Princess Ruby: The Make-Up Ballet Class Princess Ruby Children’s Books

Often it goes unnoticed, even to them. In princess ruby's make-up ballet class, Princess Ruby tackles a new and seemingly scary situation and learns what it really means to be brave in everyday life. Free bonus: access to princess ruby Audiobook inside!- A great way to help children gain a healthy perspective on things that are new and uncomfortable.

Glossary of Dance Terms used by this princess ballerina. Inspired and happy ending that leaves your little princess or prince in a great place for sleep!Scroll up and click the "Add To Cart" button to order your copy of Princess Ruby now!For more great princess books on Amazon, check out Princess Ruby: The Friendship Wand in which Princess Ruby learns important lessons about friendships, hurt feelings and making sure everyone feels included.

Princess books that empower: from Amazon Best Selling Author Deborah BradleyKids even princesses have moments of being brave every day.

Razzle-Dazzle Ruby

Razzledazzleruby. Com a regular day becomes a magical adventure in this stunning novelty picture book from an amazing new talent! Ruby can make the ordinary extraordinary! Come skate on a shimmering pond, sled down a snowy hill, roll a giant snowball, and create soaring snow angels with her as she becomes a snow queen and transforms a typical winter day into a gleaming-beaming fairy tale.

Combining glorious watercolors, and whimsical storytelling, elegant paper engineering, this joyful novelty picture book is sure to enchant children and adults. Ten beautiful interactive spreads sparkle, spin, and whirly-twirl, pop, inviting readers to join in Ruby's razzle-dazzle fun.