New Designed by Vikidom, 25 dB SNR, Reusable Super Soft Ear Plugs Women & Men – Solution for Comfort Sleep, Travel and Fly

High quality for safety & health unique noise reduction the best earplugs developed by special modern technology using innovative attenuation filters, thanks to which smart plugs have the ability to suppress only certain types of noise. Washable & reusable The product is easy to clean and resistant to various effects.

Hypoallergenic soft silicone smart-fit sleeping earplugs made of high quality plush anti-allergic silicone and cylindrical type filter inserted into the center, with a small opening facing to the outside, provide high level of protection auricles of technical and household noise, as well as dirt and water.

Modern & comfort adopting the brand new material from Germany with higher transparency and better flexibility. Case use convenient plastic storage container to keep them neat and contained until they're needed. Described model of noise canceling ear plugs have a special softness and elasticity that makes it comfortable to stay in them for a long time without feeling discomfort.


The easiest way to open a wine bottle - 2 in 1 Wine Corkscrew and Bottle Opener - Light and Sturdy construction - Dishwasher Safe Black - Deiss PRO Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener and Wine Foil Cuter

Just place the wine corkscrew opener over the bottle, twist the knob several times, and press the wings down to extract the cork. Now you can open a bottle of your favorite wine effortlessly in secondsThe wine opener may be the second most critical accessory for the wine lover, after a decent set of wine glasses.

The bottom collar prevents the corkscrew from traveling into the cork and breaking it. No more wrestling with cork, the bottle opener has two wings which are dominant in style and comfortable to pull out the cork. Ingenious design that works even for weak hands or poor grip ★ deiss wine opener involves natural enclosure of top placed corkscrew that removes the cork so fast when you press the wings.

It still works. Long body with bottom collar✓ designed with polished helix✓ Light and durable zinc alloy✓ Dishwasher safeLifetime GuaranteeDeiss Kitchenware provides a lifetime guarantee on all its product series. Scroll up, click "add to cart" to order your wine bottle opener set today! Comfort comes with the right tool ★ the unique handle design will ensure effortless screwing of cork even if it is a hard one.

This corkscrew replaces the manual insertion of regular corkscrew with a small mechanism that reduces the risk and tension on the cork as well as the bottle. Top benefits✓ comfortable ergonomic handle✓ Doesn't matter if you have weak hands or poor grip. Stainless steel spiral is resistant to staining and won't break or bend even if it is a hard cork.

The cleaning after use is quick and easy, just rinse the wine corkscrew under water or put in the dishwasher.

Makes perfect pineapple rings without a mess - Deiss PRO Pineapple Corer — 2 in 1 Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer & Cutter - Dishwasher safe

The pineapple corer works for most pineapple sizes and the comfortable non-slip handle provides a firm grip while slicing. Sturdy, compact and easy-to-clean ★ the tool is made of high quality stainless steel so you can apply force without fear that the tool will bend or break. The bottom collar prevents the corkscrew from traveling into the cork and breaking it.

The manual insertion of regular corkscrew is replaced with a small mechanism that reduces the risk and tension on the cork as well as the bottle. Multifunctional 2-in-1 tool to save time and space ★ deiss multi-use bottle opener comprises a corkscrew and beer cap opener so you can always be prepared for party as well as save space in your kitchen.

Sturdy construction that will last for years ★ deiss wine bottle opener is constructed from rustproof zinc alloy body, making it light and durable at the same time. The coring process is a real fun and makes you feel like you are in your own infomercial. Coring and cutting pineapples is as easy as 1-2-3, and push down on the rings, literally ★ just twist the corer into the pineapple, pull it out, sliding them off the corer.

This construction will reliably serve you for years to come! The detachable handle makes the corer easy to store and clean. After 30 seconds, you're left with the most beautiful yellow rings, which look like something a professional chef could have created. Just grip, turn and slice, it's as easy as ABC. No more wasted fruit, and the core is left in the shell.