Poilu: The World War I Notebooks of Corporal Louis Barthas, Barrelmaker, 1914-1918

Yale University Press #ad - Recounting bloody battles and endless exhaustion, the deaths of comrades, the infuriating incompetence and tyranny of his own officers, Barthas also describes spontaneous acts of camaraderie between French poilus and their German foes in trenches just a few paces apart. His notebooks and letters represent the quintessential memoir of a “poilu, ” or “hairy one, ” as the untidy, unshaven French infantryman of the fighting trenches was familiarly known.

An eloquent witness and keen observer, Barthas takes his readers directly into the heart of the Great War. Along with millions of other frenchmen, a thirty-five-year-old barrelmaker from a small wine-growing town, Louis Barthas, was conscripted to fight the Germans in the opening days of World War I. This excellent new translation brings Barthas’ wartime writings to English-language readers for the first time.

Poilu: The World War I Notebooks of Corporal Louis Barthas, Barrelmaker, 1914-1918 #ad - Corporal barthas spent the next four years in near-ceaseless combat, the Somme, Verdun, Champagne, wherever the French army fought its fiercest battles: Artois, Flanders, the Argonne. Upon barthas’ return home in 1919, he painstakingly transcribed his day-to-day writings into nineteen notebooks, preserving not only his own story but also the larger story of the unnumbered soldiers who never returned.

Barthas’ riveting wartime narrative, presents the vivid, first published in France in 1978, immediate experiences of a frontline soldier.


Storm of Steel: Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition

Penguin Classics #ad - With more than 1, 500 titles, penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators.

Young, patriotic, tough, jünger exulted in the Great War, but also disturbingly self-aware, which he saw not just as a great national conflict but—more importantly—as a unique personal struggle. The memoir widely viewed as the best account ever written of fighting in WW1A memoir of astonishing power, savagery, and ashen lyricism, Storm of Steel illuminates not only the horrors but also the fascination of total war, seen through the eyes of an ordinary German soldier.

Storm of Steel: Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition #ad - . Published shortly after the war’s end, Storm of Steel was a worldwide bestseller and can now be rediscovered through Michael Hofmann’s brilliant new translation. For more than sixty-five years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. Leading raiding parties, simply enduring as shells tore his comrades apart, defending trenches against murderous British incursions, Jünger kept testing himself, braced for the death that will mark his failure.


Storm of Steel, New Translation in American-English

BH Masterworks #ad - The most powerful memoir of any war” --daily telegraph newspaper britain“critical success … revels in the glory of combat”--new york times“one of the greatest works about the First World War” --THE INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER BritainNUMBER ONE NEW RELEASE for Kindle, in “Biography & Memoirs. World war i” for August-September 2017.

Full title is “storm of steel: the epic combat memoir of a german infantrymaN, Translated in American English. Special pricing***storm of steel is possibly the greatest combat memoir of the modern era. In 1944, he supported the german officers who sought to assassinate Adolf Hitler, and only escaped arrest and execution through a stunning twist of fate.

Storm of Steel, New Translation in American-English #ad - This new 2017 edition is a first translation in American-English not British-English, and is designed especially for American readers. This is a breathtaking, never-to-be-forgotten account of war. Combines the most astonishing literary gifts with absorption with war in every detail. It is a universal first-hand account of the terrifying calamity that was the First World War of 1914-18.

Grisly death and woundings are commonplace.


They Shall Not Pass: The French Army on the Western Front 1914-1918

Pen and Sword #ad - It reveals in authentic detail the perceptions and emotions of soldiers and civilians who were caught up in the most destructive conflict the world had ever seen. His book represents a milestone in publishing on the Great War. This emphasis on eyewitness accounts provides an approach to the subject that is completely new for an English-language publication.

Their testimony gives a striking insight into the mentality of the troops and their experience of combat, the appalling conditions and dangers they endured, their emotional ties to their relatives at home, their opinions about their commanders and their fellow soldiers, and their attitude to their German enemy.

They Shall Not Pass: The French Army on the Western Front 1914-1918 #ad - Ian sumner provides a concise narrative of the war in order to give a clear context to the eyewitness material. In effect the reader is carried through the experience of each phase of the war on the Western Front and sees events as soldiers and civilians saw them at the time. In their own words, in diaries, letters, reports and memoirs - most of which have never been published in English before - they offer a fascinating inside view of the massive life-and-death struggle that took place on the Western Front.

This graphic collection of first-hand accounts sheds new light on the experiences of the French army during the Great War. The author’s pioneering work will appeal to readers who may know something about the British and German armies on the Western Front, but little about the French army which bore the brunt of the fighting on the allied side.


Fear: A Novel of World War I New York Review Books Classics

NYRB Classics #ad - The only thing he fears is missing the action. He will tell them about fear. Soon, however, jean finds himself caught in the midst of an unimaginable, the vaunted “war to end all wars” seems like a war that will never end: whether mired in the trenches or going over the top, unceasing slaughter.

John berger has called Fear “a book of the utmost urgency and relevance. A literary masterpiece, it is also an essential and unforgettable reckoning with the terrible war that gave birth to a century of war. Both the public and the authorities go on talking about heroes—and sending more men to their graves.

Fear: A Novel of World War I New York Review Books Classics #ad - An nyrb classics original winner of the scott Moncrieff Prize for Translation1915: Jean Dartemont heads off to the Great War, an eager conscript. He will speak the forbidden word. After he is wounded, he returns from the front to discover a world where no one knows or wants to know any of this. But jean refuses to keep silent.


Her Privates We

Endeavour Press Ltd. #ad - Much of his writing was inspired by his experiences in the infantry during the Great War. Readers of both military history, and literary fiction, will continue to be haunted by its prose and insights. Her privates we is as much a triumph of realism as it is of the imagination. The book of books so far as the British army is concerned” T.

E lawrence“psychological acuteness marks this book out as both a precious document of the First World War and an imperishable modernist masterpiece. David evans independent frederic Manning was an Australian born poet and novelist who moved to England at the age of 21. Her privates we follows the story of Private Bourne, an ordinary soldier dealing with extraordinary circumstances.

Her Privates We #ad - Men die, but still a sense of duty endures. Her privates We remains his most enduring work on the subject. Endeavour press is the UK's leading independent digital publisher. The finest and noblest book of men at war” Ernest Hemingway The classic novel of the Great War, set during the battle of the Somme. As well as conveying the camaraderie and heroism of the trenches, the novel explores the terror and monotony of being a soldier.

Bourne and his comrades must fight their demons within, as well as the enemy across No Man's Land. A cloud of fatalism hangs over the narrative, which is brightened up through friendships, a shared, grim sense of humour and colourful conversations between the privates.


The Great War: A Combat History of the First World War

Oxford University Press #ad - Focusing on the decisive engagements, Hart explores the immense challenges faced by the commanders on all sides. He surveys the belligerent nations, weaknesses, analyzing their strengths, and strategic imperatives. Total war" emerged as a grim, mature reality. In the great war, peter Hart provides a masterful combat history of this global conflict.

The Great War: A Combat History of the First World War #ad - Hart offers deft portraits of the commanders, the prewar plans, and the unexpected obstacles and setbacks that upended the initial operations. Russia, while france--having lost to prussia in 1871, was obsessed with securing an exit from the Black Sea, for example, before Germany united--constructed a network of defensive alliances, even as it held a grudge over the loss of Alsace-Lorraine.

Millions died; empires collapsed; new ideologies and political movements arose; poison gas, warplanes, tanks, submarines, and other technologies appeared. Named one of the ten best books of 2013 by The EconomistWorld War I altered the landscape of the modern world in every conceivable arena.


Recollections of a Private Soldier in the Army of the Potomac

Grapeshot Books #ad - Recollections of a private soldier in the army of the Potomac is a wonderfully refreshing account of the American Civil War that takes the reader to the heart of what it would have been like to have served in the front ranks. Wilkeson’s words have a robustness that remind us that colorful writing was in the American air, and contemporaries like Mark Twain didn’t come out of the blue or the gray.

Robert cowley, historyNet“deeply portrays the experience of the ordinary soldier on campaign and in battle. Civil war talk“the memoir is unlike most others by Civil War Veterans who tended to romanticize and sometimes glorify the experiences they went through. His emphasis on the seamy, unheroic, horrific side of war is a healthy corrective to romanticism.

Recollections of a Private Soldier in the Army of the Potomac #ad - James mcphersonfrank Wilkeson was an American journalist, soldier, farmer and explorer. His memoir recollections of a private Soldier in the Army of the Potomac was first published in 1887 and he passed away in 1913. Who beside the enlisted men can tell how the fierce confederates looked and fought behind their earthworks and in the open; how the heroic soldiers of the impoverished South were clothed, Johnston, armed, and fed?The memoirs of Grant, Hood, Gordon, Lee, and other civil war generals are some of our most common sources that we look at when learning about this tumultuous conflict.

But what about the voices of the common soldier?frank wilkeson, served the guns, when he wrote his account of the civil war, aimed to rectify this and reassert the importance of looking at the accounts of the men who carried the muskets, and rode their saddles into the heat of battle.


We Will Not Go to Tuapse: From the Donets to the Oder with the Legion Wallonie and 5th SS Volunteer Assault Brigade ‘Wallonien’ 1942-45

Helion and Company #ad - They remain as fresh as when he first wrote some of them down in his travel diary, ‘Pensées fugitives et Souvenirs 1941–46’. However, it also ventures far beyond the usual soldier's story and approaches a travelogue of the Eastern Front campaign, seldom attained by the memoirs of the period. His observations of fellow soldiers, commanders, Russian civilians and the battlefields prove poignant and telling.

His self-published book in french is highly regarded by Belgian historian and expert on these volunteers Eddy de Bruyne, and Battle of Cherkassy author Douglas Nash. By comparison, kaisergruber’s story has the advantage of being completely verifiable by documents and serious historical narratives already published, such as Eddy de Bruyne’s For Rex and for Belgium and Kenneth Estes' European Anabasis.

Until recent years, denmark, holland, very little was known of the tens of thousands of foreign nationals from Norway, Belgium, France and Spain who served voluntarily in the military formations of the German Army and the German Waffen-SS. The combat experiences of the walloons echoed those of the very best volunteer units of the Waffen-SS, although they shared equally in the collapse of the Third Reich in May, 1945.

Although unapologetic for his service, kaisergruber makes no special claims for the German cause and writes not from any postwar apologia and dogma, but instead from his firsthand observations as a young man experiencing war for the first time, extending far beyond what had been imaginable at the time.

We Will Not Go to Tuapse: From the Donets to the Oder with the Legion Wallonie and 5th SS Volunteer Assault Brigade ‘Wallonien’ 1942-45 #ad - . In kaisergruber’s book, the apparent contributions of the volunteers to the German war effort, their motives, the reader discovers important issues of collaboration, the attitude of the German High Command and bureaucracy, their varied experiences, and the reaction to these in the occupied countries.

This book merits attention as the ss volunteer equivalent of Guy Sajer’s The Forgotten Soldier, a bestseller in the USA and Europe.


A Storm in Flanders: The Ypres Salient, 1914–1918: Tragedy and Triumph on the Western Front

Grove Press #ad - Everything nonfiction should be. Fort worth star-telegram   “groom reconstructs a forgotten military passage that serves as a cautionary tale about war’s consequences. Pittsburgh tribune-review   “groom’s account, full of detail and the smell of gunsmoke, is expertly paced and free of dull stretches.

Kirkus reviews   “Moving .  .  . Inspiring .  .  . An important and brilliantly written book. Booklist  . The ypres salient in belgian flanders was the most notorious and dreaded territory in all of World War I—possibly of any war in history. Drawing on the journals of the men and women who were there, the human heart, strategy, Winston Groom has penned a drama of politics, and the struggle for victory against all odds.

A Storm in Flanders: The Ypres Salient, 1914–1918: Tragedy and Triumph on the Western Front #ad - After germany’s failed attempt to capture Britain’s critical ports along the English Channel, a bloody stalemate ensued in this pastoral area no larger than the island of Manhattan. This ebook features 16 pages of black-and-white historical photographs. From the pulitzer prize–nominated author of forrest Gump: “A fascinating, evenhanded, page-turning account” of Ypres’s pivotal WWI battles San Francisco Chronicle.

Ypres became a place of horror, air strikes, mines, and terrifying new tactics and technologies: poison gas, heroism, tanks, and the unspeakable misery of trench warfare.