4GB Kit 2x2GB RAM Memory Upgrade for Lenovo ThinkPad T61 DDR2-667MHz 200-pin SODIMM

If your computer is not the computer in the title of this ad this part may not function. Your system only supports modules mades with a specific type of chip. When you purchase memory from 4AllDeals, you are buying from a company inside the United States with technical support associates who train and live here.

Please note if you do not purchase this module from 4AllDeals direct, it comes with a lifetime warranty, you do not get the lifetime warranty or tech support offered in this ad. 200 pin module. When you purchase ram from 4alldeals, as well as lifetime telephone technical support from our US-based technicians.

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AC Doctor INC High Performance Widescreen battery for IBM Lenovo ThinkPad R61 R61i T61 T61p T400 R400 Series Laptop 14.1 Inch - Long Life, 24Months Warranty

Buy with confidence! We have been manufacturing the laptop battery for 11 years. Note: only for 14. 1" widescreen laptop battery. The battery part numbers listed in the description matches the battery part number on your original battery before you purchase. Not compatible with narrow screen IBM ThinkPad T61 R61 series.

14. 1 inch widescreen laptop battery for lenovo ibm thinkpad t61 t61p r61 r61i t400 r400 fru 42t5225 42t5263 42T5264 42T4531 204. 90x58. 55x2010mm 298. 0g. 108v and 11. 1v are compatible,. Direct from manufacturer. Compatible with part number: for lenovo: 42t5225, 43r2499, 42t5263, 41u3196, 41u3197, 42t4531, 42t5230, 42t5262, 42t5264, 42t5229, 42t4530, 42t5227, 42t5226 compatible with laptop models Lenovo ThinkPad R400 Series Lenovo ThinkPad R400 7443 Lenovo ThinkPad R61 Series 14.

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