Paul Hardcastle VII

Paul hardcastle- VII. 2013 album from the veteran British songwriter, musician and producer. Features the single 'No Stress At All'.

The Jazzmasters VII

Well into his third decade crafting signature songs of our time churning out chart topping mega-hits with ease, Paul Hardcastle adds another branch to his musical tree, one that is again bearing delicious fruit. Vii, while it carries all of the hallmarks that have come to define his unique style and sound, takes a decidedly different approach, with the focus on serving up compelling sonicinstrumental soundscapes and less about vocals.

Shrink-wrapped. This is pure ear candy that will provide that rush of sweetness yet is high in nutritional content, satisfying and full flavored. The lead radio single 'unlimited love' a tip of the hat to one of Paul's biggest influences Barry White adds another first and features label mate and one of the genres brightest rising stars trumpeter Cindy Bradley.

This is hardcastle's wheelhouse and nobody does it better. For those who use music as an escape from the day to day, these sides are the perfect transporting device, rich soulful atmospherics that lift you through space and time and carry you away to destinations of your choosing. Urban substructures layered with sexy yet subtle grooves, punctuated with perfectly placed notes and vibrations create the perfect flow of ambience as you depart on this soothing musical journey, a one way ticket to pure pleasure.

Daughter maxine and son paul Hardcastle Jr again makeappearances on the record providing just the right accents in all the right places. Pull up under the hardcastle tree, pick a side and savor the fruits of this fabulous labor.

The Chill Lounge

Having long been the purveyor of laidback atmospheric sensuous sides, once again Paul Hardcastle beckons you to follow him to places where swaying palms, crystalline water and picturesque sunsets await with "The Chill Lounge, " a collection of adventurous head and body trips slightly chilled and ready for transport.

Shrink-wrapped. Lounge" digs deep into the vast hardcastle archive and combines classic mood altering favorites from the past dotted with a few re-mixes and a pair of fresh new sides like "East to West" one of the albums high points and "Ibiza Dub", with its strong reggae undertones, making for a multi-ethnic full spectrum multisensory experience par excellence.

Melt into your favorite lounger, pour your favorite beverage, add a few cubes of ice and prepare to be chilled, the Hardcastle way. Nobody does it better. This is where hardcastle is at his very best, creating sonic soundscapes that allow you to be taken to a place where you want to go to devoid of your worldy cares, where mood and relaxation are the key components.

Shrink-wrapped. Not shaken, but stirred.

Hardcastle VI

Hardcastle vi / Featuring the late Marvin Gaye. With supporting sides like 'dc boogie', Night Time Hustle and 'Into The Blue', Hardcastle's signature rhythms reign throughout. The trippin 'n rhythm release of his latest offering Hardcastle VI, builds upon the rhythmic/dance foundation that established Hardcastle as the pre-eminent force in composing pulsating soulful sides that transcended race and genre.

The early ground swell has already begun at radio with the multi-format leak of the lead single a brilliant mash-up of two period classics, Hardcastle's, 'Rainforest' and Marvin Gaye s What's Going On, an intoxicating blend of Hardcastle s club beats providing perfect backdrop to Gaye s thought provoking musical question, bringing both new life.

With a nod to the past and his sights set firmly on the future 'VI' is certain to fan the flames already burning in his base and could once again obliterate the lines between genres taking his music again to heights he established early in the 80s with sales in excess of 4 million albums. Shrink-wrapped.

With millions of records sold worldwide over the last few decades, Master class producer/composer Paul Hardcastle has touched generations with his sexy, syncopated gold, spinning musical yarns that continue to move his rabid and burgeoning fan base at its core. Shrink-wrapped. Early indications signal another multi-format smash mixed and masterminded by his musical genius.


The Chill Lounge Vol 2

Nobody does it quite like hardcastle, a man whohas an incredible knack for craftsmanship of sides that tickle the sweet spot and 'II' continues in that same tradition. Sonic massage for the ears and mind from a man who has singlehandedly created niche that no other has penetrated. You can almost feel your toes in thewater and the wind blowing in your hair as you slowly sip these chilledvibrations.

Pull up your favorite virtual lounger and prepare to be chilled, the Hardcastle way…. More ice please!!! Shrink-wrapped. On the heels of his highly successful volume I CD, proli c producer of all thatis mood altering and vibey comes the next chapter of this songbook that youwill nd hard to put down. Shrink-wrapped.

This is escapism at its very best as PH weaves a tapestry of moods and ambiance that will chip o the rough edgesof life and dial you directly into the zone. Hungry fans will surelyget in line to see where this next chapter of the story will take them.

Hardcastle 5

No description Available. Genre: jazz musicmedia format: compact DiskRating: Release Date: 5-FEB-2008 Shrink-wrapped. Paul hardcastle- 5. Shrink-wrapped.

The Chill Lounge Volume 3

Shrink-wrapped. Paul hardcastle - vol 3: chilL LOUNGE - CD Shrink-wrapped. Paul hardcastle- 5.

The Collection

Paul hardcastle- 5. Shrink-wrapped. The definitive collection of some of Paul Hardcastle's finest works. Shrink-wrapped.

Hardcastle 3

Shrink-wrapped. No description Available. Genre: jazz musicmedia format: compact DiskRating: Release Date: 10-APR-2007 Shrink-wrapped. Audio CD. Paul hardcastle- 5.

Jazzmasters V

No description availableno track information AvailableMedia Type: CDArtist: JAZZMASTERSTitle: VOL. 5-jazzmastersstreet release date: 04/17/2007.

Colors Of Love

Paul hardcastle- 5. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Audio CD.