A Man of His Word A Hearts of Middlefield Book 1

Gabriel millerùlevi's twinùlongs for an intimate commitment that might someday bind them to one another. If she'll only let it. Convinced of the impossibility of his dream, Gabriel settles for a mere friendship with the woman he loves. Moriah bravely goes on with her life, adjusting to her new role in their tight-knit Amish community and preparing for the birth of her child.

The community, stunned, rushes to the young womanÆs aid. But there is someone who feels more than just sympathy for Moriah. She is unaware that her brief marriageùonce idealized as the happiest time of her lifeùmay have been merely a shadow of the kind of love God has created for her. HeÆs left her, his family, and their faith without a backward glance.

Newly wed and newly pregnant, Moriah is abandoned by her husband, Levi. Moriah's heart will only be safe with a man of his word. In just a few short months, Moriah MillerÆs perfect life unravels. A love that can mend the soul, renew her heart, and give her a future filled with hope.

An Honest Love A Hearts of Middlefield Book 2

Though she finds herself falling in love, she's hiding a piece of her past in fear that their future will be destroyed if she tells him the truth. But love can't be built on lies and the past comes rushing back to Anna in an irreversible way. As they cling to their belief in an honest love, they realize it's a path they must walk together even as it leads to unexpected places.

In middlefield, anna withdrew from risk, placing all her attention on managing the new gift shop she and her mom bought. When lukas introuces himself, Anna can't resist her attraction to him. It was the ideal place for Anna's broken heart to mend. Now lukas must decide how he will react to Anna's betrayal. In an attempt to never be hurt again, she and her mother relocated to Middlefield, Ohio.

Anna must find the courage to tell Lukas the truth. Will he find the courage to forgive her?Anna was once betrayed by someone she loved deeply.

A Hand to Hold A Hearts of Middlefield Book 3

Satisfied he's done a good deed, he waits around so Ruth can thank him. But after her first day, she wonders if she’s made a mistake. Instead she's furious he interfered. After seeing enough, he storms into the classroom and demands the students show Ruth respect. But to do so, he’ll need to offer her his hand.

And now he has little use for Ruth. There’s more to zach’s story, and when Ruth finds out the truth to why he hated school, the consequences leave them seeing each other in a different light. Zach leaves, thinking she's still the snobby, bookworm he knew from school. He doesn’t have much use for learning.

Ruth byler has never failed at anything in her life, but Zach Bender is going to test the limits of her heart. A student at heart, Ruth is finally a teacher at the Amish schoolhouse. Ruth can help Zach if he’ll let her. The students want nothing to do with learning. Deflated, she makes a promise to herself to not give up—not yet.

When zach comes to fix a repair at the schoolhouse, he notices the young Amish teacher and the disorderly students.

Amish Romance: The Amish Farm Amish Homestead Book 3

The day he comes to remove her from her home, he doesn't have the heart to put her and her child out on the street. When sam offers her a solution to help get her back on her feet in exchange for room and board in the dawdi haus, he believes he's made the bargain of a lifetime. Will sam get what he’s bargained for, or will personal complications get in his way?

Can an englisher be the answer to gretta's prayers?when Gretta Yoder can't pay her taxes after the death of her husband, Sam Taylor, an Englisher, purchases her land and home for the cost of the back taxes.

Treasuring Emma A Middlefield Family Novel Book 1

But then he went away. Determined to experience the freedom of living in the Englisch world, he left Emma heart-broken. But this time she's determiend to guard her heart. It might be love that keeps him there. But will her new beau? When will it be her turn to be treasured?Adam was her first love and best friend.

Or perhaps just guilt. When a newcomer arrives in town and shows an interest in Emma, she dismisses Adam's insistence that she be cautious. All this attention is new to her and she doesn't know quite how to accept it. How could he have chosen the world over her?Now Adam is back in Middlefield and Emma can't seem to keep him away from her family's farm.

Emma knows her Heavenly Father treasures her. Emma always put the needs of others ahead of her own.

Faithful to Laura A Middlefield Family Novel Book 2

Now he must commit to the Amish church or return to the Yankee world. She canÆt move on with her life until he explains why. Sawyer thompson wasn't born Amish, but has lived in their community for years. Both laura and sawyer will need to release the anger in their hearts and forgive the people whoÆve harmed them.

LauraÆs amish faith requires her to forgive, but she can only think of revenge. Laura stutzman leaves her kentucky community for Middlefield, with one purpose: to find Mark King, Ohio, the man who pledged his love to her, then left. Having suffered loss at a young age, he understands LauraÆs anger, but is determined to follow GodÆs will and forgive.

As laura struggles to trust God, can Sawyer remain faithful to Laura? As their friendship grows, Laura begins to let her guard down. But new information surfaces about SawyerÆs past and threatens the coupleÆs budding relationship.

Amish Matchmaker: Practice Match: Amish Romance The Amish Matchmaker Book 3

Can she handle the job just to keep herself from becoming homeless with a baby on the way, or will she find a warm heart beneath Ivan's rough exterior? Is a marriage of convenience the right thing for widowed libby bontrager, or will someone else rescue her from having to marry?When recently widowed Libby goes to the matchmaker for help finding a match in name only, she ends up as a caretaker for the infant son of Ivan Yoder, the most cantankerous widower in the community.


Letters to Katie A Middlefield Family Novel Book 3

Everything changed between them the first time he called her Katie. Katherine yoder has loved Johnny Mullet since the two were children, but heÆs never returned her affections. Now johnny is trying to forge a new life for himself by purchasing a farm and building a business of his own. While katherine struggles to recall recent memories of Johnny, a surprise visitor comes back into her life, claiming that his letters speak of a history and a future for the two of them.

With the two men vying for her attention and her memory still elusive, Katherine has never felt so torn. But times are tough, and he soon learns that he canÆt take anything for grantedùespecially Katherine. Before johnny has the opportunity to tell Katherine his true feelings, sheÆs struck by a serious illness.

But will the solutions to both JohnnyÆs and KatherineÆs problems lie in places neither one has ever considered? .

A Faith of Her Own A Middlefield Amish Novel

Yet the question still lingers: what is god’s plan for her life?should she stay, remaining loyal to her Amish family, or does God have a bigger plan—one that provides more freedom than she could imagine?The answers do not come easily, and God’s plan may lead in different directions . The amish life feels as if it’s closing in on her, and with her mother trying to set her up with potential suitors, Anna Mae feels trapped in a life she’s not sure she wants anymore.

But she’s never told anyone that she longs for a tiny taste of freedom—freedom that could be very costly. When jeremiah suddenly reappears in Middlefield to help his mentor, Yankee veterinarian Dr. For both of Anna Mae and Jeremiah. And everyone she loves?ever since anna Mae’s childhood friend Jeremiah left their Amish community, she’s questioned her own place in the Amish world.

. Miller, new questions surface for Anna Mae, along with feelings she’d never fully acknowledged before. As anna mae and jeremiah rekindle their friendship, old feelings take on new meaning. Can anna mae heed god’s call on her life, even if it means leaving behind everything she knows.

A Reluctant Bride An Amish of Birch Creek Novel Book 1

Now everything sadie has worked so hard to protect is threatened, and she must find a way to save her family—and herself. When he is faced with the chance to protect Sadie once again, he can’t let her down—even if it means living with the scorn of the woman he loves for the rest of his life. Working alongside aden at the store, Sadie realizes he isn’t the same boy who once betrayed her.

. He hopes to make amends for past wrongs. And every day since that incident, Aden has lived with the guilt for not intervening sooner. All of her other amish friends could court and marry—she was content to manage the family business and eventually take it over when her parents are ready to retire. Can love find a way to heal both of their hearts?Sadie Schrock swore she would never marry.

With mounting hospital bills adding to the pile of debt her parents left behind, Sadie is left with no choice: she must marry. But all of that changes when a reckless driver kills both of her parents and seriously injures her younger sister. And not just any man—the man who saw her at her weakest and walked away.

Aden knows what his brother did to Sadie years ago was inexcusable. She never wanted to marry. Just when sadie starts to let her guard down and perhaps develop feelings for her new husband, dangerous secrets are revealed.

An Unbroken Heart An Amish of Birch Creek Novel Book 2

In an instant, Joanna’s world is changed forever. One minute, and the next, joanna Schrock was arguing with her parents, her parents’ lives were claimed in a hit-and-run buggy accident. As the couple’s wedding date approaches, Joanna isn’t overcome with the deep joy she was hoping to feel; instead, she’s wracked with anxiety and guilt.

Joanna hears god whispering to her, be strong and courageous, but she’s afraid that courage looks a lot like walking away from her dreams and into the plan of her Heavenly Father. If joanna takes the first step toward healing, will it cost her everything she’s ever wanted? Or could God be changing the desires of her heart?

She is thrilled when andrew wants to get married, but she wonders whether it’s love he’s feeling, or pity. But nothing is the same—not even her feelings for Andrew Beiler. Joanna has loved andrew since the age of twelve, and her feelings have not changed throughout the years. Her body is broken, but her heart is in even deeper pain— after all, how do you cope with your parents’ deaths when your last words were spoken in anger? After an extended stint in a physical rehabilitation center, Joanna re-enters her Amish life.

An argument. A crash.