Mapping Murder: The Secrets of Geographical Profiling

His book, criminal shadows, won the Golden Dagger Award for crime non-fiction. Criminals reveal who they are and where they live not just from how they commit their crimes, but also from the locations they choose. This is the claim of renowned criminal psychologist and profiler David Canter. In this groundbreaking book, now fully revised and updated, Canter leads us into the labyrinthine psyche of serial killers, rapists and other violent criminals, and reveals how geographical profiling is changing the way police work and our understanding of the criminal mind.

From jack the ripper to fred west’s house of horror and the recent Suffolk murders, Canter analyses the geographical maps of killers’ actions and the psychological maps of their thoughts to provide a fascinating insight into the most notorious criminals of all time. Praise for mapping murder:‘horrifying, yet enthralling’ - new scientist‘david canter is the most eminent guide one could wish for in this difficult and serious subject’ - Brian Masters, author of Killing for Company and She Must Have KnownDavid Canter is the UK’s leading pioneer of criminal psychological profiling.


Bogeyman: He Was Every Parent's Nightmare

Great reads From Exceptional Authors! The fiend who lurked outside bedroom windows. Steve jackson, who wet his feet as a crime writer for newspapers, has been known for some of the best true crime books on the market since his debut MONSTER. Be sure to add it to your reading list if you're a fan of true crime books.

Aaron habel, host of generation why podcastFrom the book: "For years he'd stalked elementary schools and playground looking for young girls from low-income neighborhoods to abduct, rape and murder. The bogeyman they warned their children about. A wildblue press original true crime story from the new york times bestselling author of MONSTER and NO STONE UNTURNED, describing in dramatic detail and with heart-rending poignancy the efforts of tenacious Texas lawmen to solve the cold case murders of three little girls and hold their killer accountable for his horrific crimes.

Jackson gives a master class on true crime reporting in BOGEYMAN. He was every parent's worst nightmare. Check out more of steve Jackson's works and those of other WildBlue Press authors. He writes with both muscle and heart. Gregg olsen, new york times bestselling author of if i can't have you"absorbing and haunting! BOGEYMAN spills creepily across the page with Steve Jackson's hellacious verve and insight, reminding us there are few better explorers of the American berserk.

Ron franscell, bogeyman, breathing nightmare that haunted parents, bestselling author of THE DARKEST NIGHT"Steve Jackson's latest, reveals a living, as well as detectives.

The Shrigley Abduction: A Tale of Anguish, Deceit and Violation of the Domestic Hearth

Wakefield was sentenced to three years in Newgate, an experience which profoundly affected him. Upon his release he founded the New Zealand Company and became principally responsible for the colonisation of that country, where he is now a prominent figure. A tale of anguish, deceit and violation of the domestic hearth' The TimesThis is the story of the notorious abduction in 1826 of Ellen Turner, a wealthy fifteen-year-old heiress, by Edward Gibbon Wakefield, a thirty-year-old British diplomat.

The shrigley abduction is a compelling narrative, a story of deception and the lure of 'high society', with a strong Byronic character at its heart. Ellen, on the other hand, died in childbirth at the age of nineteen. Audrey jones and abby ashby have researched all the extant records and have recreated the scandal and outrage surrounding this audacious and cruel act for the first time.

Praise for The Shrigley Abduction. A true story though stranger than fiction' - Manchester Evening News.

YOU HAVE A VERY SOFT VOICE, SUSAN: A Shocking True Story Of Internet Stalking

You have a very soft voice, susan is quite possibly the most twisted and surreal case of stalking I have ever encountered. Remarkable in its complexity, this story of Internet stalking is also a sinister and shocking journal of madness. Just when you think it can't get any more bizarre, it does. Patrick quinlan, los angeles Times bestselling author of All Those MomentsThis is not a typical story of Internet stalking.

Described by the fbi as a case “in a category by itself, ” this book is a story about the Internet, the search for family, a friendship and a journey into the underbelly of American crime that raises questions about safety online and pushes the boundaries of our perceptions of what is real and what is not.

This is an unforgettable story for today’s digital world driven by social media in all of its permutations and cruelest forms. She soon becomes the target of dozens of frightening characters including real verifiable convicted sex offenders in an elaborate cyber-hoax that includes threats of kidnapping, murder, rape, torture and cannibalism.

Well written and gripping. She quickly becomes the focus of sexual obsession and suspicion, and her life is completely turned upside down. It is an unusual case of friendship and deception so pitiless and unyielding that it opened a door to Hell into the author’s life. Through email correspondence with her new “family”, evidence of mental illness, dark family secrets, a struggle over wealth and bizarre criminal histories emerge.

The story begins with susan fensten’s online search for her father’s family, a search that soon turns into a two-year frightening odyssey of internet stalking and threats when a posting on a genealogy message board brings her into contact with what she thinks are distant cousins, but what turns out to be a sociopath.

Who's Who in Espionage

In our fast-paced times, espionage has evolved past the furtive taps on shoulders at Oxbridge. During the last 15 years they have covered terrorist activity on four continents for The Sunday Times of London, The Daily Telegraph and other numerous newspapers and magazines on both sides of the Atlantic. Through telling these spies’ individual stories, they also tell the story of global espionage and how it has changed over the years, from the formal establishment of intelligence services to the challenges modern society and new technologies present to today’s spies.

With a glossary of spy-talk and an appendix exploring the many facets of Cold War intelligence work, Who’s Who in Espionage casts an authoritative light into the shadows and illustrates just how great a change the art of espionage underwent in less than fifty years. Praise for who’s who in espionage"Careful, not at all given to hyperbole, and above all, responsible, realistic.

Los angeles times“concise, well-written and well-informed” Spying GameChristopher Dobson and Ronald Payne have between them more than 40 years of experience as foreign correspondents. They have also served as consultants on terrorism for ABC and NBC News. Until now. Following years of research into the world of intelligence, Christopher Dobson and Ronald Payne have profiled more than 300 spies from the likes of MI5, MI6 and the CIA.

But the hush-hush nature of the world’s most secretive industry means that most of us have no idea how it really works.

Unsolved Murders: True Crime Cases Uncovered

Murders that defy detection. Discover the stories behind some of the most infamous unsolved murders of the last century, including the Black Dahlia, the Zodiac Killer and the JonBenét Ramsey case. Detailing essential evidence. Profiling key suspects. Tracking police investigations. Sorting facts from speculation.


Murder on Easey Street: Melbourne's Most Notorious Cold Case

In 2005, thomas spent months researching the Easey Street murders for Radio National’s Background Briefing, shedding new light on the investigation. 1977, collingwood. Now, she has re-examined the cold case – chasing down new leads and talking to members of the Armstrong and Bartlett families, the women’s neighbours on Easey Street, forty-two years on, detectives and journalists.

Two young women are brutally murdered. What happened in the house on easey street?on a warm night in january, Suzanne Armstrong and Susan Bartlett were savagely murdered in their house on Easey Street, Collingwood – stabbed multiple times while Suzanne’s sixteen-month-old baby slept in his cot. The killer has never been found.

Although police established a list of more than 100 ‘persons of interest’, the case became one of the most infamous unsolved crimes in Melbourne. Journalist helen thomas was a cub reporter at The Age when the murders were committed and saw how deeply they affected the city. What emerges is a portrait of a crime rife with ambiguities and contradictions, which took place at a fascinating time in the city’s history.

Why has the easey street murderer never been found, or were their deaths due to a random, despite the million-dollar reward for information leading to an arrest? Did the women know their killer, frenzied attack? Could the murderer have killed again? This gripping account addresses these questions and more as it sheds new light on one of Australia’s most disturbing and compelling criminal mysteries.

Helen thomas has been a journalist for more than forty years. She is the manager of abc news Radio and author of five books, including Moods: The Peter Moody Saga.

Property Of Folsom Wolf

Louis housewife who abandoned her family and became the sex-slave of ex-Folsom Prison convict Greg Marlow, known to his fellow inmates as "Folsom Wolf". Veteran investigative reporter Lasseter now delivers this incredible true story of Cynthia Coffman, the St. Together, the pair went on a cross-country spree of sex, torture and murder that ended with their convictions and death sentences.


Cold Blooded Killers: School Shootings, Kids who Kill, Mass Murders, Spree Killers

School shootings we are all too familiar with as it's happening much too often. The thing i like most about this author's true crime writing is that the victims are never forgotten and the murderers are not sensationalized but portrayed for what they really are, sociopathic cold-blooded killers. William cookenjoy these top rated true crime eBooks from RJ Parker Publishing FREE as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

I primarily bought this book as a source file for my own writing as I find the information to be well-informed and easy to read. He publishes for several authors under his company RJ Parker Publishing. You can read it on your kindle fire, on a computer via Kindle Cloud Reader or on any smartphone with the free Kindle reading app.

Michael alborgeden who at the age of 14 just couldn't take the humiliation anymore and killed his father. The author delves into the gritty, gruesome details of the most notorious Cold Blooded Killers the world has ever seen, like Edmund Kemper who decapitated his mother's head; used it as a dartboard, had oral sex with it, and then cut out her voice box and placed it in the garbage disposal.

Read about columbine and Virginia Tech in this book. This book is comprised of 3 sections:kids who killed their parentsSchool shootingsSpree Killers Going postal"Cold Blooded Killers is a blood-curdling collection of some of the most famous and the least known multiple-murder cases. Http://bit. Ly/rj-parkerparker holds Certifications in Serial Crime and Criminal Profiling.

Winter of Frozen Dreams: The Shocking True Story of Seduction, Suspicion, and Murder in Madison

The true story of barbara hoffman is a tale of money, Wisconsin, men, and the Madison, massage parlor where a biochemistry major turned into a murderer. But, an accomplished student of chemistry, Hoffman knew how tricky it could be to detect cyanide poisoning. The investigation confirmed that the victim had died in the apartment of Barbara Hoffman—a young woman who had dropped out of the University of Wisconsin and had worked at Jan’s Health Studio, a local massage parlor.

On a freezing christmas morning, naked, a distraught young man named Gerald Davies led Madison police to Tomahawk Ridge, where they found the body of Harold Berge, bloody, and beaten. She and davies, whom she met at Jan’s, had recently become engaged. The police kept him under watch, but eventually had to stop surveillance.

Soon after, a valium bottle nearby, Davies turned up dead in his bathtub, in an apparent suicide. The circumstances were suspicious already. Winter of frozen dreams is the full story of the case that would become a sensational televised trial and inspire a film of the same name starring Thora Birch. Davies insisted that he hadn’t killed the man, but that he and his fiancée had simply buried the corpse in a snowbank.

But when the police discovered that berge was hoffman’s ex-lover, that he had signed over his house and an insurance policy to her—and that Davies had also made her his beneficiary—they began to suspect that Davies might also be in danger.  .

The Truth about Belle Gunness: The True Story of Notorious Serial Killer Hell's Belle

And when the investigation revealed that the body found in the fire might not have been hers, the people of La Porte were forced to confront the terrifying realization that Belle might have gotten out alive. He tried to rouse the lady of the house, the towering Belle Poulsdatter Sorenson Gunness, and he called the names of her three children—but they didn’t answer, and the farmhand barely escaped alive.

Perfect for fans of in cold blood or the devil in the White City, it is a “magnificent and brilliantly written” exploration of a highly unusual murderer The New York Times. It turned out belle Gunness was one of the most prolific serial killers in American history. Nominated for an edgar award for best factual crime story, The Truth about Belle Gunness is based on extensive interviews with witnesses and residents of La Porte who knew Belle and her family.

 . Edgar award finalist: the true story of the female Norwegian immigrant who led a secret life as a serial killer in the early twentieth-century Midwest. The house burned to the foundation, her two daughters, and in the rubble, firemen found the corpses of Belle, and her son. The discovery raised two chilling questions: who started the fire, and who cut off Belle’s head?   As investigators searched the property, they uncovered something astonishing: The remains of a dozen or more men and children who had been murdered with poison or cleaver were buried beneath the hog pen.

On the morning of april 27, 1908, indiana, the farmhand on a lonely property outside La Porte, woke to the smell of smoke.