New York 2140

Nominated for the hugo award for best novel 2018new york times bestselling author Kim Stanley Robinson returns with a bold and brilliant vision of New York City in the next century. As the sea levels rose, every street became a canal. There is the market trader, who finds opportunities where others find trouble.

For the residents of one apartment building in Madison Square, however, New York in the year 2140 is far from a drowned city. Then there are two boys who don't live there, but have no other home - and who are more important to its future than anyone might imagine. Lastly there are the coders, temporary residents on the roof, whose disappearance triggers a sequence of events that threatens the existence of all - and even the long-hidden foundations on which the city rests.

Every skyscraper an island. There is the detective, whose work will never disappear - along with the lawyers, of course. There is the internet star, beloved by millions for her airship adventures, and the building's manager, quietly respected for his attention to detail. New york 2140 is an extraordinary and unforgettable novel, from a writer uniquely qualified to tell the story of its future.

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Blackfish City: A Novel

When a strange new visitor arrives—a woman riding an orca, with a polar bear at her side—the city is entranced. One of the most intriguing future cities in years. Charlie jane anders“Simmers with menace and heartache, suspense and wonder. Ann leckiea best book of the Month inEntertainment WeeklyThe Washington PostTor.

Com b&n sci-fi fantasy blogamazonafter the climate wars, a remarkable feat of mechanical and social engineering, a floating city is constructed in the Arctic Circle, complete with geothermal heating and sustainable energy. The city’s denizens have become accustomed to a roughshod new way of living, however, the city is starting to fray along the edges—crime and corruption have set in, the contradictions of incredible wealth alongside direst poverty are spawning unrest, and a new disease called “the breaks” is ravaging the population.

By banding together to save their city before it crumbles under the weight of its own decay, they will learn shocking truths about themselves. Blackfish city is a remarkably urgent—and ultimately very hopeful—novel about political corruption, technology run amok, organized crime, gender identity, the consequences of climate change, and the unifying power of human connection.

  . The “orcamancer, ” as she’s known, very subtly brings together four people—each living on the periphery—to stage unprecedented acts of resistance.

Yesterday's Kin

Her youngest, noah, is addicted to a drug that keeps temporarily changing his identity. After several months of no explanations, they finally reveal the reason for their arrival. But between the four of them, the course of human history will be forever altered. Earth’s most elite scientists have ten months to prevent a disaster—and not everyone is willing to wait.

The news is not good. Geneticist marianne Jenner is having a career breakthrough, yet her family is tearing itself apart. Her children elizabeth and Ryan constantly bicker, agreeing only that an alien conspiracy is in play. Nebula award winnerLocus Award WinnerAliens have landed in New York. The jenner family could not be further apart.


Darwin's Radio: A Novel

But when dicken’s discovery becomes public, Lang’s theory suddenly turns to chilling fact. Bear's novel is frighteningly believable with a lot of clearly explained hard science, but the personal struggles of the well-realized characters keep everything on a human level. Focus“bear is a writer of passionate vision.

Locus“darwin’s Radio scores a high rating on the thrill monitor. Birmingham post England“Absorbing and ingenious. Kirkus Reviews. Hugo award finalist • “wow! what a splendid scary notion: a human upgrade! What a superb plot! Darwin's Radio is bloody damned good. Anne mccaffrey“virus hunter” christopher dicken is a man on a mission, government cover-ups, following a trail of rumors, and dead bodies around the globe in search of a mysterious disease that strikes only pregnant women and invariably results in miscarriage.

Molecular biologist Kaye Lang has spent her career tracing ancient retroviruses in the human genome. As the outbreak of this terrifying disease threatens to become a deadly epidemic, Dicken and Lang must race against time to assemble the pieces of a puzzle only they are equipped to solve—an evolutionary puzzle that will determine the future of the human race.

But when dicken finds what he’s looking for, the answer proves to be stranger—and far deadlier—than he ever could have imagined.

Someone Like Me

Even when times get tough, she's devoted to bringing up her two kids in a loving home. But there's another side to Liz-one that's dark and malicious. Carey, check out:the girl with all the giftsfellsidethe boy on the BridgeBy the same author, writing as Mike Carey:The Devil You KnowVicious CircleDead Men's BootsThicker Than WaterThe Naming of the Beasts.

From the author of the million-copy bestseller The Girl With All the Gifts comes a heart-stopping thriller with twists you won't see coming and a heroine you can't trust. Liz kendall wouldn't hurt a fly. R. She will do anything to get her way, no matter how extreme. And when this other side of her takes control, the consequences are devastating.

Love her or hate her: there are two sides to every story. For more from M.


Soon, the surviving members of the team begin experiencing some strange phenomena, though, such as Runciter’s face appearing on coins and the world seeming to move backward in time. From the stuff of space opera, dick spins a deeply unsettling existential horror story, a nightmare you’ll never be sure you’ve woken up from.

Lev grossman, time glen runciter runs a lucrative business—deploying his teams of anti-psychics to corporate clients who want privacy and security from psychic spies. But when he and his top team are ambushed by a rival, he is gravely injured and placed in “half-life, ” a dreamlike state of suspended animation.

More brilliant than similar experiments conducted by Pynchon or DeLillo. Roberto Bolaño. As consumables deteriorate and technology gets ever more primitive, the group needs to find out what is causing the shifts and what a mysterious product called Ubik has to do with it all.

Tuf Voyaging: A Novel

Martin had taken his loyal readers across the cosmos. Now back in print after almost ten years, an unlikely hero just trying to do right by the galaxy, Tuf Voyaging is the story of quirky and endearing Haviland Tuf, one planet at a time. Armed with this unique equipment, tuf is set to tackle the problems that human settlers have created in colonizing far-flung worlds: hosts of hostile monsters, a population hooked on procreation, a dictator who unleashes plagues to get his own way .

R. Long before a game of thrones became an international phenomenon, #1 New York Times bestselling author George R. Haviland tuf is an honest space-trader who likes cats. So how is it that, in competition with the worst villains the universe has to offer, he’s become the proud owner of a seedship, the last remnant of Earth’s legendary Ecological Engineering Corps? Never mind; just be thankful that the most powerful weapon in human space is in good hands—hands which now have the godlike ability to control the genetic material of thousands of outlandish creatures.

And in every case, the only thing that stands between the colonists and disaster is Tuf’s ingenuity—and his reputation as a man of integrity in a universe of rogues. A rich blend of adventure, humor, compassion and all the other things that make being human worthwhile. Analog   “a new facet of Martin’s manysided talent.


Tau Zero

 . Experienced scientists and researchers, they have come to terms with the time conditions of their space travel. The leonora christine passes through an uncharted nebula, which damages the engine, making it impossible to decelerate the ship on the second half of their trip. But how will they keep hope alive and maintain order as they hurtle deeper into space with time passing more and more rapidly, and their ultimate fate unknown?   With its combination of mind-blowing hard science and compelling human drama, Tau Zero is “the ultimate hard science novel” Mike Resnick.

Since their ship is not capable of traveling faster than light, the crew will be subject to the effects of time dilation and relativity. This hugo award finalist, “justifiably regarded as a classic” SFReviews. Net, is the tale of an epic space voyage where time dilation goes horribly wrong. They will age five years on board the ship before reaching their destination, but thirty-three years will pass on Earth.

To survive, the crewmembers have no choice but to bypass their destination and continue to accelerate toward the speed of light. Aboard the spacecraft leonora christine, fifty crewmembers, half men and half women, have embarked on a journey of discovery like no other to a planet thirty light-years away.

Until.  .  .

A History of the Future The World Made by Hand Novels Book 1

In this vividly depicted look at a world that may be on our own horizon, bloodshed, “Kunstler skewers everything from kitsch to greed, prejudice, and brainwashing” in a gripping story of hope, hate, and humanity’s last chance at survival Booklist. Robert earle’s son, daniel, has come home after two years exploring what is left of the United States.

In union grove, new York, the townspeople are preparing for Christmas .  .  . He brings news of three new nations arisen from what was once America—and the dangers and possibilities they may hold. Meanwhile, a horrific murder threatens to turn the community of Union Grove against itself—and what is supposed to be a time of peace and togetherness is overtaken by suspicion and fear.

. After the collapse of the old world—the pandemics, the environmental disasters, the end of oil, the ensuing chaos—people are pursuing a simpler and sometimes happier existence. The perfect time for a long-lost member of the community to return. Humanity hangs on after the fall of civilization in this “wily, rip-roaring, and profoundly provocative page-turner” Booklist, funny,  starred review.


Siege: Trump Under Fire

A stunningly fresh narrative that begins just as trump’s second year as president is getting underway and ends with the delivery of the Mueller report, erratic, Siege reveals an administration that is perpetually beleaguered by investigations and a president who is increasingly volatile, and exposed.

Michael wolff, author of the bombshell bestseller Fire and Fury, once again takes us inside the Trump presidency to reveal a White House under siege. With fire and fury, michael wolff defined the first phase of the Trump administration; now, in Siege, he has written an equally essential and explosive book about a presidency that is under fire from almost every side.


Worlds of Exile and Illusion: Three Complete Novels of the Hainish Series in One Volume--Rocannon's World; Planet of Exile; City of Illusions

These novels, rocannon's world, and city of illusions, are set in the same universe as Le Guin's groundbreaking classic, Planet of Exile, The Left Hand of Darkness. At the publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM applied. Ursula K. Her career as a novelist was launched by the three novels contained in Worlds of Exile and Illusion.

. Le guin was one of the greatest science fiction writers and many times the winner of the Hugo and Nebula Awards.