Amafruits Variety Box – Special Offer

Amazon Rainforest Superfood. Great for making acai bowls, smoothies or juice. Freshly Frozen Fruit Purees. 20 single packs of brazilian superfruits - 4 servings packs - organic Pure Acai Special Grade, 4 servings packs - Cupuacu, 4 servings packs - Graviola, 4 servings packs - Acerola, 4 servings packs - Goiaba.

Organic certified acai berry, all non gmo project verified, VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, KOSHER. No sugar added - No Additives or preservatives.

Amafruits Acai Berry Puree - Pure & Unsweetened 24

No shipping to PO/APO Boxes. Pure acai unsweetened is an all-natural energy fruit puree for those who like raw foods or wish to add their own sweeteners. This super antioxidant smoothie pack has over 4g of Omegas and over 3g of Fiber. Each smoothie pack is easy to use and quickly thaws at room temperature or under running water.

Shipping only to continental United States addresses, no Alaska or Hawaii. Estimated delivery dates given by Amazon are just estimates, delivery often occurs before estimated dates. The acai packs should be placed in a freezer the same day of delivery for proper storage. Each 14 oz bag has 4 single serving packs of 3.

5 oz 100 grams each inside. Essential amino acids, polyphenols, valuable electrolytes and a full complement of vitamins & minerals. Product ships frozen in an insulated container packed with dry ice to keep cold during transit. Perfect for healthy frozen treats, or mixing in juices, smoothies, yogurts and acai bowls.

Certified usda Organic, wild-grown & sustainably harvested. One of the highest antioxidant food sources in the world 2X blueberries & pomegranate. You can drink straight from the pack or mix with other fruits/juices/milk/water to make powerful smoothie drinks or acai bowls that taste so great they will leave you wanting more.