Once Burned Submission Book 2

It can be enjoyed as a standalone with no cliffhanger. I came here to rough it, but I didn’t know Wes would be the biggest beast around. Now he wants me to follow his orders. Running my mouth usually gets me in trouble, but this giant knows how to deal with my sharp tongue. Readers can expect an extra spicy MM romance with several steamy scenes.

When the man of my dreams walks in smelling like cinder and smoke, he sets the record straight. He’s not helpless, but he needs guidance. I’m going to hold him so close it might burn. Daniel’s a wildfire, but that’s what I’m trained to control. This is the second book in the Submission series. He’s in over his head, and damned if I can’t resist telling him what to do.

The cabin fire was my fault, and he saved my life. Wes wants to control me, and as much as I like to act out, submission is sweeter. I’m spending the rest of my trip in this bear’s den. He might just break me. But maybe I want to be broken. Wes:i took him into my arms and under my will.

Defiance Submission Book 3

It can be enjoyed as a standalone with no cliffhanger. And the winter brings some long, hard nights. Readers can expect an extra spicy MM romance with several steamy scenes that will leave you gasping. But we have a real problem: if this photoshoot is ruined, the trip will be a bust, and my career will be in jeopardy.

Alaskan blizzards are harsh, and if Connor wants this to go well, he needs to give up control. Or i might just take it. This is the third book in the Submission series. Connor:we’re snowed in together, and he demands submission. I manage models, so I spend all day surrounded by beautiful people. I’ll let him manage his models, but by night fall, I’m the one in charge.

But even with all the models in the room, I can’t tear my eyes off him. So maybe i’ll tear his clothes off instead and teach him what it means to be managed. I’ll dial up the pressure until he begs me to stop. He’s vulnerable. Our beast of a pilot takes charge of the situation—and of me. He knows what he’s doing, and what he wants.

Grayson looks strong enough to bench press these models.

Obedience Submission Book 1

We’re trapped together, but it won’t last forever. When his plane breaks down and traps us together, his untamed dominance emerges. He’s soft and innocent—and I have him all to myself. Heat level: 10 He needs a strong pair of hands to show him the ropes. Elliot awakens something in me. The desire to dominate him, to bend him to my will and hear him beg for more makes me feel alive.

Readers can expect an extra spicy MM romance with several steamy scenes. He’s a rugged pilot bringing supplies to my research station, but he’s got more than work on his mind. His eyes tell me he likes giving orders. Doesn’t matter that elliot’s a man; he’s the only one I want in my cockpit. In the wilderness, what I say goes.

This is the first book in the Submission series. And i like taking them. Caleb is the most intense man I’ve ever met. Elliot:romance is one thing – obedience is another. After almost crashing my car in the Alaskan wilderness, I wake up in the muscled arms of one of the locals. And he demands total submission.

Pretty Femme Fox Book 1

If cole decides to keep our time together hidden, we won’t be hearing any wedding bells. I can’t bring him out of the closet, but I won’t meet him in it, either. Cole:it’s all or nothing for Taylor. I spent my whole life thinking I was straight—until I set eyes on my cousin’s wedding planner. There’s no ring on his finger, but if he doesn’t follow his father’s orders, it’ll cost him one hell of an inheritance.

. Cole’s perfect—except for one thing: he’s as straight as the last man who broke my heart. Or so I thought. But cole’s hands and lips tell another story. It can be enjoyed as a standalone with no cliffhanger. My father’s a powerful man, and he’s got a match lined up for me—a female one, at that. Still, we’ve got a problem—he’s supposed to marry a woman.

Taylor’s as gorgeous as he is male, and even though seeing a man this way is new for me, when we wind up in bed together he feels right. He’s too important to keep secret. But i don’t know what’ll happen if word gets out about us. Coming out to him isn’t something I had in the cards. If i choose taylor, i’ll be putting my inheritance and my family’s business on the line.


He thinks his past makes him hard to love, but I’m not afraid of his demons—or his touch. Campbell:love and secrets don’t mix, but I’m already in too deep. Ever since the war, i’ve been too hardened to feel desire—until Brent appears. Who wants a boyfriend they can’t share a bed with? If I can’t even stay one night, I’ll never get what I most want: Brent’s body against mine, every night.

I don’t know if i can keep Brent safe and keep him close at the same time. Brent:i’m falling for him, but I know he’s keeping a secret. Campbell and I don’t just connect, we collide. He gets my pulse up, and he’s twice as passionate as anyone I’ve ever met. With any other guy I’d just move on—but not Campbell.

He’s not trying to be my therapist, either; he’s taking me for the man I am, and that makes me want him even more. It all feels too good to be true. But my ptsd and night terrors make it difficult to have a love life. I invite him to my place, but I’m stunned when he’s gone the next morning. I want a future with him; we just have to make it through our first night together.

If he fought through a war, I can fight through his past.


And from the looks of it, one of them might even want the best of both worlds. Caleb wants to double up, but I’ve got one too many brothers on my hands. Eric:anderson is a walking red flag I want to wrap myself in. The new guy next door didn’t just steal my breath away—he’s claimed my fantasies, too.

But traveling for work has its perks, and Eric’s the most tempting eligible man I’ve met in ages. We may share everything else, but we aren’t sharing men. I can’t tear my eyes off him. I’m living in a dream until my twin Caleb appears. My brother wants to wedge himself between us—in more ways than one.

But i won’t let him steal Anderson from me. The problem? His identical brother has eyes for me too. While eric’s pulling me into his bed, his brother wants to push between us. I never thought a man could hold me down, but with the twins around, I’ve got two who want to do just that—in different ways.

Anderson:all's fair in love, war, and sibling rivalry. On the road, i didn’t expect to meet twins. He’s hotter than hades, and damn if I’m not eager to play with fire.


I know what i like on the road and between the sheets—they just need a nudge in the right direction. After all, the best things in life are three. Note to readers: This is an extra spicy standalone MMM romance. The military taught me discipline, and these two are in need of a strong, guiding hand. I’m looking both ways, and the road ahead is anything but straight.

Roman:there’s no third wheel on this ride. A road trip with two total strangers? Sign me up. Roman and alex are as different as fire and ice, and between the two of them I’m feeling the heat. The road is bumpy, but they’ve got me buckled in. Alex:two’s company, three’s a ménage. When i’m asked to be skylar’s companion and protect him, it comes naturally—even when I end up handling two stunning men.

One’s as straight as an arrow, but they both want me riding shotgun. People look to me when they want to feel safe. Readers can expect several steamy scenes that will leave you gasping. I’m riding with a knight in shining armor and a prince I wouldn’t mind rescuing, and I’m more than happy to do a little roleplay.

. Skylar:they say love is a three-way street.

Guarded Hightower Heat Book 3

And that smoldering look he gives me? It’s downright electrifying. It can be enjoyed as a standalone with no cliffhanger. Dean:i’m under his protection, but I want to be under him. I’ve inherited millions, but I’m not touching a dime. He moves like lightning and strikes just as hard. I was never close to my wealthy stepdad, so I won’t tap into that massive inheritance until I’ve earned it.

Readers can expect an extra spicy MM romance with several steamy scenes. Now i’m his live-in bodyguard, and whoever wants to harm him will have to go through me. The only person I can’t protect him from is myself. I’m in beckett’s care now, and as the heat turns up, I’ll be turning to him for relief.

My money won’t protect me, but Beckett will. Beckett:he’s mine to guard and mine to keep. Being assigned to a celebrity’s millionaire stepson isn’t a dream job, but Dean isn’t what I expected. Heat level: 10 But i’ve got an enemy, and he refuses to let me live a quiet life. I need a bodyguard, and Beckett is more than qualified.

He’s smart, unpretentious, and thoroughly sexy.

His Submissive

The next, i’m waking up in a giant lumberjack’s bed. Out here on my own, i control it all from my mountainside cabin all the way down to the creek. Levi’s an assertive man who knows how to use his powerful body to get what he wants. I don’t want company, and I’ve never cared about romance. But once he wakes up, I find I can’t resist him.

I’ve never been with a man, but it doesn’t make any difference. I’ve never known anyone so fiercely protective of me, even as he bends me to his will. This is an extra spicy standalone MM romance, heat level 10 Jake:he might have saved me, but now he wants to keep me. One minute i’m falling down a slope in the mountains of North Carolina.

The goliath of a man wants me to stay until I’m better. But as long as i’m under his roof, he demands obedience. And he wants to be in control. I’m surprised to discover that might be what I want too. Levi knows the ropes, and I can only hope he’ll use them to tie me down. Levi:he’s in my territory now, and that makes him mine.

This stretch of the Smoky Mountains belongs to me.

Private Eye Hightower Heat Book 1

But james won’t be coerced. James might be the key to the case I’m investigating. I’m hunting the crook who ruined my brother—the same guy who wants to steal James’s house. Of course, james isn’t your typical librarian—he’s anything but quiet once we’re in the bedroom. He can’t get james to sell, so his tactics have turned underhanded and illegal.

. James:he’s a hands-on investigator, and he wants to search me top to bottom. As a librarian, i spend all day around novels, so I know the rule: when a mysterious, sexy stranger comes to your rescue, you fall right into his arms. So they’re trying to force me out, and I’m feeling the heat. Nobody believed me until Hawthorne, and he’s stepping up to be my knight in suit-and-tie.

Those handsome features and sculpted body come with a sharp mind—and a dirty one. But hawthorne isn’t just my savior—he’s a PI on a case, and I’m his next point of interest. Someone wants me to sell my childhood home so they can build fancy condos in its place. I can’t take my eyes off him, and not just because he’s got a face to die for.

Not while I’ve got his back. I’m usually reserved, but James and I are electric together, and not just when he’s under my sheets.

Serving Mr. Chamberlain: An MM Service-Oriented BDSM Romance Different Hearts Book 3

With one best friend heavily entrenched in the bdSM lifestyle and the other recently finding happiness in an alternative relationship, Nolan decides it’s his turn—which means leaving his painfully polite, vanilla, sexy secretary alone. Sometimes, Quentin is all he can think about. I understand this kind of content is not for everyone.

He was handsome with a quick wit, and piercing, a dominant attitude, gray eyes that could cut you with a look. If this is not your cup of tea, feel free to skip this book. 61k wordsstory contains: mm sexual content, happily ever afters, service-Oriented BDSM, Sweetness Overload, Power Exchange Relationships, Kink, Bondage, Fast Feelings, and Some Angst in Relation to Family Dynamics.

It was so cliché it hurt. It was just that Mr. An accidental encounter. What wasn’t there to like?It would never work. I try to write all the books so that they can be read and understood as stand-alone stories. Nolan chamberlain finds his new secretary a little too tempting. However, reading them all together will create a more complete and rich experience as past characters can and will make surprise appearances.