Places in the Darkness

In charge of the murder investigation is Nikki "Fix" Freeman, who is not thrilled to have Alice Blake, an uptight government goody-two-shoes, riding shotgun. A propulsive science fiction tale of murder and memory, all set on a futuristic space station. Hundreds of miles above earth, the space station Ciudad de Cielo--The City in the Sky--is a beacon of hope for humanity's expansion into the stars.

. But not everyone aboard shares such noble ideals. As the bodies pile up, and the partners are forced to question their own memories, Nikki and Alice begin to realize that gang warfare may not be the only cause for the violence. Bootlegging, and prostitution form a lucrative underground economy for rival gangs, booze, which the authorities are happy to turn a blind eye to until a disassembled corpse is found dancing in the micro-gravity.


Bloody Christmas: A Bunny McGarry Novella in aid of The Peter McVerry Trust

It’s christmas eve and ds bunny mcgarry is in the mood to celebrate – he’s back on active duty having successfully proven that throwing a senior officer off a building was an appropriate step to take in the course of an investigation. However, the assassin isn’t all he initially appears, his festivities are interrupted when someone attempts to assassinate him while he’s trying to take a leak – is nothing sacred? The thing is, and Bunny soon finds himself in a race against time to trace a kidnapped child before the people who ordered the hit realise that he is considerably less dead than they had hoped.

Bunny is making a list but he’s only checking it once because time is of the essence and some people need a refresher in the meaning of Christmas. Bloody christmas is a limited edition standalone novella that will be available until December 31st. All proceeds will go to the peter mcVerry Trust, an Irish housing and homeless charity committed to reducing homelessness and the harm caused by substance misuse and social disadvantage.

It is set just after a man with one of those Faces, book 1 of the bestselling Dublin Trilogy series that melds high-octane action with an acerbic Irish wit.

The Last Hack The Jack Parlabane Thrillers Book 8

Left to fend for a younger sister with learning difficulties when their mother goes to prison, she is forced to watch her dreams of university evaporate. But sam learns what it is to be truly powerless when a stranger begins to blackmail her online. Meanwhile, reporter jack parlabane seems to have finally gotten his career back on track with a job at a flashy online news start-up, but his success has left him indebted to a volatile source on the wrong side of the law.

Now that debt is being called in, and it could cost him everything. The scottish crime master dishes out “equal parts adrenaline and empathy” in a thriller featuring a woman hacker and online intrigue Diana Gabaldon. The computer is the scariest tool since the invention of the buzzsaw. Thomas perry,  new york times–bestselling author of The Bomb Maker   “Works exceptionally well as cybercrime fiction, but it’s the human element that makes it tick.

Kirkus Reviews. Thrown together by a common enemy, sam and Jack are about to discover they have more in common than they realize—and might be each other’s only hope. Published in the uk as Want You Gone   “Pure literary dynamite. Lorenzo carcaterra, gripping moral complexity, with superb characterization, New York Times–bestselling author of Sleepers   “Tremendous fun, and no shortage of clever villainy.

Chris pavone,  new york times–bestselling author of The Paris Diversion   “A revelation .

Black Widow The Jack Parlabane Thrillers Book 7

Still on the mend from a turbulent divorce, Jack’s investigation into matters of the heart takes him to hidden places no one should ever have to go. A witty and wild page-turner,  Black Widow shines in showcasing this winning combination. The boston globe   “exceptionally good—a knotty mystery that’s .

 .  . Within six months, they are married. One of the most perceptive excavations of a dysfunctional marriage I can remember reading. The guardian uk   “A tense and provocative read. Entertainment Weekly. A “hair-raising .  .  . Yet it takes only hours for her life to crumble when her personal details are released on the internet as revenge for her writing.

Winner of the 2017 theakson old peculier crime novel of the year award and the 2016 McIlvanney Prize for Scottish Crime Book of the Year   “Brookmyre excels at melding the true chills of a psychological thriller with rollicking—if dark—humor. Then diana meets Peter. Don’t even try to guess the outcome” The New York Times Book Review.

Diana jager is clever, and successful, strong, a skilled surgeon and fierce campaigner via her blog about sexism in medicine.

I Have Sinned McGarry Stateside Book 2

It melds high-octane action with a distinctly Irish acerbic wit.  . The padre runs a boxing club at the bad end of the Bronx, battling to keep kids out of gangs – noble, thankless work. I have sinned has been nominated for the prestigious Kindle Storyteller Award 2019Bunny McGarry is a man on a mission. Thing is, saints don’t typically have assassins sent after them.

He left behind his life in ireland to go to New York to find the woman he loves, who happens to have a lot of very dangerous people looking for her. No violence. I have sinned is book two in the mcGarry Stateside series, a continuation of the smash hit Dublin Trilogy which also featured Bunny McGarry. He has to manage all this while living under the rules that chill him to the very bone.

No swearing. No drinking. What sins are hidden in this priest’s mysterious past? Bunny has no choice but to save Gabriel from the demons that are on his tail. The good news is that they don’t know where she is, the bad news is that Bunny doesn’t either and the only people that do are a rogue order of nuns called The Sisters of the Saint who have raised not being found to the level of art form.

Bunny’s one clue is a priest he thinks might know something, but Father Gabriel de Marcos isn’t willing to play ball.

Where the Bodies Are Buried The Jasmine Sharp and Catherine McLeod Novels Book 1

But when jim goes missing, Sharp is thrown into the deep end. In one of the best novels of the year” John Lutz, New York Times–bestselling and Edgar award–winning author. With a career in nosedive, she’s learning the ropes at her uncle Jim’s PI business. For fans of lynda la plante’s Prime Suspect series and HBO’s The Wire.

Library journal   “Tough Scottish humor .  .  . When their investigations become intertwined, “Glasgow’s mean streets come alive .  .  . When a neighborhood heroin dealer turns up dead one fine morning in Scotland, no one is too surprised. It’s no wonder that Detective Superintendent Catherine McLeod has plenty of early leads.

To find him she’ll have to solve his most recent case—and do it solo. Finely controlled yet exuberant mayhem. The christian Science Monitor. Leavened with Elmore Leonard-like flourishes .  .  .

Disaster Inc McGarry Stateside Book 1

One of the diner’s other customers isn’t who she appears to be, and the odds aren’t great that she is going to live to see another breakfast. It melds high-octane action with a distinctly Irish acerbic wit.  . So just how much trouble is she in? well, you know how they’re always telling us to pay attention to our pensions?   Some ex-employees of the US government are really taking that advice to heart by using their mayhem-creating abilities to maximise their investments.

So imagine how annoyed he gets when two masked men attempt to rob the New York diner he is in? Unfortunately, dealing with that problem just leads to a whole lot more. Amy daniels is in big trouble and the only thing keeping her alive is a man who is supposed to already be dead. Disaster inc is the first book in a new series featuring Bunny McGarry, beloved by those who enjoyed the critically-acclaimed Dublin Trilogy of books.

All bunny mcgarry wants is a spot of breakfast and a decent cup of tea. When one of their fund managers has a momentary crisis of conscience and confesses all to a woman he hardly knows, they will stop at nothing to deal with the problem. He’s a good man having a bad day with the worst hangover.

All Fun and Games Until Somebody Loses an Eye

The teenage dreams of fast cars, high-tech firepower and extreme action had always promised to be fun and games, but in real life it’s likely someone is going to lose an eye. Then her son ross, a researcher working for an arms manufacturer in Switzerland, is forced to disappear before some rather shady and dangerous characters persuade him to part with the se-crets of his research.

As a teenager jane bell had dreamt of playing in the casinos of monte carlo in the company of James Bond, but in her punk phase she’d got herself pregnant and by the time she reaches forty-six she’s a grandmother, her dreams as dry as the dust her Dyson sucks up from her hall carpet. Now available for the first time in the US, espionage, violence, this prize-winning Brookmyre classic hits all the usual crime fiction marks: intrigue, vacuuming.

Internationally bestselling author Christopher Brookmyre has been as lauded for his dark sense of humor as his brilliant suspense plotting. Bett believes the key to ross’s whereabouts is his mother, and in one respect he is right, but even he is taken aback by the verve underlying her determination to secure her son’s safety.

. Ross’s firm also hires a team of security experts—headed by the enigmatic Bett, they have little in common apart from total professionalism and a thorough dis-regard for the law. But they are not the only ones desperate to locate him.

The Way of All Flesh

Will raven is a medical student, apprenticing for the brilliant and renowned Dr Simpson. Sarah fisher is simpson’s housemaid, and has all of Raven’s intelligence but none of his privileges. As bodies begin to appear across the Old Town, Raven and Sarah find themselves propelled headlong into the darkest shadows of Edinburgh’s underworld.

Longlisted for theakston old peculier crime novel of the yearedinburgh, 1847. And if either of them are to make it out alive, they will have to work together to find out who’s responsible for the gruesome deaths.

Last Orders The Dublin Trilogy Book 4

And even the mighty fall. Last orders is the thrilling conclusion of the critically acclaimed Dublin Trilogy, which melds fast-paced action with a distinctly Irish acerbic wit. It's best enjoyed having read the other books in the series, particularly the prequel Angels in the Moonlight. Who can he trust when he can't even trust himself? when he finds himself with nowhere left to run and nobody he can turn to, will the big fella make the ultimate sacrifice to protect the ones he loves? When all that's left is the fall, the fall is everything.

When he finds out a rival detective agency played a key role in it, he drags MCM Investigations into a blood feud that they can't hope to win. As a wise man once said, just because you're done with the past, doesn't mean the past is done with you. Paul can't let an incident from his past go. Soon they're faced with the prospect of the company going out of business and Brigit going out of her damn mind.

When long-buried bodies are discovered in the Wicklow Mountains, Bunny's past starts closing in on him too.

Bred in the Bone The Jasmine Sharp and Catherine McLeod Novels Book 3

Glasgow detective superintendent Catherine McLeod has one gangster in the mortuary and another, Glen Fallan, behind bars for allegedly taking him out. And fallan might not even be guilty. And the strange bond fallan had with her mother is something no one in Sharp’s family ever dares to discuss. This case may be more personal for McLeod than she’s letting on.

The gangland enforcer once moved in the same dangerous shadows that her mysterious father lived and died in. As mcleod battles her demons and sharp chases her ghosts, these two very different detectives will ultimately confront the secrets that have entangled both of their fates—by descending into the Glasgow underworld where vengeance spans generations and everyone has a score to settle.

Gangland violence explodes off the page” as two female detectives cross paths in Scotland’s criminal underworld Publishers Weekly, starred review. Private investigator Jasmine Sharp has a stake in Fallan’s future, too. But fighting for conviction isn’t going to be easy. A polished stylist who spikes his smooth wordsmithery with a quirky Scottish brogue.

Marilyn stasio, thenew york times   “Should cement Brookmyre’s reputation as one of today’s top Scottish crime writers. Publishers Weekly, starred review.