Coast to Cactus: The Canyoneer Trail Guide to San Diego Outdoors

This book is published in cooperation with california state parks, mission Trails Regional Park City of San Diego, San Dieguito River Park Joint Powers Authority, San Diego County Department of Parks and Recreation, and The San Diego River Foundation. Purchase of this book supports the mission and programs of the San Diego Natural History Museum.

Written by citizen scientists trained by the San Diego Natural History Museum Canyoneers, it is the new bible for really getting to know and appreciate the county's biodiversity while exploring firsthand. Each hike has its own map and symbols indicating the habits found on a trail, a full hike description with mileage, difficulty rating, directions to the trail-head with GPS, elevation gain/loss, trail use, and special features of a hike.

Coast to cactus: the canyoneer Trail Guide to San Diego Outdoors is much more than a hiking guide. The guide has 245 hikes and an additional 73 hike options making 318 exploring opportunities. This book is a learning tool designed to teach the reader what is special about San Diego outdoors. This book is like having a virtual canyoneer on the hike with you - a trained San Diego Natural History Museum naturalist with you who will teach you what is special about each trail.

There are 525 species of plants, birds, reptiles, mammals, amphibians, and invertebrates that are described in detail. It is a field guide too.

Afoot and Afield: San Diego County: 281 Spectacular Outings along the Coast, Foothills, Mountains, and Desert

It describes routes ranging from brief, family-friendly hikes to multiple-day overnight trips in remote regions of the backcountry, providing equal weight to the scenic and recreational value of each trip. The book encompasses almost all public―and a few private―lands within San Diego County, the Cuyamaca Mountains, Cleveland National Forest, including Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, and numerous county and city parks.

Plus, cultural, each trip features at least one significant botanical, or geological highlight with detailed information about what makes it special. In fact, the los angeles Times called it the “bible of San Diego hiking. This fifth edition features 282 trips, ranging from short, self-guided nature trails to challenging peak climbs and canyon treks.

For every route, including distance, you’ll find at-a-glance essential information, hiking time, mountain bikes, dogs, and elevation gain/loss; notes on which trails are suitable for children, equestrians, and backpacking; and accurate and precise driving and hiking directions. Your essential trail guide to san diego county since 1986, backpackers, Jerry Schad’s Afoot & Afield: San Diego County has been the premier trail guide for hikers, and mountain bikers.

Coauthor scott turner has fully updated this edition, which includes new maps and more than 30 new hikes.

Take a Hike: San Diego County: A Hiking Guide to 260 Trails in San Diego County

Few places on the planet can boast the diversity of natural landscape found in San Diego County. Included with each entry are driving directions, mileage and difficulty of each hike, whether dogs or horses are allowed and information on how to download trail maps. You'll find trail directions as well as historical tales about the natives and pioneers who once hiked the region.

She also identifies trees, wildflowers and birds you'll find on every trail. From the enormous anza-borrego desert to the Peninsular Range of mountains to the coastal wetlands of the Pacific Ocean, the breadth of San Diego County's environment is truly remarkable. Take a hike: san diego county is a comprehensive hiking guidebook that shares advice, tips, and tools that will entice exploration of one of America's most diverse and beautiful regions.

Priscilla lister, guides others down 260 trails that offer beautiful scenery, former newspaper columnist and avid hiker, seasoned journalist, physical challenges and an up-close experience with natural flora and fauna.

Anza-Borrego Desert Region: Your Complete Guide to the State Park and Adjacent Areas of the Western Colorado Desert

The book you need before you go to the anza-borrego DesertThe Anza-Borrego and Western Colorado Desert Region is a vast, intriguing landscape that harbors a rich variety of desert plants and animals. Anza-borrego desert region features 200 trails of varying difficulty and distances that appeal to both the novice and seasoned hiker.

Prepare for adventure with this comprehensive guidebook, accommodations, and facilities, providing everything from trail logs and natural history to a Desert Directory of agencies, as well as highway mileage markers and GPS coordinates. It is the perfect companion for hikers, history buffs, campers, and casual visitors.

The popular guidebook by lowell lindsay and diana lindsay is fully updated and offers complete coverage of over 1 million acres of desert lands and adjoining mountainous areas: Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Bureau of Land Management recreational and wilderness lands, Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area, parts of the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument, and more.

. Plus, the newly revised back pocket map is also included, showing expanded boundaries for state park and state vehicular recreation areas. This is a must-have for anyone thinking about visiting Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

Recreation Map of the San Diego Backcountry: Waterproof, synthetic paper Tom Harrison Maps

All maps have color-coded symbols and trails, Scale 1:126720 vegetation, contour lines, mileages between trail junctions, UTM grids, latitude/longitude, and elevations at trail junctions. Tom harrison maps is famous for the beauty and accuracy of its maps. All maps printed on waterproof and tear resistant material.

Includes anza borrego state park, cleveland National Forest, Cuyamaca State Park and the Southernmost portion of the Pacific Crest Trail.

The Pacific Alone: The Untold Story of Kayaking's Boldest Voyage

Still, gillet underestimated the abuse his body would take from the relentless, pounding, swells of the Pacific, and early into his voyage he was covered with salt water sores and found that he could find no comfortable position for sitting or sleeping. In the summer of 1987 ed gillet achieved what no person has accomplished before or since, a solo crossing from California to Hawaii by kayak.

. Gillet, at the age of 36 an accomplished sailor and paddler, navigated by sextant and always knew his position within a few miles. Along the way he endured a broken rudder, among other calamities, but at last reached Maui on his 63rd day at sea, four days after his food had run out. Dave shively brings gillet’s remarkable story to life in this gripping narrative, based on exclusive access to Gillet’s logs as well as interviews with the legendary paddler himself.


Roadside Geology of Southern California

Since mountain press started the Roadside Geology series forty years ago, southern Californians have been waiting for an RG of their own. Whether you want to find precious gemstones, ponder the mysteries of the Salton Sea, or straddle the boundary between the North American and Pacific Plates, be sure to bring this book along as your tour guide.

With dazzling color maps, roadside geology of southern california takes advantage of this newfound knowledge, and photographs, diagrams, combining the latest science with accessible stories about the rocks and landscapes visible from winding two-lane byways as well as from the region’s vast network of highways.

Join arthur sylvester, as they motor through mountains and deserts to explore the iconic features of the SoCal landscape, and Elizabeth O’Black Gans, a geologist-illustrator, an award-winning UC Santa Barbara geologist, from boulder piles in Joshua Tree National Park and brilliant white dunes in the Channel Islands to tar seeps along the rugged coast and youthful cinder cones in the Mojave Desert.

. During those four decades―which were punctuated by jarring earthquakes and landslides―geologists continued to unravel the complexity of the Golden State, crashes, where some of the most dramatic and diverse geology in the world erupts, and collides.

San Diego County Mammal Atlas

The new san diego county mammal atlas serves as the definitive guide to the mammals of San Diego County, the biodiversity of which is one of the greatest in the United States. More than a decade in the making, the 432-page, full-color book covers the biology of all 91 terrestrial species and 31 inshore marine visitors known to have occurred in the county during recorded history since 1769.


50 Best Short Hikes: San Diego

Join longtime residents don Endicott and the late Jerry Schad in one of America’s most stunning metro environments. The book’s at-a-glance hike descriptions and complete route details ensure that you know what to expect before you begin. Explore beautiful locales like del mar crest and Beach, La Jolla’s Coastline, Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve, Rice Canyon, and Hollenbeck Preserve.

Enjoy sidewalk strolls in historic neighborhoods. Discover the best hikes in southern California’s Showpiece City Beaches, nature preserves, urban settings, and mountain peaks beckon locals and visitors alike. Whether you have an hour or all day, 50 best Short Hikes: San Diego serves up diverse routes within 30 miles of San Diego’s central core.

Plus, 50 trail maps, you’ll know where you are and where to go with overview maps for 5 urban regions, and even GPS coordinates for each trailhead. Experience 50 easy-to-find, easy-to-follow trails, from 1 to 8 miles in length. Hike to wildflowers, waterfalls, and panoramic vistas that are sure to keep your camera clicking.


60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: San Diego: Including North, South and East Counties

Bounded by san diego bay and the pacific coastline to the west, mexico to the south, the 60-mile radius beyond San Diego creates a small, and the lower reaches of the Los Angeles metro area to the north, but rich wedge of scenic, the Santa Rosa Mountains to the east, natural wealth. Whether you're an experienced hiker or a casual day-hiker, 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: San Diego is the perfect tool to explore it all.

The natural open spaces in and around san diego are a prized natural resource for area hikers, and author Sheri McGregor shows you where and how to enjoy 60 of the best trails that the city of San Diego, nearby state parks, and private ventures have to offer.

National Audubon Society Field Guide to California

The most comprehensive field guide available to the flora and fauna of California--a portable, essential companion for visitors and residents alike--from the go-to reference source for over 18 million nature lovers. This compact volume contains:an easy-to-use field guide for identifying 1, and much more;a complete overview of california's natural history, clouds and weather patterns and night sky;An extensive sampling of the area's best parks, forests, butterflies, 000 of the state's wildflowers, rocks and minerals, mammals, ecology, and wildlife sanctuaries, preserves, fishes, mosses, wildlife habitats, mushrooms, amphibians, fossils, birds, reptiles, islands, covering geology, trees, beaches, with detailed descriptions and visitor information for 50 sites and notes on dozens of others.

The guide is packed with visual information -- the 1, 300 photographs, 500 full-color images include more than 1, and 16 night-sky charts, 14 maps, as well as 150 drawings explaining everything from geological processes to the basic features of different plants and animals.