Dear Mr. Sinatra

Dear Mr. Early in his career, Pizzarelli opened for Sinatra on tour. Sinatra, follows pizzarelli's highly-acclaimed tributes to Nat King Cole Dear Mr. Cole, antonio carlos jobim Bossa Nova and The Beatles John Pizzarelli Meets The Beatles. John pizzarelli, one of the most celebrated performers bringing popular standards to a new generation, pays homage to Frank Sinatra with the release of Dear Mr.

Sinatra is in many ways the most personal of all the Sinatra tributes available. Focusing on songs that were specifically written for 'Ol' Blue Eyes' and also featuring The Clayton- Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, Dear Mr. Sinatra. Mr. His father, the jazz guitar legend Bucky Pizzarelli, played on many of Sinatra's seminal recordings.

Cole and P. S.

Sinatra & Jobim @ 50

Shrink-wrapped. Two of john pizzarelli's greatest influences, joined forces in 1967 to present a softer, Frank Sinatra and the bossa nova composer Antonio Carlos Jobim, sultrier side of Sinatra on the heels of 'That's Life' and 'Strangers in the Night. Half a century later, john pizzarelli is celebrating that unique gathering with his July 28, 2017 Concord Jazz release Sinatra & Jobim @ 50


Midnight McCartney

There were a lot of things we had never done before a lot of background vocals, additional horns and handclaps. It's a take on the songs within a style we're comfortable with. Paul mccartney had a great idea for an album. As i said, this may tickle your fancy or you may decide these are the ramblings of a deranged composer with too much time on his hands.

To say john Pizzarelli was tickled is putting it mildly. Pizzarelli, his wife jessica molaskey co-producer of midnight McCartney - and pianist Larry Goldings immediately went into research mode, digging through McCartney's albums of the last 45-plus years to find songs that could be re-harmonized and adapted for Pizzarelli's trademark style.

. I realize this may be a little immodest, if not pushy. I got an idea in my head, McCartney wrote to Pizzarelli in late May 2014. He just needed John Pizzarelli to make it. Mccartney concluded in his letter, if it gets some traction, "The attraction for me is lesser-known tunes done in a mellow jazz style and, maybe the album could be titled Midnight McCartney.

I imagine the songs would include post-beatles melodies of mine like 'Love in the Open Air' from the soundtrack to 1967 film The Family Way, possibly, 'Junk, ' 'Warm and Beautiful' and, 'My Valentine. My valentine" was the one mccartney composition on his album of songs from the '30s and '40s, Kisses on the Bottom MPL/Hear Music/Concord.

Pizzarelli played guitar on the album and backed sir paul on a handful of prestigious live performances, including the GRAMMY Awards, MusiCares Person of the Year gala and the initial iTunes/Apple TV live broadcast.

For Centennial Reasons: 100 Year Salute to Nat King Cole

Shrink-wrapped. Now he honors the legendary singer Nat King Cole with a selection of his classics. Shrink-wrapped. While plenty of jazz greats have influenced his work, Cole has been Pizzarelli’s hero and foundation over the last 25 years. John will be touring a celebration of Nat King Cole’s music for his centennial in 2019.

The 6-panel cd digipak includes artist photos and an artist note. A centennial celebration of nat king cole world-renowned guitarist and singer john pizzarelli has established himself as a prime contemporary interpreter of the Great American Songbook and beyond, Neil Young, with a repertoire that includes Paul McCartney, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Tom Waits, Joni Mitchell, and the Beatles.


Live At Birdland 2 CD

Live at birdland' celebrates the 10th anniversary of the John Pizzarelli Trio, featuring Ray Kennedy Piano Martin Pizzarelli Bass and the amazing John Pizzarelli Guitar and Vocals. Having shared the stage over the years with Frank Sinatra, Rosemary Shrink-wrapped. John Pizzarelli. Shrink-wrapped.

Love Is Here To Stay

Tony bennett/diana Krall- Love Is Here To Stay. Fascinating rhythm was tony bennetts first physical recording in 1949, made under his then stage name, Joe Bari, which he revisits as a duet with Krall for this project. Tony bennett and diana krall celebrate their shared love of the music of George and Ira Gershwin on their new collaborative album, LOVE IS HERE TO STAY, set for a September 14th release.

Love is here to stay is a subtle, sophisticated and beautifully rendered love letter to The Gershwins music and their status as one of the premiere songwriters of the American popular standard. It is a masterclass in vocal delivery and phrasing and the command that Bennett and Krall display of the material in both their duets and solo tracks makes it appear effortless, belying the honed skill of the vocalists.

Shrink-wrapped. The duet tracks include s wonderful, they Cant Take That Away from Me and Fascinating Rhythm, Ive Got Rhythm, among them. Shrink-wrapped. John Pizzarelli.

Knowing You

You wholeheartedly support customers as satisfactory. Tony bennett/diana Krall- Love Is Here To Stay. Shrink-wrapped. It is approximately 7-14days on delivery date. Thank you for you seeing it. I will ship by ems or SAL items in stock in Japan. Shrink-wrapped. John Pizzarelli.

Turn Up The Quiet

Diana krall's latest album, turn up the quiet, reuniting Diana with Grammy Award-winning producer, celebrates Jazz and the Great American Songbook, Tommy LiPuma. Shrink-wrapped. To date, her albums have garnered five Grammy® Awards, eight Juno® Awards and have also earned nine gold, three platinum and seven multi-platinum albums.

Shrink-wrapped. John Pizzarelli. Tony bennett/diana Krall- Love Is Here To Stay. Diana krall is the only jazz singer to have eight albums debut at the top of the Billboard Jazz Albums chart. Krall's unique artistry transcends any single musical style and has made her one of the most acclaimed artists of our time.

Photographer - Mary McCartney Shrink-wrapped.

Rockin' In Rhythm: A Duke Ellington Tribute

There are some many beautiful melodies and so many discoveries to be made on any given night. Like ellington, pizzarelli crafts his performances to spotlight the talents of his band members. John Pizzarelli. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Rockin' in rhythm: a tribute to Duke Ellington is Pizzarelli's first ever Ellington recording.

. In addition to a solo track "just squeeze me", four songs on rockin' In Rhythm showcases his quartet - pianist Larry Fuller, bassist/brother Martin Pizzarelli and drummer Tony Tedesco - and seven tracks include the Swing Seven horns with arrangements by Don Sebesky. Tony bennett/diana Krall- Love Is Here To Stay.

I heard a tremendous amount of his music listening to my Dad and then through performing with him. Singer/guitarist john pizzarelli, celebrates the music of Duke Ellington, a master in the art of reinventing jazz classics, undeniably one of the most prominent musical icons of the 20th century. Duke's music was an integral part of any set my father played, " says Pizzarelli.

Rockin' in rhythm combines the enduring work of Duke Ellington with John Pizzarelli's incredible ability to reinterpret the Great American Songbook. Pizzarelli was still a very young musician when Ellington died in May 1974, but thanks to his father - veteran guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli - he would eventually learn much about jazz's most important composer.

Pizzarelli says, after the `keeper' take of `c jam, "Don Sebesky surprised us all at the session when, ' he said that we should `thank Pizzarelli for getting us all together to play Duke Ellington.

After Hours

Shrink-wrapped. Tony bennett/diana Krall- Love Is Here To Stay. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. John Pizzarelli.

With A Song In My Heart

No description Available. Genre: jazz musicmedia format: compact DiskRating: Release Date: 19-AUG-2008 Shrink-wrapped. John Pizzarelli. Tony bennett/diana Krall- Love Is Here To Stay. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.