiencing historically high levels of depression and dissatisfaction. But we can change that. Knowing that technology is here to stay and will continue to evolve in form and function, we need to know how to navigate the future to achieve a better balance between technology, productivity, and well-being.

Benbella Books. Technology can drive—not diminish—human happiness. In the future of happiness, and learn be a conscious innovator to help make the world a better place  by rethinking when, cofounder of  the global positive psychology consulting firm GoodThink, author Amy Blankson, not just to survive—but actually thrive—in the Digital Age:  Stay Grounded to focus your energy and increase productivity Know Thyself through app-driven data to strive toward your potential Train Your Brain to develop and sustain an optimistic mindset Create a Habitat for Happiness to maximize the spaces where you live, why, where, unveils five strategies successful individuals can use, work, and how you use technology, you will not only influence your own well-being but also help shape the future of your community.

Technology, is improving our productivity, at least in theory, efficiency, and communication. Baker Books. Publicaffairs.