Deep Allegiance Noah Wolf Book 16

On a diplomatic mission to discuss possible E&E assistance to the European Union, Donald Jefferson falls victim to an international assassin, and Allison is in shock. And he’s only got hours left to do so. Trouble follows, though, when Renée seems to have fallen under Spear’s sway and turned against the team.

With marco insisting that renee would never turn traitor, Noah has to decide whether to obey the order to eliminate her or risk everything to bring her back in from the cold. With the intelligence community at a loss to find out who was behind the attack, Noah and Team Camelot are called on to track down the elusive criminal kingpin known only as Spear and bring his powerful murder cartel to an end.

The only way to determine who spear is, neil, is to infiltrate his organization, and that requires Noah, however, Jenny, Marco and Renée to all go into deep cover.

Caged Animal Noah Wolf Book 15

Can they save him, or is this the very end of the line for Team Camelot. And for noah Wolf? Noah is wounded and captured, and the man they get back is nothing like the Camelot they knew. Allison finds herself forced to decide whether Noah can be salvaged at all, while Sarah and his team are left in the dark.

Noah is sent out with a ciA agent to bring in information vital to National Security, but something goes wrong.

Pack Leader Noah Wolf Book 17

Fortunately, his lack of emotion makes him the ideal man for the job, and his teams rapidly come to respect him as he takes over from the infamous Dragon Lady. But now, noah has to put together a team that can not only eliminate those who threaten the world, with a new trade war rocking world leaders and mega-corporations gearing up to wage some combat of their own, but also bring some order to it.

Who among his stable will be best for the job? There will be some surprises as Noah takes on his new role as the most dangerous and powerful man alive. As the new head of e & E, Noah has to make decisions that would terrify most people.

World Order Noah Wolf Book 14

Ufos and alien creatures and visits from Men In Black are all part of the mystery, and even Noah is beginning to wonder what they're up against. When bodies start turning up that don't even seem to be human, the situation seems more and more like something out of a science fiction movie, but Noah is convinced.

. American military men have been turning up dead and vanishing, and all of the events are connected to the unusual activity. Teaming up with some of the most elite soldiers in the world, Noah and Team Camelot prepared to venture into what can only be termed alien territory. Noah and his team are sent to take on a mission they never expected to see: investigating what looks suspiciously like an extraterrestrial base in South America.


More Than It Seems A Sam and Indie Novel Book 9

Sam and the windlass team are called in to assist on a cold murder case from twenty-five years before, but it isn't long before Sam finds out that one of his oldest friends, former detective Steve Beck, had known the victim. Knowing that he would never be able to rest if the wrong man was arrested, Sam pulls out all the stops to get to the truth.

As the story comes out, sam learns that Steve's young son vanished back then, and the victim may have been the one who abducted him. When newly discovered evidence makes that scenario more likely, and after learning that Steve was withholding facts, he's forced to consider whether his friend and fellow investigator could be the murderer.


Moving On A Sam and Indie Novel Book 10

People are dropping dead all over florida and the authorities are stumped as to what’s killing them, so a local cop who had been a longtime fan shows up at Sam’s beach house with a plea for help. It doesn’t take sam, indie and beauregard long to figure out the why of the many deaths, but then Sam becomes a target of the mysterious person behind it all.

Life is great, and he’s glad to be free of all the dangers of being a private eye, especially after losing his mother and some dear friends over the past few months. But nothing lasts forever, and it isn’t long before Sam stumbles across a situation he just can’t leave alone. Come along with sam and the rest as they desperately race against time to save Sam and everyone else!

Sam has retired at last and moved his family away from Denver to the sunny beaches of Florida, land of sunshine and Disney World.

Black Harvest Noah Wolf Book 13

The only possible hope is for one of them to sacrifice herself, but which one will it be? Using organ donor recruitment groups on college campuses, they choose their victims carefully and keep them prisoner until their organs have been sold on the black market. Because the organization is so widespread, the team goes in three separate directions to take them out.

Unfortunately, that leads to jenny, Renée and Sarah all being captured while Noah is all the way across the country from them. Noah and the team go after the most despicable organization they've ever encountered: human traffickers that deal not only in slaves, but also in harvested organs. While noah uses wally's latest tricks and breaks every rule to get to them, the three girls are faced with a terrible choice.


Unknown Evil Noah Wolf Book 12

The queen's ambassador, catherine potts, suddenly calls Noah to tell him that there is a single terrorist in the country who has the power to wipe us out, but he's an unknown. Noah and the team take some well-deserved time off at the Manor in England, but that always seems to be when things go crazy. Mi6 has been unable to break through the secrecy around him to track him down, so the Queen has asked for Camelot's help.

They've got less than thirty-six hours before disaster happens, and only a handful of clues that don't seem to fit together. This will be a race against time, and in the end it may not just be civilians that Noah and his team must end up saving.

Worst Nightmare A Sam and Indie Novel Book 11

They have found a little girl who, even though she seems happy and well-adjusted, seems to be a child who was abducted when she was very small and hustled through an adoption with false paperwork. Sam and indie have stumbled upon a terrible situation. When they get too close, a hired killer is sent to their home while Sam and Indie are away, and it's up to Grandma Kim and Beauregard the ghost to save the day.

Neither she nor her family were aware of her story, but Sam soon learns that she might be only one of many such children. With the help of the ghosts and, sam and indie began to investigate what may be the biggest baby trafficking ring that ever existed, Beauregard and Grace, and the case leads to a number of dangerous situations.


High Treason Noah Wolf Book 18

He and wally come up with a cover story in the form of a new factory that will house and conceal the new R&D labs, while giving the teams a reason to be traveling around the world. The problem is that the first missions to come in are necessary to protect the teams from being found out, and they lead to some discoveries of treason in some of the highest levels of the government--and perhaps the end of Allison Peterson.

With e&e shut down and everyone in hiding, noah and the rest start to think about retirement, but then an ultra-secret message comes in that tells him to set up a whole new operation in the UK.

Edge of Anarchy Noah Wolf Book 11

This time, jenny is forced to take on the role of a known female assassin in order to expose the terrorist organization behind her. Noah and the team are called up for a new mission, but it almost seems like history repeating itself. The plan takes them to a few different locales, and puts all of them in danger.

The first contract she is given is for a high-ranking British official, but that turns out to have been only a test. The real contract comes afterward, and the entire team is shocked when they learn who the target is. Terrorism strikes close to home when Jenny is contracted to kill none other than Allison Peterson, herself.

Unfortunately, the organization behind the contract has leverage that may make it necessary for Jenny and Team Camelot to actually carry out the assassination.