Mindful Therapy: A Guide for Therapists and Helping Professionals

Mindful therapy is comprised of a useful, highly-readable balance of theoretical groundwork, case studies, personal experience, and practice exercises. Author tom Bien offers an energizing an expansive perspective. Tools useful to clients, as well, are discussed. Grounded in his understanding of buddhist teachings, his book suggests a model of integration of particular value to beginning therapists or those still in training, offering ways in which the therapist can mindfully care for themselves amid the challenges of their practice.

. The book will be of value to therapists of every variety, while molded for caregivers in general, in the way that Medicine and Compassion, was applauded by medical journals. Welcome and much-needed addition to the literature for psychotherapists, therapists-in-training, and occupational therapists and other types of teachers.

Mindful therapy offers to them ways to bring the teachings of Buddhism into a psychotherapeutic practice - and a thorough explanation of the benefits of doing so. Bien sees therapists as practicing in the ancient traditions of various healers of spirit, above all, whose greatest skill and gift to others is, the mindful presence.


The Gift of Therapy: An Open Letter to a New Generation of Therapists and Their Patients

Irvin D. Yalom’s more than thirty-five years in clinical practice, The Gift of Therapy is a remarkable and essential guidebook that illustrates through real case studies how patients and therapists alike can get the most out of therapy. Yalom distills thirty-five years of psychotherapy wisdom into one brilliant volume.

The culmination of master psychiatrist Dr. The bestselling author of love’s executioner shares his uniquely fresh approach and the valuable insights he has gained—presented as eighty-five personal and provocative “tips for beginner therapists, Yalom’s Gift of Therapy is an entertaining, ” including:•Let the patient matter to you •Acknowledge your errors •Create a new therapy for each patient •Do home visits•Almost never make decisions for the patient•Freud was not always wrongA book aimed at enriching the therapeutic process for a new generation of patients and counselors, informative, and insightful read for anyone with an interest in the subject.

Harper Perennial. Acclaimed author and renowned psychiatrist Irvin D.

Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment: Practical Application of Counseling Theory

Used book in Good Condition. Harper Perennial. Book by lewis, Todd F.

Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness Shambhala Classics

In this inspiring book, sharon salzberg, one of America's leading spiritual teachers, shows us how the Buddhist path of lovingkindness can help us discover the radiant, joyful heart within each of us. The buddha described the nature of such a spiritual path as "the liberation of the heart, which is love.

The author draws on simple buddhist teachings, joy, and her own experience from twenty-five years of practice and teaching to illustrate how each one of us can cultivate love, wisdom stories from various traditions, compassion, guided meditation practices, and equanimity—the four "heavenly abodes" of traditional Buddhism.

This practice of lovingkindness is revolutionary because it has the power to radically change our lives, helping us cultivate true happiness in ourselves and genuine compassion for others. Our fear of intimacy—both with others and with ourselves—creates feelings of pain and longing. Used book in Good Condition.

Harper Perennial. Throughout our lives we long to love ourselves more deeply and find a greater sense of connection with others. Great product! But these feelings can also awaken in us the desire for freedom and the willingness to take up the spiritual path.

The Marriage Clinic Casebook

Harper Perennial. Great product! Covering a broad range of couples as well as a variety of relational problems, this casebook is a resource for clinicians who want practical guidance for putting the powerful Gottman method to work. Used book in Good Condition. The marriage clinic casebook bridges the gap between the powerful theory behind Gottman Method Couples Therapy and the unique application of therapeutic principles to real-life cases.


Interpersonal Process in Therapy: An Integrative Model

Great product! Engaging, and immediately helpful with clients, readable, interpersonal process IN THERAPY: AN INTEGRATIVE MODEL brings together various theories into a cohesive framework that centers on the therapeutic relationship. Used book in Good Condition. Featuring new case examples and updated research, the seventh edition's extensive clinical vignettes and sample therapist-client dialogues will bring you "in the room" with the therapist.

It shows you practical ways to intervene with your clients, while addressing and alleviating the concerns new therapists often have -- such as worrying about making "mistakes. It also provides clear guidelines for effective and ineffective ways to establish a working alliance, respond to clients' painful feelings, develop a focus for treatment, help clients transition from surface conversation to their key concerns, address resistance and resolve ruptures in the therapeutic relationship, and more.

Harper Perennial. Therapy that effects change must authentically involve you, the therapist.

Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, Second Edition

Harper Perennial. User-friendly features include illustrative case examples and practice exercises. See also sitting together: Essential Skills for Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy, by Susan M. Greater emphasis on the role of acceptance and compassion in mindfulness. Also addressed are ways that mindfulness practices can increase acceptance and empathy in the therapeutic relationship.

. Chapters on practical ethics, trauma, and addictions. The book describes the philosophical underpinnings of mindfulness and reviews the growing body of treatment studies and neuroscientific research. This practical book has given tens of thousands of clinicians and students a comprehensive introduction to mindfulness and its clinical applications.

Guilford Publications. Used book in Good Condition. Siegel, a hands-on guide to incorporating mindfulness practices into psychotherapy. Great product! Leading practitioners and researchers present clear-cut procedures for implementing mindfulness techniques and teaching them to patients experiencing depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and other problems.

Pollak, thomas Pedulla, and Ronald D. New to this edition *incorporates significant empirical advances--mindfulness has become one of the most-researched areas in psychotherapy.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation Series 1: A Complete Guided Mindfulness Meditation Program from Jon Kabat-Zinn

Guilford Publications. Used book in Good Condition. But interestingly, by opening to an awareness of how things actually are in the present moment, we often taste very deep states of relaxation and well-being of both body and mind. Join the bestselling author of coming to our senses hyperion, compassion, clarity, There You Are Hyperion 1995 to develop and deepen your personal mindfulness practice, and to taste the universal aspects of stillness, wisdom, 2005 and Wherever You Go, and well-being that Guided Mindfulness Meditation offers.

Course objectives:utilize body and mind meditations in daily practicePractice mindful yoga with clear, safe and simple instructionsDescribe the basic state of being which is present awarenessCompare the results of unmoving, sitting meditation to a movement meditation such as mindful yoga Harper Perennial.

Guided mindfulness Meditation Guided Mindfulness. Through a number of research studies, chronic pain, mindfulness is finally being recognized as a highly effective tool for dealing with stress, and through Kabat-Zinn's pioneering work at the University of Massachusetts Medical School where he is founder of its world-renowned Stress Reduction Clinic, and other illnesses.

Now with this four-part home training course, Jon Kabat-Zinn offers listeners the definitive mindfulness meditation practice on CD. We are not trying to actively achieve a state of deep relaxation—or any other state for that matter—while practicing mindfulness, he teaches. Perhaps no other person has done more to bring mindfulness meditation into the contemporary landscape of America than Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Great product!

Guided Meditation: Six Essential Practices to Cultivate Love, Awareness, and Wisdom

With guided meditation, listeners join the author of the bestseller a path with heart Bantam, 1993 on two transformational CDs that include: Breath meditation for stilling the body and quieting the mind; Mind Like Sky meditation for releasing the ego's attachments and resting in pure awareness; Visualization practice to meet the "inner sage;" and more.

Great product! Used book in Good Condition. Meditation has its challenges - especially for beginners. Harper Perennial. Guilford Publications. With practices you can listen to again and again, Guided Meditation gives listeners a concise training "of the heart and mind" to enjoy the fruits of this centuries-old art.

Used book in Good Condition. Guided mindfulness Meditation Guided Mindfulness. Celebrated teacher jack kornfield leads listeners through six essential meditations, a simple way to progressively deepen a practice - whatever your level of experience. Since the time of the buddha, meditation has been taught under the guidance of an expert as the easiest way to begin, and for the most powerful results.


Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence--From Domestic Abuse to Political Terror

A revised and updated edition of the groundbreaking work that changed the way we think about and treat traumatic events and trauma victims. A stunning achievement. Guided mindfulness Meditation Guided Mindfulness. Guilford Publications. Trauma and recovery the Aftermath of Violence From Domestic Abuse to Political Terror.

Used book in Good Condition. A new epilogue reviews what has changed--and what has not changed--over two decades. Used book in Good Condition. Great product! Trauma and recovery is essential reading for anyone who seeks to understand how we heal and are healed. Drawing on her own research on incest, as well as on a vast literature on combat veterans and victims of political terror, she shows surprising parallels between private horrors like child abuse and public horrors like war.

Harper Perennial. A classic for our generation. Bessel van der Kolk, M. D. Author of the body keeps the scoreWhen Trauma and Recovery was first published in 1992, it was hailed as a groundbreaking work. By placing individual experience in a broader political frame, Judith Herman argues that psychological trauma can be understood only in a social context.

Full Catastrophe Living Revised Edition: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness

Guided mindfulness Meditation Guided Mindfulness. Full catastrophe living is a book for the young and the old, the well and the ill, and anyone trying to live a healthier and saner life in our fast-paced world. Berwick, M. D. President emeritus and senior fellow, Institute for Healthcare Improvement   “One of the great classics of mind/body medicine.

Rachel naomi Remen, M. D. Author of kitchen table Wisdom   “A book for everyone. Jon kabat-zinn has done more than any other person on the planet to spread the power of mindfulness to the lives of ordinary people and major societal institutions. Richard J. What a gift!”—amy gross, former editor in chief, O: The Oprah Magazine   “I first read Full Catastrophe Living in my early twenties and it changed my life.

Chade-meng tan, jolly good fellow of google and author of search Inside Yourself  “Jon Kabat-Zinn’s classic work on the practice of mindfulness to alleviate stress and human suffering stands the test of time, a most useful resource and practical guide. Great product! Guilford Publications. Davidson, founder and chair, center for investigating Healthy Minds, University of Wisconsin–Madison   “This is the ultimate owner’s manual for our lives.