Southern Decoys, of Virginia and the Carolinas

Decoys of the eastern shore of Virginia and North Carolina are among the most collectible in the decoy market today. All the major makers of decoys here and makers from other areas whose decoys were used here are listed with pertinent biographical data and interesting stories. Much of the history of east coast gunning clubs began in this area.

The decoy and waterfowling history of this important region along the south Atlantic coast is thoroughly presented in this comprehensive study. Henry fleckenstein has combined information about decoys from this region and the South Carolina coast with his excellent photographs to produce an invaluable volume which each decoy collector and historian of the south Atlantic region will want on his shelf.

559 black and white and 64 color plates beautifully illustrate the text.

Decoys of the mid-Atlantic region

Fleckenstein includes suggestions on repairing decoys, a complete list of makers, and recommended reading. Woven through the text are historical facts that help date hand-made decoys of antique, as well as modern, origin. This completely illustrated book thoroughly covers the bird decoys of the American Mid-Atlantic region.

There is an explanation of how weights are used in decoys and how condition affects value. Used book in Good Condition. The photographs are clear, allowing the reader to identify details. After a full discussion of the decoys, Mr.

Gunning the Chesapeake: Duck and Goose Shooting on the Eastern Shore

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. This book chiefly concerns waterfowling on the Chesapeake Bay, particularly the part that is fondly known as the Sho', or the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia.

Decoy Ducks: From Folk Art to Fine Art by Bob Ridges 1988-11-05

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition.

American Bird Decoys: The Authoritative Story of Our Classic Bird Decoys and Their Makers

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. This beautiful book presents in text and pictures the story of the rich heritage of classic old bird decoys made and used in America in the 19th and and early 20th century.

The Great Book Of Wildfowl Decoys-Waterfowl Studies

Used book in Good Condition. Hard to find book Used book in Good Condition.

Collecting Antique Bird Decoys and Duck Calls: An Identification and Price Guide

Luckey's, collecting antique bird decoys and duck CALLS. Used book in Good Condition. This updated edition provides history and current pricing of the prominent duck and goose hunting decoys used over the past century-plus, including both hand-carved and factory models. Used book in Good Condition. For the first time in 10 years, collectors of antique bird decoys and duck calls are able to enjoy a totally updated, revised, and expanded edition of the late Carl F.

. Hundreds of pages with new information and new photos have been added to this legendary must-have collectible reference guide which offers tps on identifying antique decoys and forgeries and fakes, a guide to "The Schools of Carvers, techniques for restoration and repairs, " and much more. Also new is a chapter on advertising of decoys and hunting memorabilia from the 1920s through 1950s and an interview with one of the most prominent decoy collectors.

Used book in Good Condition. Coverage of "modern" decoys-made in the past 50 years, has been added, plus information about duck and goose calls.

North America's One Hundred Greatest - Decoys

Loy harrell, one of north america's pre-eminent decoy authorities, has crossed the country to gather photographs and information on the most valuable and sought-after decoys. This full-colour masterpiece displays the greatest decoys of a bygone era, tells about their history and in some cases discusses their value.

One of the specimens went for more than 600, 000 dollars at a Sotheby's auction. Used book in Good Condition. Antique decoys are among the hottest collectibles in the nation right now. With prime specimens commanding prices reaching well into the six-figure range, collectors see them as both an investment and a status symbol.

. Everybody wants them, but few can own the real thing. Used book in Good Condition. Hunting, antique and waterfowl enthusiasts will want this book not only as a display of great artwork, but also as a valuable reference tool for these American treasures. Used book in Good Condition.

Wild Fowl Decoys

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Joel barber spent 20 years studying and collecting wild fowl decoys from Nova Scotia to North Carolina. Mr. Used book in Good Condition. Barber's authoratative volume is the only text written for the true collector and contains all there is to be known on the subject: how to recognize the locality from which a decoy comes, the world of famous decoy makers, the scarcity of certain types of decoys and more.


Upper Chesapeake Bay Decoys and Their Makers

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Where there is hunting, there are, of course, decoys. They illustrate the art of the decoy makers in this area with beautiful images of the birds they have formed. In upper chesapeake bay decoys and Their Makers, David and Joan Hagan share their talent for photography with the reader.

Being on the migrational flyway for ducks and geese, the upper Chesapeake Bay has long been a center for waterfowl hunting. The area around havre de Grace, Maryland has produced some of the most prolific decoy makers in America. Many of them are still alive and active in their work. Used book in Good Condition.

All of them show the skill of the artist and evoke the appreciation that has made the decoy a central theme in American folk art. Usually born of the necessity of the hunt, their decoys have become highly collectable. Used book in Good Condition. Over eighty decoy makers are represented in Upper Chesapeake Bay Decoys and Their Makers.

Usually their decoys are accompanied by the portraits of the artists and recollections and reflections on their art and experiences. The decoys illustrated range from early decoys, faded and worn smooth with use, to recent decoys which go directly from the artist to the collector without ever touching the water.



Used book in Good Condition. Tells how to start a decoy collection, authenticating, describes how decoys are constructed and finished, and gives advice on identifying, and valuing decoys Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition.