From Texas to Montana: Tales of the Old West Book 47 – U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson

It has been told he has family in Montana. Almost half of the stolen money was to pay off our ranch which the bank will foreclose on the first day of September. U. S. I need your help if at all possible, or the children and I shall lose the ranch. Sincerely, Nadine Rogers. Marshal, m d shorty thompson received a letter at his Fort Tularosa ranch, in western New Mexico.

April 19, 1881. I know who killed my husband but the law cannot find him. Dear shorty, it saddens me to let you know Matt was killed and robbed of eleven thousand dollars and was buried today.

Shoot Straight - U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson: Take Aim - Tales of the Old West Book 51

Come on kate we got to help um. Kate wide eyed said, “But Harrison, there’s so many of them. Yeah but mine and Zack’s rifle hold fourteen bullets. ”. Across the river, harrison and Kate Pascoe stood wide eyed with mouths open as those outlaws burned the Wood’s barn. April first, ten year old zack wood and his six year old sister Penny, 1891, lay on the grassy bank of the river.

They watched as riders ran the family stock from the corral then set fire to the barn.

U.S Marshal Shorty Thompson - In The Middle of the Colfax County War: Tales of the Old West Book 56

Thru thick trees, Shorty saw flames of a campfire and dismounted several yards away. Marshal shorty! sorry Marshal Shorty, I just mean it was nobody he had to shoot. ”. Where’s dean?”“hid out yonder in the dark with a rifle pointed dead center of your chest. She kept right on stirring. Shorty took a deep breath.

Whoa now! don’t you think you ought’a call him off?”she stopped stirring, it’s nobody! Oh yes it is, looked up and hollered out, “Hey Dean, it’s U. S. Hello the fire, polly can I come in?”“Yes Sir Marshal Shorty. She never stopped stirring. Shorty walked up saying, “I see you have two plates setting there.

Walking in slowly not making a sound, he saw a little girl no more than maybe ten or so stirring something in a skillet over the fire. He came close enough she could make him out in the dim light so he wouldn’t scare her.

Tales Of The Old West Book 55 - U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson: Billie & Bonnie Coleman: Women To Deal With

Billy and billie would live with her parents on the McKinnon ranch while Dale and Bonnie would be living on the Coleman ranch. Just over one short year later, tragedy struck. What was so strange, both these men were excellent horsemen. Somehow he was thrown from his horse with his left foot getting hung in the stirrup.

Billie and bonnie’s father Harmon, was riding the northern high mountain meadows looking for stray cattle. Yes, young, both were only forty five years old. These brothers and sisters were married on the same day. These families owned neighboring ranches thirteen miles northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona. Beautiful meandering Walnut Creek was the boundary between these two properties.

Billy and dale coleman were twenty year old twin brothers, who married twin sisters; eighteen year old Billie and Bonnie McKinnon. He was dragged to death and when found the horse was standing still, foot in the stirrup, body lying on the ground. Two weeks later, the very same thing happened to John, Billy and Dale’s father.

Billy coleman to billie McKinnon, and Bonnie McKinnon, to Dale Coleman. They were born and raised on ranches and rode and broke horses all of their young lives.

One Crooked Town: Tales Of The Old West Book 54 - U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson

Why did you shoot him?”“I didn’t, it was one of my deputies. He was shot from behind as he started to question four men removing gold from a shipment being loaded onto the Wells Fargo box car on the Atchison Topeka Santa Fe Railroad. This would stop his investigation for awhile. Sheriff ataman hayes walked into Doctor Phillip Conway’s office.

He was sent to investigate, starting in Engle, New Mexico Territory. If he dies, it’s mine. Marshal shorty thompson lay unconscious after a bullet was removed from high in his left shoulder. Think he’ll live?”“Yes, he’s young and strong. I might even jail him ‘till I find what he had in mind. He isn’t going to die, unless another of your idiots shoots him again.

The sheriff smiled, “I just might have to do that. U. S. Gold shipments had been coming up short from the Chloride and Winston mines. Found out who he is yet doc?”“No, he had no papers on him, and no money. Must be a cowboy drifter, but could be with one of them cattle drives. While my deputies was takin’ our five percent cut, he tried grabbin’ it all.

U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson - Yer in the Wrong Town Mister: Tales of the Old West Book 59

This is frank collins’ town an’ them are his sons. Are you gonna help er get in the way?”“Only help I’ll give is get you the doctor, if you don’t pass out first. Out the door he ran as Shorty locked the boys up and sat down behind the desk. A deputy jumped to his feet. They dismounted and walked inside.

Shorty was wounded and had lost more than a dab of blood. What’er you doing’ with jody an’ jim?”“Where’s the sheriff?”“Gone over to Page. I’m lockin’ these fellers up for a spell. Yer in the wrong town Master. Can’t, we’re tied to the saddle horn. Shorty didn’t untie the ropes, just cut them with his knife.

Tying dunnie he told Jody and Jim to get down. He slid from the saddle in front of the sheriff’s office. He was slouched over in his saddle as he rode into Holbrook, Arizona. In front of him tied to their saddles were the Collins brothers.

Gold In Salt River Canyon: Tales of the Old West Book 73 - U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson Meets U.S. Marshal Hopper Scranton

Marshal in the Arizona Territory. Howdy Captain. Hopper, glad you made it as soon as you did, read this. Need help as soon as possible. We’re both hungry and tired. ”. He rode into Tucson dead tired and sun burned. He stopped by the office even before taking care of his horse. Right now my horse gets took care of then me.

That was my fifteen year old son and a sixteen year old neighbor girl. Signed; sheriff Donald Tucker, Globe Arizona. I’ll ride out tomorrow. Glenwood, Hopper Scranton was U. S. The last two disappeared one week ago yesterday. Thirty six young boys and ten girls are missing from within forty mile radius of Globe Arizona.


Midnight Cowboy: The Shorty Thompson Western Tales: The Stories That Inspired "Shorty"

Marshal, ” “the long trail to nowhere” and “Black Pearls, Blue Diamonds and Bullets!”Matt was one of Shorty’s best friends. Walking to the main house, he knocked on the door. Thompson and his legendary character Shorty Thompson. Come on in, Ronnie. Ronnie stood with hat in hand. Marshal” that will be coming out later this year! In those collections, writers pay tribute to Paul L.

Outlaws abound, all trying to get their hands on the loot, but they have a bit of a surprise when they come face to face with scrappy young Margret, backed up by Shorty. With a gun in hand, shorty thompson deals with the problems he faces… and over time he has become legendary as a U. S. In this book you will find “U.

S. Marshal. U. S. They had worked on ranches together back in their teen years and were as close as any brothers. Thompson. And in “the long trail to nowhere, ” Ronnie Cox slowly saddled his horse, stowing all his traveling gear and tying it tightly.

Tascosa Showdown: Tales of the Old West Book 58 - U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson

Friends and fellow ranchers were being shot down every day and their cattle and property taken over by the King. She had a long time to think, and her choice of weapons will be one very sharp kitchen knife and one old wooden clothespin. Now they would take the matter into their own hands. James buffalo blackburn could be as stubborn as a sick mule about most everything.

He had waited too long to get his hands on these two low life murdering polecats. Using their guns and every farmer and rancher in the Panhandle, things were about to change. The local ranchers around tascosa had waited long enough for the Texas Rangers to show up, and Washington didn’t seem to give a damn.

Marshal m d shorty thompson’s oversized ranch partner Buffalo, talked Shorty into letting him come along on this assignment in west Texas. A nagging feeling hit Buffalo to go along, not knowing this could lead them to the killers of his wife. The only thing that kept her alive was her thoughts of revenge.

Law or no law, nothing will stop Buffalo from beating them into a bloody pulp and ripping them apart limbs from body. King or no damn king, a lot of men were about to die! Crooked law was about to be stopped. Too much blood had been spilled in and around Tascosa and all of it theirs. U.

U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson Trains Deputy U.S. Marshal Betty McCabe: A U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson Adventure

The families of those land grants were either dead or so scared they wouldn’t talk to the law. For most of a year in an unknown location, several of the very best marshals trained Betty McCabe. 1886 tom c hall, Chief U. S. Some of those taught her how to use her fist, knee or even a head butt. One of those was U.

S. Marshal for the territory of New Mexico appointed the first woman Deputy U. S. Marshal m d shorty Thompson, who taught her how to use firearms. Her job for the most part was to work under cover getting information on the Territorial Senator, Samuel Drake and Armand Roybal, the largest banker in the New Mexico Territory.

Old spanish land grant deeds were now in the Senator’s and Roybal family names. Marshal, twenty-two-year-old Betty McCabe. January 1st. When her training was complete, she was sharp eyed with a rifle and few men could come close to her speed and accuracy with a forty-five. The undercover name she was given was Connie Blake.


The Long Hunt" - Monty Long - Kill Every Witness: Tales Of The Old West Book 72: From The Author of "U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson - U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson

Marshals. U. S. The telegraph operator was on Mandel Blackmon’s payroll and never sent the wire, but gave names getting four of the five witnesses killed. He had jerked and pulled her from the slow moving train four miles northeast of the town of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Twelve gunmen had boarded the train looking for Melanie.

Marshal shorty thompson had his hand on the back Melanie Bishop’s head, shoving her low in the reeds growing along the banks of the San Juan River. Five people had witnessed the murder of Sheriff Grimes and the town judge, Marcum Ames and several more men. Del norte, colorado was the supply center for hundreds of mines in the San Juan Mountains.

She was the last of five witnesses they must kill to keep their very rich boss from being strung up by the neck. After laying everything out, they sent for U. S. Blatant killers with orders from their boss, when a small mine order came in fill that order then follow the wagons, or pack donkeys to that mine killing the owner and every miner.

Sheriff grimes had somehow found out and went to Judge Ames. They had worked up a plan and jumped the train, now Shorty and Melanie were in hiding, miles and miles from Del Norte. Melanie’s father, on the sly got her out of town after the other witnesses started coming up dead.