100 Contemporary Houses Bibliotheca Universalis Multilingual Edition

The scale may be more modest than public projects, but the preferences, the technical fittings less complex than an industrial site, requirements and vision of particular personalities becomes priority.100 contemporary Houses. Accommodating daily routines of eating, and shelter, sleeping, as well as offering the space for personal experience and relationships, this is architecture at its most elementary and its most intimate.

Designing private residences has its own very special challenges and nuances for the architect. The delicate task is to translate all the emotive associations and practical requirements of “home” into a workable, constructed reality. This publication rounds up 100 of the world’s most interesting and pioneering homes designed in the past two decades, Herzog & de Meuron, featuring a host of talents both new and established, Alvaro Siza, Shigeru Ban, including John Pawson, Tadao Ando, Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind, Richard Meier, and Peter Zumthor.


Modern Architecture A-Z Bibliotheca Universalis

With illustrations including some of the best architectural photography of the modern era, this is a comprehensive resource for any architecture professional, student, or devotee. With more than 280 entries, now part of our Bibliotheca Universalis series, this architectural A–Z, offers an indispensable overview of the key players in the creation of modern space.

You’ll take in gio ponti’s colored geometries, the luminous interiors of SANAA, Zaha Hadid’s free-flowing futurism, and Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s unique blend of Scottish tradition and elegant japonisme. From the period spanning the 19th to the 21st century, concise biography, pioneering architects are featured with a portrait, as well as a description of her or his important work.

Like a bespoke global architecture tour, you’ll travel from manhattan skyscrapers to a Japanese concert hall, from Gaudí’s Palau Güell in Barcelona to Lina Bo Bardi’s sports and leisure center in a former factory site in São Paulo. Modern Architecture A Z. The book’s a to z entries also cover groups, movements, including International Style, De Stijl, and styles to position these leading individual architects within broader building trends across time and geography, Bauhaus, and much more.


100 Interiors Around the World Bibliotheca Universalis ---multilingual

Modern Architecture A Z. Making stops in north and south america, africa, Europe, and Australia, Asia, this edition rounds up some of today’s most exceptional and inspiring interiors across six continents. 100 interiors Around the World. From rustic minimalism to urbane eclecticism, united by authenticity, the selection celebrates a global spectrum of styles, a love of detail, and a zest for individual expression that will never go out of fashion.

Includes interiors in argentina, morocco, france, italy, spain, the usa, Indonesia, Kenya, Japan, the UK, Brazil, South Africa, Greece, Turkey, Cuba, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, China, and many more countries. With pictures by leading interior photographers including xavier béjot, simon upton, vincent thibert, reto guntli, HieplerBrunier, Jason Schmidt, Ditte Isager, Pieter Estersohn, Tim Street-Porter, René Stoeltie, Eric Laignel, Ricardo Labougle, François Halard, Åke Lindman, Mark Seelen, Nikolas Koenig, Marina Faust, Thomas Loof, Paul Warchol.


The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings TED Books

Simon Schuster Ted. Modern Architecture A Z. We’re entering a new age in architecture—one where we expect our buildings to deliver far more than just shelter. Like an architectural cabinet of wonders, this book collects the most innovative buildings of today and tomorrow. 100 interiors Around the World. The buildings hail from all seven continents to say nothing of other planets, offering a truly global perspective on what lies ahead.

The founder of Architizer. Com and practicing architect draws on his unique position at the crossroads of architecture and social media to highlight 100 important buildings that embody the future of architecture. We’re asking more of architecture than ever before; the response will define our future. A pavilion made from paper.

We want buildings that inspire us while helping the environment; buildings that delight our senses while serving the needs of a community; buildings made possible both by new technology and repurposed materials. A building that eats smog. An inflatable concert hall. Each page captures the soaring confidence, the space-age wonder, this book is an essential and delightful guide to the future being built around us—a future that matters more, the thoughtful intelligence, and to more of us, and at times the sheer whimsy of the world’s most inspired buildings—and the questions they provoke: Can a building breathe? Can a skyscraper be built in a day? Can we 3D-print a house? Can we live on the moon? Filled with gorgeous imagery and witty insight, than ever.

A research lab that can walk through snow.

Case Study Houses Basic Art Series 2.0

Sponsored by arts & architecture magazine, the program sought to respond to the postwar building boom with prototype modern homes that could be both easily replicated and readily affordable to the average American. Concentrated on the los angeles area, charles and ray eames, eero saarinen, Pierre Koenig, Raphael Soriano, the Case Study Houses included 36 model homes commissioned from such major architects of the day as Richard Neutra, Craig Ellwood, A.

Quincy jones, and Ralph Rapson. Their criteria included “using, as far as is practicable, many war-born techniques and materials best suited to the expression of man’s life in the modern world. The results of the program would redefine the modern home and extend influence not only across the United States but around the world.

Case Study Houses. Simon Schuster Ted. This compact guide includes all of the case Study Houses with over 150 photos and plans, as well as a map showing locations of all sites, including those that no longer exist. Modern Architecture A Z. 100 interiors Around the World. The case study house program 1945–1966 was a unique event in the history of American architecture.


Small Architecture Bibliotheca Universalis Multilingual Edition

Whether in japanese cities, or at the frontier between art and architecture, small buildings present many advantages, where large sites are hard to come by, and push their designers to do more with less. A dollhouse for calvin klein in new york, a playhouse for children in Trondheim, vacation cabins, and housing for victims of natural disasters are all part of the new rush to develop the great small architecture of the moment.

From world-famous names to the freshest new talent, come discover architectural invention on a whole new, small scale. The 2013 pritzker prize winner toyo ito is here, England, Chile, but so are emergent architects from Portugal, and New Zealand. Simon Schuster Ted. Case Study Houses. Modern Architecture A Z.

Today, many architects have turned in a more focused way to creating works that may be diminutive in their dimensions, with reduced budgets, but are definitely big when it comes to trendsetting ideas. Small Architecture. 100 interiors Around the World. Over the years, talented architects have occasionally indulged themselves with the challenge of designing small but perfectly formed buildings.


Eames Basic Art Series 2.0

Case Study Houses. The creative duo charles eames 1907–1978 and Ray Kaiser Eames 1912–1988 transformed the visual character of America. Though best known for their furniture, textile design, the husband and wife team were also forerunners in architecture, photography, and film. The eameses’ work defined a new, exemplary for its integration of craft and design, as well as for the use of modern materials, multifunctional modernity, notably plywood and plastics.

Simon Schuster Ted. Eames. Small Architecture. Modern Architecture A Z. The eames lounge chair wood, designed with molded plywood technology, became a defining furniture piece of the 20th century, while the couple’s contribution to the Case Study Houses project not only made inventive use of industrial materials but also developed an adaptable floor plan of multipurpose spaces which would become a hallmark of postwar modern architecture.

From the couple’s earliest furniture experiments to their seminal short film Powers of Ten, this book covers all the aspects of the illustrious Eames repertoire and its revolutionary impact on middle-class American living. 100 interiors Around the World.

Mies van der Rohe Basic Art Series 2.0

Others cite mies van der Rohe as the ultimate master of an abidingly elegant essence. This book presents more than 20 of mies van der Rohe’s projects from the period 1906–1967 to introduce his groundbreaking practise and influence in both America and Europe. Some spoke out against this stark approach as the precursor to bland, generic cityscapes.

100 interiors Around the World. Mies van Der Rohe. Case Study Houses. Modern Architecture A Z. Small Architecture. Eames. With the help of contemporary technological and material developments, he sought a stripped-down purity to architecture, showcased by the likes of the Seagram Building and Farnsworth House. Famed for his motto “less is more, ” ludwig mies van der Rohe 1886–1969 was one of the founding fathers of modern architecture and a hotly-debated tastemaker of twentieth-century aesthetics and urban experience.

Mies van der rohe’s philosophy was one of underlying truth in pure forms and proportions. Simon Schuster Ted.

100 Contemporary Wood Buildings Bibliotheca Universalis Multilingual Edition

Case Study Houses. Modern Architecture A Z. Simon Schuster Ted. Small Architecture. Not so very long ago, some might have considered wood a material of the past, long since replaced by more modern components such as concrete and steel. Bolstered by new manufacturing techniques and ecological benefits, wood has seen a fabulous resurgence in contemporary construction.

This bibliotheca universalis edition explores how architects around the world have created and invented with this elementary material. It examines the computer-guided milling that has allowed for novel new forms, wood’s enduring appeal to our senses and psyche, the responsible harvesting that allows wood to align with our environmental concerns, and, above all, comforting hectic modern lives with a sense of Arcadian simplicity.

100 interiors Around the World. The truth is radically different. Featuring follies, and ambitious urban renewal schemes, very large buildings, it celebrates the diverse deployment of wood by architects around the world. It celebrates each architect’s vision and innovation, as well as investigating the techniques, trends, and principles that have informed their work with wood.

We see how wood can at once transform urban spaces, as in the Metropol Parasol in Seville by Jürgen Mayer H. Chile, such as at the termas geométricas Hot Springs Complex in Pucón, and allow for sensitive interventions in natural environments, by Germán del Sol. True to all taschen architecture titles, the book pays tribute to many emerging international talents as well as to such renowned figures as Tadao Ando and Renzo Piano.

Interiors Now! Bibliotheca Universalis Multilingual Edition

100 interiors Around the World. This survey of contemporary interior design carefully curates homes from all over the world―from Auckland, to Avignon, New Zealand, France. Mapped out through hundreds of images by renowned interior photographers, these gorgeous houses offer inspiration and ideas for your next renovation.

With an inspirational richness and diversity of styles, and studios will astound and astonish, hideaways, New York–style loft, these homes, residences, no matter the taste; be it rustic country cottage, or bohemian bungalow. Small Architecture. Simon Schuster Ted. Many of the selected homes are owned by creatives―designers, and collectors―whose eye for the perfect synthesis of interior elements is impressive, filmmakers, to say the least.

Case Study Houses. Eames. Bringing together wallpaper, and form, textiles, and objet d’art while cautiously balancing color, texture, furniture, the creators of these dynamic spaces practice an art form of their own. Eclectic or minimal, antique or extra-modern, this variety of decor locates contemporary style in all its manifestations, showcasing the endless possibilities and home-making magic of interior design.

Mies van Der Rohe. Modern Architecture A Z.

Neutra Basic Art Series 2.0

Modern Architecture A Z. Simon Schuster Ted. Eames. Neutra. Mies van Der Rohe. Small Architecture. He displayed his affinity with architectural settings early on with the Lovell House, set on a landscaped hill with views of the Pacific Ocean and Santa Monica Mountains. Later projects such as the kaufmann house and Nesbitt House would continue this blend of art, and living comfort, landscape, with Neutra’s clients often receiving detailed questionnaires to define their precise needs.

This richly illustrated architect introduction presents the defining projects of Neutra’s career. Case Study Houses. 100 interiors Around the World. As crisp structures nestle amid natural wonders, we celebrate a particularly holistic brand of modernism which incorporated the ragged lines and changing colors of nature as much as the pared down geometries of the International Style.

In the architecture of richard Neutra 1892–1970, inside and outside find their perfect modernist harmony. As the californian sun glints off sleek building surfaces, vast glass panel walls allow panoramic views over mountains, palm trees, gardens, and pools. Neutra moved to the united States from his native Vienna in 1923 and settled in Los Angeles.